Refurbished SAS HDD (Hard Disk Drive)

Refurb SAS drives for Enterprise Computing

Buy Refurbished Grade “A” Quality SAS HDDs For Dell, HP, IBM, Cisco, Fujitsu Servers at Offer Price in UAE

Want to power up your server storage? At the same time, you don’t want to stretch your IT budget? Then refurbished SAS HDD is what you require. Today’s digital world demands heavy storage and faster data transfer rate. The SAS hard drives that are embedded with the latest technology are able to fulfill your current needs. Here is where the Grade “A” quality refurbished SAS hard drives of top-brands come into the picture. Though it is a used hard drive, it would help your IT environment to flourish. The low-cost hard drives are ideal for applications like file and printing, web-server to high-end applications like big data analytics, virtual desktop infrastructure, read-intensive environment, heavy database storage, etc. Buy the genuine refurbished SAS HDDs from Server Basket and get additional discounts with quick delivery, 90-day warranty and free installation support.

Suitable for All Brand Servers:

We have a range of SAS hard drive modules with different form factors, transfer speed and storage capability. Our top-brand SAS HDDs are highly compatible with all server brands like DellHPIBMCiscoFujitsu, etc. Install and store heavy applications in your RackTower and Blade server with our highly affordable SAS HDDs.

Upgrade/Improve Your Server Storage:

Now upgrade your server with the most affordable SAS HDDs. Get higher capacity ranging from 300 GB to 16TB and data transfer speed of up to 15KRPM. Enhance your server storage with a wide range of best and affordable HDD options available with us.

Various Sizes & Configurations in Stock:

Server Basket has the standard hard drives of 2.5” and 3.5” form factor that fits every server brand. Our stock includes a range of configurations. Choose from various capacity SAS hard drives ranging from 300 GB to 16 TB. Also, increase the data transfer rate of your server with various spindle speed hard drives of 7.2KRPM, 10KRPM, and 15KRPM.

Ultra-Fast Performance:

The refurbished SAS HDDs come in various transfer speeds of 6Gbit/s and 12Gbit/s. The hard drives are re-engineered so that all the parameters work well, and these drives also come embedded with the latest technologies. These features contribute to delivering ultra-fast performance.

Certified Refurb HDDs with Part Number:

We have various brand SAS HDDs of DellHPIBM, Seagate, etc. The hard drives undergo various testing processes from where they are certified as reliable hard drives. The Refurb SAS hard drives come with standard part numbers depending on the HDD manufacturer. Our website offers an option of searching the hard drives easily with part numbers.

Free Installation Remote Support:

At Server Basket, you receive free personalized remote installation support from our expert engineers. Hard drive installation should be performed under proper guidance so as to get the desired performance and speed. That is why we are available to provide you step by step guidance until and unless your hard drive is properly installed and working.

Budget Saving Offers:

Get the best deals on Refurbished SAS HDDs like nowhere else. Purchase single refurbished SAS Hard disk drive at higher discounts. If you buy in bulk, you get additional discounts and your total cost of ownership will be drastically reduced. You not only save money, but you also contribute to a better environment by reducing electronic waste.

7 Days Return Back Policy:

Worried about if the hard drive turned out to be incompatible with the server? Or what will happen if the hard drive doesn’t match your requirements? That is why Server Basket offers the “7 Days Return Policy” option. If you are not happy with the product, you can return back the Refurb SAS HDD within 7 days from the purchase. As soon as we receive the product, we will refund the complete amount to your account.

90 Days Warranty:

Get comprehensive coverage of 90 days for any Refurb SAS HDD only at Server Basket. We help you quickly to restart your system by providing instant replacement within the warranty period. Server Basket has a dedicated team of engineers who provide a proactive response until your hard drive issues are solved.

Delivered Anywhere in UAE:

Thanks to our best shipping partners who have dedicated network all over UAE that help us to reach our customers even to the places that are less accessible. Get your affordable refurbished SAS HDD delivered at your doorstep within 2-3 business days. We deliver in Sharjah, Dubai, AI Ain, Fujairah, Abu Dhabi, Umm AI Quwain, Ras al Khaimah, and all other cities of UAE.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

How Do I Check if My HDD is SATA or SAS?

You can check the interface mentioned in the specifications, or both the SATA and SAS HDD ports can be compared. A SAS connector will consist of a single input, although there will be a separation between the storage and energy on a SATA drive.

Do Refurbished Hard Drives Perform as Good as the New Ones?

In most cases, a product is considered “refurbished” if it was returned because it was defective, fixed, and then put back on sale. So purchasing a used hard disc is acceptable. A reconditioned hard disc performs nearly as well as one that is brand new.

Are these Refurbished SAS HDDs Certified?

All our drives meet the requirements set out by their respective manufacturers. Additionally, our reconditioned drives have undergone quality testing by our certified specialists to make sure that you receive the best and most dependable drive available.

Are they Suitable for All Brands of Servers?

Absolutely, yes. The same processing power and superior performance are provided by a refurbished SAS HDD that is compatible with any server brand. They have a longer working lifespan and are generally in good condition.

How Can I Place an Order?

Server Basket has created a user-friendly order placement process to give our customers the finest service possible. Through our website, you can order the product from anywhere in the world. Our team will contact you right away if you simply tell us what you need.

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