Western Digital SAS HDD'S (Hard Disk Drives)

Do you seek a storage setup that is uncompromising in performance and scalability?
ServerBasket introduces the Western Digital SAS HDDs class, the ultimate storage solutions for consistently high performance and reliability! With blazing-fast speeds of 6Gbps and 12Gbps, these drives charge your data transfers like never before. The sleek and powerful drives come in 2.5” and 3.5” form factors for smooth integration into your present architecture. With RPM options of 7.2K for 3.5in and 10K and 15K for 2.5in drives and capacity up to 15.4TB in SFF and 15TB in LFF, the Western Digital storage drives perform even under stressful workload conditions. The SAS HDDs are compatible with all the brand servers like HP, Supermicro, IBM, Dell, and others. Benefit from many services the SB store offers – quick shipping, remote installation, tech support, certified products, and a genuine warranty that covers defects and physical damage in shipping.

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