Refurbished SAS SSD (Solid State Drive)

Low Latency SAS SSD with enterprise reliability

Buy Genuine High Quality Refurbished SAS SSDs at an Offer Price in UAE | Suitable with Dell, IBM HP, and Other Leading Brand Servers.

Are you thinking about improving the storage and speeds of your prevailing servers? Do you plan to employ better SSDs for your IT and enterprise servers? Take a look at our highly economical SAS SSDs that not only aid in boosting your server performance but also provide advanced security for the confidential information in your servers. The SAS SSDs are more reliable than the HDDs as they are resistant to heavy workloads, energy-efficient, and consume relatively less power. Their small and convenient body offers better air space for dissipating the heat generated, which in turn enhances the span of the storage drive.

The SAS SSDs comply with all operating systems and are highly suitable for accessing loaded applications. Server Basket has multiple branded SAS SSDs that can be used with any server configuration to deliver high redundancy, better endurance and are exceptionally durable. Our refurbished SAS SSDs are tested and certified for their ideal functionality. Get in touch with us to buy our affordable refurb SAS SSDs and enjoy the added benefits of free remote installation support, infallible warranty, and quickest delivery to any place in the UAE.

Multiple Capacities from Leading Brands:

Server Basket has a cluster of SAS SSDs of all leading brands that include SanDisk, Dell, Intel, Seagate, etc., enriched with all capabilities that favor your server performance. We have the SAS SSDs with multiple storage capabilities ranging from 800GB to 30TB. Users can choose a SAS storage drive to securely store their vital data depending on their work requirements. All the SSD brands deliver the ultimate potential to support your workflows irrespective of the pressure.

Recommended Drive for Operating System:

Do you want the best SSD that can comply with your server’s OS? Then we highly recommend this SAS SSD for running any of your operating systems. Linux, Windows, Vista, Mac OS, and many other operating systems can be supported on these SAS SSDs. These SAS storage drives help you to save numerous files and deftly boot your servers without any delays. The improved speeds and abundant storage capacity allows the operating systems to manage your enterprise-level servers efficiently.

Ideal for Applications That Access Huge Data:

In search of ways to handle your data-intensive applications? Accessing your files and applications is now made swift and easy by employing the cost-effective SAS SSDs in your servers. These SAS storage drives are an ideal choice for dealing with your high-end apps as they are well known for their speeds. This decreases the latency rate, which is what users need exactly. They can easily switch through multiple applications, thereby promoting the utmost accessibility to your data and documents.

Add Speed to Any Brand Server:

Does your server demand a little boost up for better productivity? You can easily enhance the storage and add speed to your servers using the SAS SSDs that can improve the server productivity to huge amounts. These efficient SAS storage drives are highly compatible with any of the popular server brands that include DellCiscoIBMHPFujitsu, etc. They have a definite size that can accommodate any server chassis effortlessly to deliver top-notch server performance.

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