Toshiba SAS HDD's (Hard Disk Drives)

Are you looking for the best brand of SAS HDDs to achieve dependable performance and scalability in demanding data center environments?
Toshiba offers high-capacity and efficient SAS HDDs to meet various business needs. These HDDs are available in 2.5-inch (SFF) with a capacity of 2.4TB and 3.5-inch (LFF) with a capacity of 10TB. The hard drives are compatible with multiple top server brands, including HP, Dell, IBM, Cisco, Supermicro, and others. The 2.5in HDD with a data transfer rate of 6 Gbps offers an RPM of 10k and 15k, whereas 3.5in HDD with a data transfer speed of 12 Gbps offers an RPM of 7.2k. These HDDs feature a SAS interface, which delivers faster data transfer speeds and more reliability than SATA drives. Buy the high-quality Toshiba SAS HDDs from ServerBasket at an affordable price across the UAE. An assured warranty of 90 days, secure and instant shipping, and easy returns are guaranteed. Also, benefit from our 24/7 technical and remote IT installation support.

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