Intel Xeon 20 Core Processors

Intel Xeon 20 Core Processors for Sale in UAE at Less Price

Buy Best Certified Intel Xeon 20 Core Processors At An Offer Price In UAE | Best Choice For Dell and HP Servers.

Are you in need of better processors for your data centers in UAE? Are you tired of compromising with your slow lagging servers? The Intel Xeon processors are here to save the day. The E5-2698 v4 processors improve the overall speed and performance of your servers while providing coherent security and scalability. The 20 core processor comes with perfect lithography to serve your requirements and is capable of handling complex workloads with its outstanding memory specifications. The advanced features of the processor helps in improving the overall working quality of the server and is compatible with a wide range of server configurations.

Supporting an enormous amount of cores, the Intel Xeon processor can be ideal for virtualization and multi-cloud computations. The processor, with its advanced technologies, offers better reliability at least power consumption rates. The Intel Xeon processor, with its agility, scalability, and rigidness, can undoubtedly be the future of your perfect datacenters. Contact Server basket today to get hold of this amazing scalable processor at the best prices along with the benefits of free technical assistance, quick delivery, and infallible warranty schemes.

Appropriate for Virtualization:

If you are looking for a rich core processor that can offer great tractability with improved productivity, then the Intel Xeon 20 core processor best serves your requirements effortlessly. The built-in VT-x, VT-d, and VT-x with EPT technologies and the ability to support 1.5TB memory creates a perfect environment for servers to sustain up to 40 high-end virtual platforms.

Ideal for Dell and HP servers:

Run any of the Dell and HP configured servers with the compatible and scalable E5-2698 v4 processors. The Intel Xeon processors can fit in any of the rack, blade, and tower servers and offer high performance even under tangled work conditions. With excellent memory features, scalability, and security options, this processor will be the best option you choose today.

Enhanced for Multi-Cloud Computing:

Now you can provide remote access to all the storage and network resources within your data center as the Intel Xeon processor has enhanced its capability to support advanced multi-cloud computing practices compared to its prior versions. With its 40 threads, 9.6GHz bus speed, and 2.2GHz base frequency can help users run their data centers efficiently.

Massive Core Count:

The E5-2698 v4 processors come with a total of 20 cores for handling multiple threads simultaneously. Multiple cores promote the high performance at better speeds utilizing lower frequencies. The massive core count of the processor allows easy handling of all the high-end applications, which increases the output efficiency of the computations and works being performed by the server processor.

Supports Hyper-Threading & Turbo Boost Technologies:

Are you fetching a perfect processor to power up your data center with advanced technologies? The Intel Xeon 20 core processor supports the Intel turbo-boost and Intel hyper-threading technologies to boost your system performance. Engineered with these advanced technologies, the processors deliver greater efficiency to your multiple high-end applications at the desired optimum speeds.

Superior Reliability:

An ideal processor, while providing a diversified performance, should be able to provide security and reliability as well. This can be achieved with the Intel Xeon processors as they employ Intel OS guard to offer better protection against hazardous malwares. The scalable processor supports AES New instructions, security key, and trusted execution technology to offer better reliability to the server.

Seamless Workload Flexibility:

Do you want to switch to a processor that can ideally handle any kinds of workloads? If yes, then you should probably consider turning to the scalable Intel Xeon 20 core processor, which can offer efficient memory with an Intel vPro platform eligibility to handle complex work applications at best possible pace seamlessly.

Minimal Energy Consumption:

The Intel Xeon processor exhibits maximum performance by consuming minimum possible energy. Engineered with thermal monitoring techniques, the scalable processor comes with a case temperature of 90°C, limiting the generated heat within the system. This decreases the energy consumption to the maximum possible amount and enables the servers to work at optimal temperatures to induce better performance.

Free Remote Installation Support:

With Server Basket, you don’t have to worry about making mistakes in installing the processor at the intended slot within the server. We have a team of trained technicians who offer constant guidance to you in installing the Intel processor and support you all along with the procedure. We do this for free as our purpose is to help our customers.

Quick Shipping throughout UAE:

We stand by our word on promptness and dispatch your processor as soon as we receive the order confirmation. Your order will be safely packed and sealed, which you will receive at a maximum of 3 working days. Our dealings around UAE allow us to deliver to major customers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, etc.

Assured 90 Days Warranty:

All our scalable Intel Xeon processors come with a strict warranty of 90 days, even though our products are thoroughly tested before their dispatch. Server Basket abides to its deals and offers an immediate replacement of the processor in the case of its damage or malfunctioning within 90 days from the date of its installation.

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