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    Database Servers

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Did you notice the slow performance of your storage server, or is there any hardware failure? Then, replace the old server with a Huawei storage server to boost performance and efficient operation. We at ServerBasket sell storage servers of different types, such as 16/32 Gbps SAN storage, 8 Gbps SAN storage, 10Gbps NAS storage. We are the No.1 sellers of all-flash storage, hybrid flash storage, computational storage, scale-out storage and smart disk enclosure Huawei storage servers such as N2000 V3 NAS storage system, OceanStor 2200 V3, OceanStor 2600 V3, OceanStor 18500 V5, OceanStor 5300 V5, N2000H V3 NAS storage system, and N2000 NAS storage system. Every server we sell is backed by warranty, technical support and best pricing. The servers are designed to handle large enterprise applications and demanding workloads and support a variety of storage protocols.


Numerous Huawei Storage Server Models in Stock

We sell a myriad of Huawei storage server models that ensure scalability, storage optimization, and increased data efficiency and security. The models available with us include but are not limited to OceanDisk 1500/1600, OceanStor Pacific 9950, OceanStor Pacific 9540, OceanProtect Backup storage and so on.


Smooth Workload Operation, High I/O Performance

This server in the data center or server room allows you to host applications with heavy workloads. It can handle intense applications, process large volumes of data, and assure high I/O performance. Whatever application you host on this server, be it business intelligence or database app, it delivers high performance and throughput while improving service efficiency.

Data Privacy with Encrypted Data Transmission

The features offered by Huawei storage systems guarantee data privacy and security. With disk encryption, The Data Encrypt Key on the disks and circuits of hardware are used for data reading decryption and writing encryption. Self-encrypting disks and encrypted data transmission make the data on Huawei storage servers the most secure.

Energy Efficiency, Hot Swappable Drives Supported

A Huawei storage server supports platinum power supply units (PSUs), offering 94% power efficiency despite heavy loads. The voltage regulator down PSUs also keeps energy loss at bay during DC/DC power conversion. It also supports hot-swappable components to improve O&M efficiency.


Smart All-Flash Storage Systems with High-speed Capacity

These intelligent, all-flash systems assure high speed and storage capacity to store the server’s data, setting new benchmarks in storage performance and reliability. The Scale-out Storage systems best suit government, finance, manufacturing, and other fields. The intelligent accelerator module will learn the I/O rules of multiple apps to prefetch the memory space intelligently.


Storage with Ransomware Protection against Cyber Threats

Ransomware encrypts and makes the files unreadable. To decrypt the files, they demand a ransom. Huawei storage servers have reliable protection solutions offering primary and backup storage. It also has data recovery capabilities and supports multiple protocols and platforms such as virtualization, NAS, SAN and big data. The ransomware detection function in storage servers to identify these threats.


Price-match Guarantee

We sell new and refurbished Huawei storage servers of different models at the best price. Our prices for this product are lower compared to what competitors are offering in the market. Though the product is available at a budget-friendly price, the quality of its components is maintained.


24/7 Live Tech Support

ServerBasket offers you round-the-clock technical support helping you resolve technical issues such as Creating a LUN, Snapshots, VMkernel network, access permissions, and so on apart from deployment support and maintenance tips. 


Secure Warranty Coverage

You also get the security of our comprehensive warranty with your Huawei servers. Any damage or defect in the server is entitled to repair or replacement for free until the warranty period.

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