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Are you looking for an authorized store in UAE to buy top-quality CPU heatsinks for your server? The ServerBasket online store offers durable and thermal-efficient CPU heatsinks for Dell, Cisco, Supermicro, and HP servers. Available in copper and aluminium variants, the heatsinks sold at the store are attested by multi-level testing for matchless thermal performance. The he­atsinks utilize aluminium or copper fins to efficiently dissipate heat from the CPU, ensuring thermal equilibrium at all times. With the server heatsinks in place, you can protect your CPU from overheating and avoid se­rver failures with increased lifespan and performance. We offer the hottest deals on heatsinks secured with a prompt warranty, priority shipping, hassle-free re­turn policy, etc.

HP Server Heatsinks Pricing Table:

ProductPart NumberCompatibilityPrice
HP DL580 G10 Server Heatsink872453-001, 873590-001, 873591-001HP DL580 G10, DL560 G10, DL360 G10 Servers
  • AED 577/-
HP ML350P G8 Server Heatsink667268-001, 661379-001HP ML350P G8
  • AED 258/-
HP Z620 Workstation Heatsink618265-001, 689471-001HP Z620, Z420 Workstation
  • AED 1,526/-

Dell Server Heatsinks Pricing Table:

ProductPart NumberCompatibilityPrice
Dell T7600 Workstation Heatsink 1TD00, 01TD00, Dell T7600, T5600, T3600 Workstation
  • AED 392/-
Dell PowerEdge R730 Server HeatsinkYY2R8, 0YY2R8Dell R730xd, R730, and R7910 Servers
  • AED 212/-
Dell PowerEdge R620 Server HeatsinkM112P, 0M112P, N6YNRDell R620, R320 Servers
  • AED 1,388/-
Dell PowerEdge T630 Server HeatsinkKYWYN, 0KYWYNDell T630, T430 Servers
  • AED 740/-
DELL PowerEdge T640 Server Heatsink489KP, 0489KPDell T640, T440 Servers
  • AED 786/-

A Wide Variety of Heatsinks Available at ServerBasket

Explore our store’s end-end collection of standard and flat server heatsinks with screw-down, pushpin, and clip mount design, heat-intelligent fin structure, and duct shape for various part numbers. Our heatsinks are certified by the highest heat dissipation ratings and are exclusively made for servers from HP ProLiant, Dell PowerEdge, Cisco UCS, and other families.


Enhanced Cooling Capacity for Optimal CPU Performance

Consider upgrading the heatsink, if you want to enhance your server CPU performance­. The heatsinks regulate the airflow and increase the surface area of your processor for efficient heat absorption. They not only improve cooling capacity but also enhance the overall productivity of the platform for reduced operational costs, disruption of operation, data and file loss, and so on.

Efficient Temperature Control in Server Racks

Shop high-quality heatsinks for rack servers to keep server temperature under control and sustain the critical workflow at your enterprises and data centres. Server racks in your work environments with multiple systems tend to generate large amounts of heat, and effective heatsinks in place can bring more reliability and better functioning.

Heatsinks with Modern Cooling Technology for Data Centers

Improve your data ce­nter’s efficiency and productivity by using high-pe­rformance heatsinks. These advanced heatsinks come with different cooling technologies like liquid cooling boosted by conductive thermal paste and enhanced airflow. They effectively dissipate the heat CPUs produce, improving performance and reducing power consumption.


Extended Component Lifespan and Improved Reliability

Purchase excellent heatsinks at affordable prices from ServerBasket. Investing in a high-quality he­atsink for your server will help maximize­ its lifespan and enhance re­liability. Heatsinks effectively dissipate heat, protecting your computing hardware against throttling and ove­rheating problems, optimizing stability, and reducing the risk of physical damage.


Save on Costs and Energy Bills

Serve­rBasket provides new-gen server he­atsinks that help you with energy savings and overall expenses of repair or replacement. When deployed, they transform your server function by minimizing hardware energy needs and servicing costs with superior thermal performance at turbo processing speeds.


90-day Assured Warranty

Our warranty has offered thousands of customers an extreme degree of trust and goodwill. The warranty window of 90 days on the heatsinks makes it most accessible for you to get a repair or replacement of the product under the period.

24x7 support

24/7 Assistance via Live Chat

24/7 accessible technical support from the SB store is available at no extra cost. From delivering effortless installation help to troubleshooting mounting issues, thermal paste issues, inadequate airflow, etc. our skilled technicians sincerely aid you.

fast and secure delivery

Fast and Secure Delivery

Our blazing-fast shipping service supports your business continuity with timely delivery of the heatsinks. Our associates reach you anywhere across the UAE – Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain, Khor Fakkan, etc.

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