Routers Rental

  • Fortigate 50e

    • Ultimate protection with security-driven networking
    • Real-time threat protection with maximum performance
    • Industry leading tested and certified 50E firewalls
    • Next gen firewalls with proactive threat detection
    • Excellent wireless coverage with minimized disruption
    • Easy to install and deploy at any time
    • Supports FortiOS 5 operating system
    AED 5,369.00 AED 5,638.00

    Fortigate 50e

    AED 5,369.00 AED 5,638.00 Add to cart
  • juniper srx240

    Juniper SRX240

    • Ultimate security at lowest prices
    • All-around protection from attacks & intrusions
    • Protection from sophisticated malware
    • High performance multi-purpose firewall
    • Continuously monitor the network health
    • Detect & block IoT threats and malware
    • End-to-end protection with flexible connectivity

Do you need the best router for your short-term network needs at the most affordable price?  The most practical and economical way to handle your temporary or seasonal demands is to rent a router. Server Basket’s well-tested routers operate at the network layer, establishing a connection between at least two networks and identifying the network using its IP address. Numerous router brands, including Dell, Cisco, HP, Juniper, Huawei, and others, are constructed using premium-certified hardware that makes work easier and boosts IT efficiency. For dependable customer services, our professionals have extensive training and experience. Get a competitive price on bulk orders when you choose ServerBasket. Our staff is constantly working to deliver the best services, including live demos, performance tests, and pre-and post-sale assistance. Please speak with us right now for more information.

Free Remote Installation support

Regular Assistance for Installation, Technical Issues

Server Basket provides regular installation support exclusively with the top technical support professionals on staff. We are open around the clock and can quickly resolve common Router issues like SD-WAN, automatic provisioning, Connection failures, application optimization, automated provisioning, integrated security, intrusion prevention system (IPS), etc.


Equipment Customization by Experts

For expected networking situations, many of the configuration choices and settings mentioned above are specialized. Our engineers and technicians are prepared to modify our router devices to meet your precise requirements reasonably. Send us an email, and we will see what we can do to help.

Return Window of 10 Days

Easy Returns on Rental Cancellation

Our goal is to give our customers the best possible experience, from ordering to starting a return on rental cancellation. When working with SB, you can anticipate a simple process for returning the rental router you booked and assistance in selecting the ideal location for your shopping visits.


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