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dell refurb servers
dell refurb server

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Buy Refurbished Dell Servers Online in UAE:

Do you need Dell refurbished servers that have been restored close to original condition with Grade “A” quality hardware? Then have a look at our extensive collection of Refurb dell servers that are available for a cheaper price. Dell servers come with highly scalable architecture and internal storage options that help to maximize the performance across the widest range of applications. With embedded intelligence, the Refurbished Dell Servers drastically increases your business productivity. Server Basket offers a wide range of Refurbished Dell Servers in UAE at the lowest market price. Get genuine servers at your doorstep if you are located in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah in a very short span of time. Buying Dell refurbished servers like refurbished poweredge r820, r730, r730xd, r630, r620, t420, t610, etc.,. from us will make you eligible for a range of exclusive services like installation assistance, technical support, pre-sales guidance, and many more.

Dell Refurb Servers Pricing List:

Dell R720 Server20 Core / 40 vCPU ( Dual Intel Xeon E5-2670 v2 / 2.50 GHz)64GB DDR32 x 300 GB 2.5-inch SAS HDD (600 GB)AED. 2,700/-
Dell R630 Server24 Core / 48 vCPU ( Dual Intel Xeon E5-2673 v3 / 2.40 GHz) 64GB DDR42 x 300 GB 2.5-inch SAS HDD (600 GB) AED. 4,152/-
Dell R620 Server20 Core / 40 vCPU ( Dual Intel Xeon E5-2670 v2 / 2.50 GHz)64GB DDR32 x 300 GB 2.5-inch SAS HDD (600 GB) AED. 2,700/-
Dell R820 Server48 Core / 96 vCPU ( 4 x Intel Xeon E5-4657L v2 / 2.40 GHz)128GB DDR32 x 600 GB 2.5-inch SAS HDD (1.2 TB)AED. 6,018/-
Dell R720xd Server20 Core / 40 vCPU ( Dual Intel Xeon E5-2670 v2 / 2.50 GHz) 64GB DDR32 x 300 GB 2.5-inch SAS HDD (600 GB)AED. 3,404/-
Dell R810 Server20 Core / 40 vCPU ( Dual Intel Xeon 2670v2/ 2.40 GHz) 64GB DDR32 x 600 GB 2.5-inch SAS HDD (1.2 TB)
AED. 2,502/-
Dell R730 Server24 Core / 48 vCPU ( Dual Intel Xeon E5-2673 v3 / 2.40 GHz)64GB DDR42 x 600 GB 2.5-inch SAS HDD (1.2 TB)AED. 7,336/-
Dell R740XD Server20 Core / 40 vCPU ( Dual Intel Xeon Silver 4114 / 2.20 GHz)64GB DDR42 x 600 GB 2.5-inch SAS HDD (1.2 TB)AED. 10,165/-
Dell R710 Server12 Core / 24 vCPU ( Dual Intel Xeon Processor X5680 / 3.33 GHz)64GB DDR32 x 600 GB 2.5-inch SAS HDD (1.2 TB) AED. 2,700/-
Dell R730XD Server24 Cores / 48 vCPUs (Dual Intel Xeon E5-2678 v3 / 2.50 GHz)64GB DDR412 SFF-2 x 600GB 2.5-inch AED. 2,700/-
high quality Certified servers

High-Quality Certified Servers:

Our refurbished dell servers are as reliable as new servers. The servers we sell are Dell certified. Each refurbished server goes through multiple testing procedures and is dispatched to the customer as Dell-certified and tested. Sever Basket even though sells the product at a very low market price it never compromises on quality and genuinity.

high performance

High-Performance Servers:

The Refurbished Dell Servers come with a range of scalability and storage features that adds to the performance. The great design, massive CPU core count, inbuilt technologies, and advanced cooling systems enable the servers to deliver top-notch performance and 100% uptime.

Budget-Friendly Servers:

Are you low on budget but need a high-end dell server for your organization? Don’t worry, we have budget-friendly refurbished servers which are cheaper alternatives to buying brand new ones. Even though our prices are lesser than the other sellers, we never compromise on the server quality.

Receive Pre-Sales Guidance:

Don’t know which refurbished dell server will suit your IT environment? Then get in touch with our most experienced technical sales executives. Server Basket has an experienced team who easily understands your present business needs and future scope, depending on that would suggest you the right Dell Server.

all form factors

All Form Factors Available:

Whether you require a rack, blade, or tower server, all form factors are available with us. You also get additional internal storage drives of different form factors. Both new and refurbished Servers come with the latest updates. Tell us your application details, and we would suggest the dell refurbished server that exactly fits your needs. Yes, you can get the ideal server as we have a huge collection of refurbished Dell Servers. Choose from a wide range of servers at an unimaginable lower price.

customize and buy

Customize and Buy:

You can opt for the configuration of your choice like the higher version or lower version Intel Xeon processors, DDR3 or DDR4 memory, SAS, SATA, or HDD drive. We understand every industry requirement and can even suggest the refurbished dell blade server with the ideal configuration that would suit your business needs

Free Remote installation assistance

Free Installation Assistance:

Are you not aware of the basic installation procedure of the servers? Don’t worry, buying refurbished Dell server in UAE from us will make you eligible for free installation assistance. As soon as the server gets dispatched at your location one of our technical support engineers would contact you and assist you until the servers are successfully installed and running.

get warranty

Industry Leading Warranty:

Our industry best one year warranty period ensures that you don’t have to worry about the issues for that time period and you receive 100% uptime and great performance. All the Refurbished Dell Servers come with a 1-year warranty period that is valid from the date of purchase. Any replacements or repairs will be done free of cost during the warranty period.

Free Shipping

Fast Shipping across Dubai:

Server Basket handles Shipping very professionally as we understand the instant business needs. Whether you are located in Dubai, Sharjah or Abu Dhabi or any other city in UAE, we make sure the server is delivered to you very quickly. We do multi-level packing of the refurbished dell server so that you get the server without even a scratch.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Does a Refurbished Dell Server Work as Efficiently as a Brand-New Server?

Yes, all our refurbished servers are checked and inspected by experts and they work very efficiently. You can get in touch with our technical team to clear your doubts and get more information about the servers before making a purchase.

Do You Provide Installation Assistance and Technical Support for Dell?Refurbished

Yes, we provide remote installation assistance and our highly expert team of technical experts is available 24/7 to resolve any technical queries that you may have regarding your Dell refurbished server.

What are the Benefits of Buying a Refurbished Server?

The Dell refurbished server is an excellent economical choice. It is also good for the environment as a used server will reduce your carbon footprint. You can also customize the server to suit your needs.

Why is Server Basket the best option for refurbished servers?

Server Basket is the chosen name in the industry for refurbished servers as all our servers are 100% genuine. They are tested by experts and we offer a special warranty on the servers. We provide the best prices and discounts on the server along with doorstep delivery of your refurbished servers.

What is the Duration of the Warranty You Offer for Refurbished Servers?

At Server Basket, we offer a 1-year warranty on refurbished servers. The warranty is valid from the date of buying. You can get free replacement and repairs during the warranty period.