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Are you looking for top-notch cloud VPS hosting at an affordable price? Do you want to run a website or application with scalable hosting plans? We at Server Basket cater for our customers with foremost cloud VPS hosting with enhanced traffic stability, systematic backups, prevention from virtual threats, remote access, high performance and much more. Unlock diverse hosting features at discounted prices across the country. Thinking about the quality of VPS hosting due to lower costs? Server Basket never fails to meet clients’ expectations, specifically when it comes to quality of services.

Count on Server Basket’s cloud VPS hosting if you want to grab a premium website and application performance. We ensure that the hosting network is highly secure with the presence of inbuilt security features and firewalls. Despite the holidays, you get round-the-clock support from our experts. Access 100% uptime for 24/7 website availability with unmetered bandwidth.

VPS Hosting Plans and Pricing (CentOS):

PlanCPUMemorySSDOperating System3 Years Plan
VPS14 Core8GB RAM200GBCentOS
  • AED. 89/ Month
VPS26 Core16GB RAM300GBCentOS
  • AED. 119/ Month
VPS38 Core 32GB RAM500GBCentOS
  • AED. 149/ Month
VPS48 Core 48GB RAM650GBCentOS
  • AED. 199/ Month

VPS Hosting Plans and Pricing (Windows):

PlanCPUMemorySSDOperating System3 Years Plan
VPS14 Core8GB RAM200GBWindows
  • AED. 109/ Month
VPS26 Core16GB RAM300GBWindows
  • AED. 139/ Month
VPS38 Core 32GB RAM500GBWindows
  • AED. 169/ Month
VPS48 Core 48GB RAM650GBWindows
  • AED. 209/ Month

Easy to Scale VPS Plans

Are you fed up with static VPS hosting plans and looking for scalable plans with customization options? Server Basket offers a broad range of hosting plans to meet varying customer needs. Additionally, you can easily switch from one plan to another as per changing traffic and increased resource requirements.

High-Performance VPS Hosting

With access to numerous resources included in our VPS Hosting plans, equip your website with faster speed. With the presence of reliable SSD Drives, our hosting plans offer high-level performance and improved convenience. So purchase the appropriate plan and get high network speed.

Multiple Pre-Installed Applications

When you rely on our hosting plans, you get an array of pre-installed applications to ease up your hosting work. From multiple platforms, including Joomla, Magento, WordPress, choose any as per your convenience, and we will install it for you. Get the best plans that are all set to work within minutes.

Highly Secure VPS Hosting

Bothered about virtual threats, malicious activities, or DDoS attacks? Be stress-free with our highly secured hosting services. We offer hosting services loaded with advanced security features for ensuring world-class network protection. In addition, with 24/7 monitoring, our team focuses more on unexpected threats.

Unlimited Bandwidth with Tier 4 DC

We host the VPS servers in highly secure tier 4 DC. With secure infrastructure, multiple cooling paths, bulletproof security, we aim to offer unlimited bandwidth and maximum uptime. Access twice the number of resources in addition to free data backup. The best part is you don’t have to worry about power break-out or server failure.

Free Timely Data Backup

Free backups on a weekly and monthly basis are included in our Cloud VPS Hosting plans. We carry out constant data backups on Cloud VPS Servers to prevent unexpected data loss and associated hassles. In addition, our quick disaster recovery plans ensure that large system files get recovered promptly.

Expert Live Tech Assistance

With access to unbeatable hosting plans, get round-the-clock live tech assistance for your hosting related queries. No matter what unexpected situation we encounter, our experts fix it as soon as possible. Contact our experienced team through chatbots, calls and emails for instant response.

High Availability & 100% Uptime

Server Basket provides high-availability Cloud-based VPS Hosting in addition to guaranteed uptime. We understand any outage can result in high business loss. Thus, we ensure 24/7 website accessibility at affordable prices. As a result, grab higher revenues, and improve productivity without any interruption.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Is VPS hosting faster than shared hosting?

Yes, VPS hosting outperforms shared hosting due to the availability of more resources. A VPS can handle more requests simultaneously and helps run the website faster than shared hosting. Get affordable VPS hosting from Server Basket based on your your business needs.

What are the benefits of VPS Hosting?

With VPS hosting, you will gain the advantages like reliability, complete control, security, and scalability. You can find cost-effective hosting plans at Server Basket that will help you establish a robust infrastructure with efficient management of business operations.

Who are the best VPS hosting providers in UAE?

There are various hosting providers available in UAE, such as Server Basket, LightNode, Go4Hosting, etc. By comparing with other hosting providers, Server Basket provides competitive and efficient VPS hosting plans as per your business and budget requirements.

Which hosting will be better, VPS hosting or shared hosting?

VPS hosting is an ideal choice for large enterprises and websites while shared hosting is specifically designed for startups and managing personal websites. Though VPS hosting is more expensive than shared hosting, it gives flexibility for resource utilization, improved performance, and security.

How can I install WordPress on a virtual private server?

Initially, download the latest version of WordPress and upload it to the VPS server. Then, create a new database after moving the files of WordPress to the Root and edit the file called wp-config-sample.php. Now, install WordPress and start blogging. We provide swift remote installation support. We also offer 24×7 technical support to resolve any issue related to the rental servers. Our customer support team is always available for your assistance.

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