Managed Cloud WHM/CPanel Reseller Hosting

AED 100.00 AED 105.00 (-5%)

  • Start Your Own Hosting Company
  • Host Unlimited Domains/ Email Accounts
  • Alpha/ Master Reseller Enabled
  • Effective WHM/Cpanel Control Panel
  • Excellent Packages for CMS Hosting
  • White Label Services for Easy Reselling
  • Lowest Prices On All Reseller Packages
  • Managed Services Available
  • 24X7 Live Support By Expert Technicians
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Are you looking for the foremost reseller hosting services at a modest price? Server Basket’s managed cloud reseller hosting is your sole solution with an easy-to-use control panel. It comes along with WebHost Manager, which is an application that allows users to create accounts and domains, manage and edit features and execute maintenance of web pages and accounts. cPanel’s main purpose is to simplify the process of hosting a website by providing easy tools and a graphic interface. ServerBasket specializes in Linux softwares like Cloud WHM / Cpanel reseller hosting. They offer the software in the range of AED 18-116 per month with a variety of available services. Customers can subscribe to the hosting software at a minimal cost based on their requirements. Every subscription allows the customer to create packages for hosting, create domains and names, review storage use and disk space, help customers with editing features etc.

run multi user applications efficiently

Start Your Own Hosting Company

Customers can subscribe to this service and work as a hosting service. Once purchased, they can resell the email accounts and domains. ServerBasket provides the following services with each WHM / Cpanel purchase – unlimited storage, excellent bandwidth, certified software and an unlimited number of domains.

Host Unlimited Domains/ Email Accounts

WHM / Cpanel clients get access to an unlimited number of domains and email accounts that are protected from viruses and are spam-free. This allows the customers to create a large inbox with multiple accounts and get access to vast storage space.

Alpha/ Master Reseller Enabled

Alpha Reseller Accounts allow users to create and sell reseller, hosting and master accounts. Alpha reselling allows clients to create a multi-level hosting service in an easy manner. ServerBasket provides a WHM / Cpanel, a 100% no downtime guarantee, reboot and updates.

Effective WHM/Cpanel Control Panel

The domain is set up in the user’s WebHost Manager, which allows the customer to access the domain in cpanel. The customer can then run and design the major features like database, dns, statistics, emails, logs. They can also access additional password protection and management of SQL database.

Excellent Packages for CMS Hosting

The ServerBasket expert technicians offer 24/7 support for CMS hosting. They have the capacity to host Magento, WordPress, Drupal and Woocommers even with high traffic and unlimited access. This makes the domain run smoothly and without glitches.

White Label Services for Easy Reselling

We offer White Label cloud WHM /cpanel reseller hosting services. In simple words, your clients will never know about us working on the backend. Thorough interaction will be at your end. This means that the hosting company can be completely rebranded according to the customer’s choices. They can recreate the hosting webpage, access a control panel for hosting, add advertisements on the new domains, which can be sold later.

Lowest Prices On All Reseller Packages

The Managed Cloud WHM / Cpanel Reseller Hosting provided by ServerBasket is one of the lowest expense services in the current market. It is the cheapest and most cost-effective for a hosting business.

Managed Services Available

The company provides unlimited domains, database, FTP and email accounts, a WHM/Cpanel control panel and alpha reseller services. They also provide constant 24/7 tech support. There is also a money-back guarantee in case the customer faces major issues or software failure.

24X7 Live Support By Expert Technicians

ServerBasket customers can contact the customer support executives at any time. They have expert technicians available 24/7 throughout the year to help with any problem that may arise while running the hosting platform. The team will guide the customer with basic troubleshooting and other error codes.

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18 Reviews For This Product

  1. 18

    by BadiuzZaman

    My dream of creating or initiating my own hosting company is fulfilled by purchasing a managed cPanel or WHM hosting plan. It allows me to resell the domains or email accounts. It provides the benefits like excellent bandwidth and unlimited storage.

  2. 18

    by Baleegh Ahmed

    cPanel control panel makes the hosting easier and allows the database, statistics, emails or logs. The additional data protection and SQL database management are the top-notch benefits of cloud hosting.

  3. 18

    by Nazeer Shaik

    I would have to appreciate the service of white labelling, which lets my enterprise rebrand the benefits with our logo through the recreation of web pages, advertisements on new domains, and accessing the control panel.

  4. 18

    by Abdul Jabaar

    The significant benefits of purchasing the managed hosting from Server Basket include creating unlimited domains, FTP or email accounts, and reseller services. They all are available at the lowest prices at SB only.

  5. 18

    by Hameed Afser

    I have faced an issue with the server and contacted the support team. One of the experts guided me to resolve the problem and return to the normal or optimal condition of a server that led to improved productivity.

  6. 18

    by Valeria

    I always dreamt of hosting my own website and it has been fulfilled by purchasing the managed WHM or cPanel hosting plan from Server Basket.

  7. 18

    by shama

    The hosting experience of this plan is good and allows me to resell the domains and email accounts. The added benefits are unlimited bandwidth and excellent storage options.

  8. 18

    by Emilin Mia

    The hosting of my websites and email accounts becomes easier after using the WHM control panel. It manages our SQL database and protects it carefully from threats or viruses.

  9. 18

    by Emilin Mia

    I really like the feature of rebranding that allows us to create our logo with new web pages, advertisements, or domains. This is made possible easily with the control panel.

  10. 18

    by Aamin

    I had purchased the hosting package at the lowest prices and managed the websites without any hassles. The managed services of Server Basket are very effective and make the business simple.

  11. 18

    by Paavan

    The hosting service allows me to create my own hosting account for reselling it to clients. The multi-level hosting has been created with ease and convenience through Alpha reselling.

  12. 18

    by Gaganpreet

    I have hosted various websites and maintained them easily using this hosting service. It has enabled unlimited access to the content and applications.

  13. 18

    by Maaksharth Maalav

    The cPanel hosting allows running my business workloads with smoother experiences and flexibility. The design features of cPanel help our business to move forward and meet future demands.

  14. 18

    by Paawanjeet

    The hosting capability has been extended for setting up different websites, like Drupal or Magento. This is the best advantage for my business. Unlimited bandwidth and uptime are other added benefits.

  15. 18

    by Raafe Mohd

    WHM hosting has played a role in the effective management of my business operations, like maintaining or creating emails and managing the database logs.

  16. 18

    by Baalaaditya

    My website domains or accounts have been maintained with high availability and uptime using this hosting package. The SQL database management with additional password protection is the best one.

  17. 18

    by Baalkrishan

    Through the cPanel or WHM control panel, I have created email accounts, FTP, database, and domains of multiple numbers. A money-back guarantee is also provided.

  18. 18

    by Cachari Cadby

    I was surprised that this hosting solution comes with all the benefits at the lowest prices. The managed services of SB are appreciable as well as effective.

Does Your Managed Cloud WHM Reseller Hosting Come With Linux OS?

Yes, our managed cloud WHM reseller hosting is available with Linux OS. We provide you with optimal flexibility and control so that your customers get ultra-fast website performance. It can seamlessly host multiple clients.

Do You Offer Unlimited cPanel Reseller Hosting?

Yes. At Server Basket, we provide our users with unlimited bandwidth, domains, and email accounts. Our feature-rich cPanel reseller hosting service offers you maximum return on investments to boost your hosting business.

Where Can One Get Cheap Managed Cloud WHM/cPanel Reseller Hosting in the UAE?

If you are looking for economical managed cloud WHM/cPanel reseller hosting within UAE, you can contact us. We provide customized white-label services to enable streamlined reselling. You can call us to get further details.

Is cPanel Reseller Hosting Profitable?

Our cPanel reseller hosting is available at a very modest, cost-effective price. You can create your customized hosting packages, and access control panel, and avail unlimited features at minimal costs. It offers you improved profit opportunities.

Why Should I Choose Server Basket for Managed Cloud WHM/CPanel Reseller Hosting?

Server Basket has an established reputation as one of the topmost providers of Managed Cloud WHM/CPanel Reseller Hosting. We provide you with the lowest price guarantee, optimal customization, an intuitive cPanel interface, and 24/7 customer service for the best support.

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