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Reliable and Fast Dedicated Hosting Services from Server Basket in UAE

Are you looking for reliable hosting services with high performance to run your high-traffic websites? Do you need dedicated servers that can offer guaranteed 100% uptime with a free migration option? We offer a dedicated server with unmetered bandwidth for effective hosting of your resource-intensive websites and applications. We provide dedicated server hosting with low to high configurations in addition to the capability of choosing OS as per your convenience. The hosting servers are highly secured with IPS and IDS firewall protection to offer top-notch network security. Go through our broad range of hosting plans, and select the most appropriate one per your current requirement at reasonable prices. Additionally, you get free technical assistance from our experienced team for hosting queries. The best thing about our hosting plans is that you can ask for customization if none of the existing ones suits your requirement.

PlanProcessorRAMSSDBandwidthPriceBuy Now
DS-1Intel Xeon E5 Series(6 C / 12 T)322 X 480 GB SSDUnlimited

  • AED. 707/-

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DS-2Intel Xeon E5 Series(6 C / 12 T)482 X 480 GB SSDUnlimited

  • AED. 778/-

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DS-3Intel Xeon E5 Series(8 C / 16 T)483 X 480 GB SSDUnlimited

  • AED. 896/-

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DS-4Intel Xeon E5 Series(12 C / 24 T)642 X 1 TB SSDUnlimited

  • AED. 990/-

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DS-5Intel Xeon E5 Series(12 C / 24 T)1282 X 1 TB SSDUnlimited

  • AED. 1179/-

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DS-62 X Intel Xeon E5 Series(12 C / 24 T)1283 X 1 TB SSDUnlimited

  • AED. 1368/-

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DS-7Intel Xeon E5 Series(22 C / 48 T)2563 X 1 TB SSDUnlimited

  • AED. 1651/-

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DS-82 X Intel Xeon E5 Series(22 C / 48 T)2563 X 2 TB SSDUnlimited

  • AED. 2123/-

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DS-92 X Intel Xeon E5 Series(22 C / 48 T)5123 X 2 TB SSDUnlimited

  • AED. 2359/-

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Choose from Multiple Dedicated Hosting Plans

No matter which type of plan you are looking for, a robust dedicated server hosting for hosting your website or a plan for deploying basic to large-size applications, our plans can meet varying requirements. If you are a reseller then, you can opt for leading reseller hosting plans at reasonable prices.

Select Any Linux/Windows OS

We at Server Basket offer customizable plans with the operating system of your choice. Opt for any OS as per the organizational requirement from Windows Server 2012, 2016, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Debian, Fedora, and many more. The genuine version of the chosen OS is installed to avail the best possible performance.

Affordable SEO Optimized Hosting

Do you look forward to boosting your website ranking at an affordable price? Or ranking Rank, your website in the top Google results through our entire dedicated hosting plans. Get quick website access, pre-installed software, and multiple tools to enhance website SEO. Moreover, with interminable accessibility to the website, optimize it per SEO perspective and grab organic traffic.

No Limits on Bandwidth Usage

Regardless of the purchased hosting plan, get restriction-free bandwidth usage. With unmetered bandwidth, the website gets the capability of withstanding heavy traffic without falling into crash conditions. Seamlessly run applications and websites requiring higher bandwidth. Perform multiple upload/ downloads with increased data transfer rates.

IPS Enabled High-Level Security

Our utmost priority is to offer hosting services with top-notch security of the dedicated servers and network. Hosting servers are designed with advanced security layers for ensuring robust protection from viruses and malware attacks. In addition to tier 4 DC security, get an extreme level of WAF, IDS, and IPS level protection.

24/7 Expert Technical Assistance

Our experienced technical support team is readily available round the clock for assisting you with technical and nontechnical issues. We provide the optimum solution for unexpected circumstances in minimal time. Get in touch with our in-house expert engineers for assistance at any time via email, call, or live chat.

100% Uptime with Tier4 Data Centers

We understand that website uptime and accessibility are highly crucial for expanding your business to a certain extent. Whether you are a well-established venture or growing one or a brand new e-commerce website, minutes of downtime might result in huge disasters. Thus, we offer guaranteed 100% uptime with pre-eminent Tier 4 data centres with hindrance free power supply, enhanced network connectivity and multiple cooling paths.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What is dedicated server hosting?

Dedicated server hosting provides a physical server that is dedicated to a single client or business. So, your website has a server with the immense power of access, deployment, and hosting owing to dedicated resources, and full root access to enable your complete control over it.

Who needs a dedicated server?

The need for a dedicated server typically depends on the type of service or software a server is hosting. Every business has its demands. Dedicated server hosting allows you to manage everything from a single place.

Which is the best hosting provider for dedicated servers?

It is difficult to find the best hosting provider. A hosting provider must be reliable and proven, with a team quick to respond to any issue. Server Basket can become your best choice for hosting services with exclusive features at low prices

What are the advantages of dedicated server hosting?

A dedicated server is more stable and flexible than shared hosting. When you choose a dedicated server, you will get full server resources that are not shared, enhanced security, and scalable performance. You do not need to maintain any equipment.

Is it possible to reboot my dedicated server remotely?

Yes, by following a few steps, you can reboot your dedicated server remotely. There are queries and commands used to reboot the server. But if you are still facing any difficulty, feel free to contact the Server Basket technical support team.

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