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Does your server need super-fast Ethernet connectivity for a secure, speed-efficient network? Redesign your server connectivity with IBM Ethernet adapters from the ServerBasket store, certified for beyond-the-best compatibility, reliability, and security. With the ultimate advantage of usability in all the popular brand servers such as Dell, HP, Huawei, Supermicro, etc., the IBM Ethernet cards are made for a diverse range of speed requirements with capacities reaching from 1GbE to 100GbE. The single, dual, and quad-port configuration options let your server combine the best benefits of multi-connectivity. Request a free demo of the IBM NICs now; there is no limit to the network environments you can create with these NICs. Buy them on ServerBasket.ae today and get heart-pleasing offers, the simplest returns policy, lightning-speed shipping, a trusted warranty, and a 24/7 tech desk.

Standard Compatibility with Existing IT & Networking Infrastructure

IBM Ethernet cards have exceptional compatibility with diverse networking environments and devices and can seamlessly fit into your existing IT or network infrastructure. These network adapters work well with all leading manufacturers’ servers, routers, and switches, providing lightning-fast network speeds in your data centers, enterprises, and cloud-based environments and ensuring effortless integration into your network.

Maximize Network Efficiency with Advanced Features

Improve network efficiency using IBM/Lenovo Ethernet cards from ServerBaskset. These cards include cutting-edge features such as modern packet processing capabilities, ultra-high speeds, and QoS. These characteristics provide maximum data throughput, decreased latency, and enhanced overall network efficiency, making them suitable for demanding business needs.

Secure Data Transmission with Cutting-edge Network Interface Options

IBM Ethernet cards allow you to utilize multiple networking interfaces, such as TCP/IP, PCIe x1, PCIe x4, PCIe x8, or PCIe x16, in low-profile and high-profile form factors. Using these network cards in servers, routers, and switches provides high bandwidth, dependable connections, and low latency, boosting data security and reducing potential vulnerabilities.

Energy-efficient NICs for Sustainable IT Operations

Lenovo Network cards reduce power consumption while maintaining excellent performance and low energy costs. These NICs feature power-saving technologies such as Wake-on-LAN and Energy Efficient Ethernet that minimize power usage during low network activity, allowing enterprises to maintain uninterrupted IT operations and energy efficiency.

Future-Proof Your Network with Lenovo Connectivity

Get cost-effective, future-proof network connectivity with IBM/Lenovo Ethernet cards from the SB online store. These cards with advanced networking technologies like VXLAN, NVGRE, Geneve, RoCE, SDN, and NFV facilitate consistently fast communication. They ensure automation, traffic engineering, high-performance, and Ethernet solutions for today’s and future datacenter and business requirements.

Scalable Networking Solutions for Data Center Expansion

IBM Ethernet cards are the finest option to expand data center capabilities as scalable networking solutions. The IBM LAN cards, with their multiple port configurations, provide continuous network connectivity to your data center, allowing for the effective execution of demanding tasks. These adapters are available in various speed ranges and provide lightning-quick network connections, versatility, and reliability.

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Our IBM network adapters not only provide you with superfast Ethernet connectivity but also offer top-notch durability. Our 90-day warranty added to that makes them a safe bet in every way.


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We at ServerBasket ensure that you have the best-quality Ethernet cards and the most satisfying buying experience with our 24×7 customer and technical support.

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