Brand New SATA SSD

Brand New SATA SSDs for Dell and HP Servers

High Quality Tested and Authorised Brand New SATA SSDs at Less Price in UAE | Suitable for Dell, HP, IBM, and Other Leading Brand Servers.

Are you longing to experience high processing speeds? Does your growing business demand excessive storage? Here is a perfect solution to fulfill your storage needs. You can buy the brand new SATA SSDs at the best prices only at Server Basket. No matter how much storage you require for the smooth and uninterrupted functioning of your workloads, we have SSD storage drives of all capacities of major companies. Users can employ these new SATA SSDs in their servers to work on their highly intensive workloads and applications. Business, IT firms, organizations, developers, gamers, designers, etc., are impressed by the advanced technologies these powerful SATA SSDs possess.

All the SATA SSDs you buy from Server Basket are tested and certified for their exemplary potential. They are enriched with power loss protection circuits, wear leveling techniques and thermal throttling technologies, which proves the fact that they are highly durable and reliable. Contact us today to know more about our brand new SATA SSDs that come at affordable prices and relish the benefits of remote installation help, strict warranty, and prompt delivery exclusively for our customers in the UAE.

Various Capacities from Leading Brands:

Do you like having options? Then buy your SATA SSD storage drives from Server Basket, which has a great collection of multiple SSDs of varying capacities of leading companies to cater to your storage requirements. We guarantee the optimum performance of all our SSDs. Based on their necessity, users can choose among a huge number of high-quality SATA solid-state drives ranging from 120GB to 4TB of established manufacturers inclusive of Dell, Sandisk, Intel, Samsung Electronics, Toshiba, etc.

Suitable for Data Demanding Applications:

If you are in search of capable storage units that can handle your high-end applications, then the SATA SSDs can be the ideal choice for you. These SATA drives are of high potential and can take care of multiple requests simultaneously with enhanced efficiency. They are suitable for your data demanding applications that require sturdy and indestructible storage capabilities. They have instantaneous start-up times, which makes them ready to deploy your loaded applications without any deferrals.

Increase Speed of Any Brand Server:

Server Basket has top-notch quality SATA SSDs that comply with major server brands, including DellHPIBMCiscoFujitsu, and many more. Every SSDs have a perfect size and ideal shape recommended by experts that can effortlessly fit in any server body to deliver the ultimate performance and desirable speeds users require. Choosing the SATA SSDs for your storage needs is the best choice as they are quite effective, very fast, simple in structure, and are handy to deal with.

Processes Data Quickly:

Do you need excellent SATA storage drives for processing your mission-critical data? Use the enterprise-level SATA SSDs to enable high transaction processing along with consistent and fast response times. These SATA SSDs can offer transfer rates up to 560MB/s. This high performance and excellent data processing speed allow data and programs to load more promptly, which helps in improving the quality of your e-commerce and real-time order management applications without any latency and throttling.

Expand Your Server Storage:

Are you planning to expand your server storage? Increasing workloads demand abundant storage space to access and store the applications, files, documents, media, etc., without losing them. The SATA SSDs are built based on the NAND-flash memory, which increases the chip capacity to handle any complex tasks. Users can work on read-centric, write-intensive, read/write mixed works, data analytics, virtualization works, heavy computations, etc., with minimal loading times using the highly efficient SATA SSDs.

Secure & Reliable than HDDs:

If you want a better storage drive that offers great protection to your data, then switch to the renowned SATA SSDs that are infused with advanced technologies to provide security and reliability such that your data will be much safer and more secure during its whole lifetime. They have better airspace to dissipate heat quickly, which improves their longevity. These SSDs can stand strong against noise, disturbances, and vibrations, which makes them a much better choice than HDDs.

Rigorously Tested and Certified SSDs:

Do you prefer only high-quality SSDs? Buy the brand new SATA SSDs from Server Basket. All our SATA storage drives are tested in burn-in conditions, in the presence of expert technicians to ensure that they are rigid and firm enough to withstand any kind of stressful environment. Users get to purchase only the certified SATA SSDs that have qualified our intense testing procedures. We take the utmost care in selecting every SSD we put up for sale.

Assured Replacement Warranty:

Our standard and reliable SATA SSDs come with a replacement warranty that benefits our users. It states that if customers encounter any issues with our SATA storage drives that might lead to poor performance and dysfunction of the storage drive in the stipulated warranty period, it is covered by us. We provide you a replacement with genuine SSDs as soon as we receive a complaint from you without any detours.

Get Remote Assistance for Installation:

Are you worried about making mistakes while installing your SATA SSD? Server Basket is happy to guide you through the installation procedure. We have a talented team of experts who will explain each step of the SATA storage drive installation and ensure that you have installed the SSD properly in the server. Give us a call once the SSD is delivered to your place, and our team will get back to you to aid you in the installation process.

On Time Safe Delivery Across UAE:

Tired of hearing excuses for your delayed deliveries? That will never happen with Server Basket. We have a tie-up with the best delivery agents in the UAE who will definitely drop-ship the SATA SSDs at your doorstep in less than 3 working days. The SATA storage drives will be packed in multiple layers to resist the tiring journey. We provide on-time delivery to all our customers in and around Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, etc.

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