Server basket provides 3 year warranty for Labour and a year warranty for server parts for Brand New Servers. This Basic warranty period is provided for 30 days from Server Basket invoice date and this warranty includes advance Product replacement service.

After the 1 year parts warranty expiration, the remaining 2-year labour warranty covers only general tech support, general PRODUCT SERIAL requests, phone support, one-way shipping and handling but doesn’t include labour service related to repair or replacement of out-of-warranty parts. This additional service is provided with additional charges.

Product Returns

In case any product needs to be returned to Server Basket for warranty service, the customer should make sure to get a PRODUCT SERIAL number from Server Basket. This PRODUCT SERIAL number should be clearly mention or printed on the outer package of the box if the product has to be returned. Server Basket will not accept any return shipment without the PRODUCT SERIAL number.

Return For Credit

If customer request or demand to return credit for defective or DOA products, the process is initiated only when the product is in Brand New condition and returned within 30 days from Server Basket’s invoice date. Server Basket will charge a minimal amount of 15% of original purchase price as restocking fee for the unsecured returned package or non-defective product. Server Basket gives almost 10 days period for your return shipment to reach them.

Replacement Conditions

Replacement of any defective or unsatisfactory product is subjected to the available quantity in Server basket stock. If any unavailability of stock occurs, Server basket will have at least 30 days to procure and replace product to the customer.

Limited Warranty

Server Basket offers the warranty to its products based on the how the product is installed, used and check for defects in the material. Also, offer workmanship for a period of time depending upon the Server Basket invoice date. An exclusive 90 day grace period warranty is granted by Server Basket based upon the labour expiration and respective parts warranty expiration. This limited advantage warranty applies only to original purchases from Server Basket to direct customers or distributors of server basket.

Out-of-Warranty Service

In few cases like the expiration of warranty period, Server Basket offers additional services for 2 more extra years from the date of expiration subjected to additional charges. In this additional period, Server Basket has the option to replace defective products with refurbished or functionally equivalent spare products in few exceptional repair cases. For, all the out of the warranty services, a customer has to pay all shipping charges, services and parts prices and other included charges.

Product Serial Requirements

Server Basket will issue a PRODUCT SERIAL number, only if customer supply info Product Seriation following product model name, invoice number, invoice date, serial number and the reason for return. In any case, if your product doesn’t reach Server Basket within 30 days, after the PRODUCT SERIAL number is issued, the PRODUCT SERIAL number will become void. Customer should ship the product along with freight prepaid, a copy of the original invoice and detail note describing the problem added into the returned package. All the PRODUCT SERIAL’s must be returned in the products original package with PRODUCT SERIAL number clearly printed at outside of the box.

Limitation of Liability

Server Basket’s liability under warranty is limited to replacement, repair or refund. In no event Server Basket is liable for incidental, direct, special, or consequential damages that are caused and regardless of the theory of liability including lost goodwill, damage, profits, downtime to or replacement of equipment and property, and any costs of reprogramming, recovering or reproducing any document or data stored in or used with a system containing this product. Some laws or jurisdictions don’t allow limitation or exclusion of consequential or incidental damages. In such cases above limitation will not apply.

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