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Do you need a simple and advanced storage array to support running your high-intensive applications? Server Basket offers Dell PowerVault storage enclosure at affordable prices to deliver improved performance for business applications. It includes reliable hardware infrastructure with the embedded Intel processors, controllers, SAS protocols, and expansion systems of 5U or 2U. The enclosure suits SAN and DAS working environments perfectly due to the easier deployment and flexible configuration with the support of SSD and HDD drives. The PowerVault system has simplified management solutions to provide the optimized performance for virtual infrastructure applications. It enables data protection through the features of remote replication, VDC, and SEDs. ADAPT software allows data recovery rapidly based on the data distribution over pools of drives and detection of crucial data to bring back to the optimal state.

Dell Storage Servers Pricing Table:

ModelForm FactorMaximum StorageSupported Raid LevelsPriceMax. RAM
PowerVault ME40122U Rack Mount3.1 PBRAID 1, 5, 6, 10, 5033,5758GB Per Controller
PowerVault ME40242U Rack Mount3 PBRAID 0,1,5, 6, 10AED 11,0008GB Per Controller
PowerVault ME40842U Rack Mount4 PBRAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 5037,6508GB Per Controller
PowerVault NX33401U Rack Mount96TBRAID 1 or 5AED 24,000192 GB
PowerVault NX4402U Rack Mount48TBRAID 53,90016 GB
PowerVault MD3200I2U Rack Mount48TBRAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 108,684_
PowerVault MD3600F2U Rack Mount16TBRAID 0, 1, 10, 5, 610,237_

Affordable High Capacity Entry Storage Array

Dell PowerVault provides excellent performance with high-capacity storage for backup, VDI, HPC, and other applications. It optimizes the data performance and increases the execution speed of applications while managing the resources efficiently to enhance the business productivity. The automated maintenance capabilities provide improved outcomes for your business.

Improved Hardware for Maximum Performance

PowerVault is embedded with dual-core Intel Broadwell processors, drives, active controllers, and faster back-end support. It delivers the optimum performance with the high-end hardware infrastructure, including SAS protocols, Fibre Channel, iSCSI, and supporting 5U and 2U expansion options. Thin provisioning is enabled to allocate the physical storage if required.

Ease to Setup and Configure

In-built all-inclusive software and web-based management GUI makes the setup and configuration easier. This storage array is configured as SAN or DAS flexibly and includes a mixed HDD and SSD design. It simplifies the configuration tasks and provides alerts in case of any troubleshooting issues.

Designed for DAS and SAN environments

The PowerVault enclosure is specially designed and optimized for SAN and DAS workloads. It connects to a Dell PowerEdge server directly over SAS to address the challenges related to server expansion capacity. It ensures the scalability and flexibility of running business applications with reliable access and higher data speeds.

Optimized Systems for Superior Management

Dell PowerVault supports the data management system of VMware vCenter that simplifies the management tasks of disaster recovery based on centralized recovery plans through the implementation of Storage Replication Adapters (SRA). It monitors, manages, and optimizes your virtual infrastructure’s storage availability and performance that leads to smoothening the workflows.

Assured Data Safety with ME Series Features

The features of the PowerVault ME series included snapshots, remote replication, self-encrypting drives, and virtual disk copy that ensure data protection. VDC enables disk-based backup and recovery and virtual disk relocation. SEDs render data with drive-level encryption, although the drive is removed from the enclosure.

ADAPT Software for Quick Data Recovery

PowerVault includes ADAPT software that provides speed recovery of data when a drive failure occurs. It distributes the data across pools of drives. ADAPT will detect the critical data and rebalance the data so that the array can return to the optimal condition more quickly than the RAID environment.

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