Dell Server Power Supply

dell server power supply

Do you want a superior power supply for maintaining your Dell server environment? Looking for an ideal solution that reduces your energy bills? Empower your workspace with our powerful Dell PSUs that suit themselves for any Dell server model. Every Dell power unit that goes on our page is certified for its ideal performance and can enhance the uptime and productivity of your Dell servers without a doubt. With Server Basket, you don’t have to worry about the quality and longevity of the PSUs as we always give users the best.

Get in touch with our sales team today to know more about our supreme quality Dell PSUs and buy them at the most affordable prices. Along with these effective power supplies, users can bag the additional advantages of free installation and technical help whenever needed, an assured seller replacement warranty, and super fast delivery services with air-tight packaging to any corner of UAE in less than four working days.

Dell Server Power Supply Pricing Table:

ModelOutput VoltsWattsPart NumberCompatibilityPrice
Dell 495W +12V/41.25A495W09338DR730XD, R740, R730 Server
  • AED 335/-
Dell 750W +12V/60A750WV1YJ6, 0V1YJ6R630, R640, R730, R740, T630, T640 Servers
  • AED 246/-
Dell 870W +12V/1.5A870WYFG1C, 7NVX8, 3257W, C378K, PT164, VT6G4R710 & T610 Servers
  • AED 581/-
Dell 1100W +12V DC 91.6A1100WPR21CR730xd, R740xd, R720 Server
  • AED 335/-

Suitable for Dell Blade, Rack & Tower Servers

Our Dell power supplies show extreme compliance with all Dell servers irrespective of the model and form factor they come in. They deliver the power, redundancy, and capability to any of your Dell towers, blades, and rack servers to help them sustain complex and stressful work environments without any setbacks.

Energy Efficient Power Supplies

Tired of following vintage methods to reduce the energy drain on your power supplies? Take a look at our state-of-the-art Dell power supply units, which are, by nature, extremely energy-efficient and fault-tolerant. They possess the ability to deal with many hours of uninterrupted server functioning with utmost ease and excellence.

Broad Range of PSUs with Various Watts

Server Basket has the highest collection of Dell PSUs compared to any merchant in the UAE. We house a broad scale of titanium, gold, and platinum PSUs of multiple watt ranges. So, no matter what PSU model and capacity users wish to buy, they can find it at Server Basket.

Run Servers with 100% Uptime

Risking on uptime is always a losing bet. Instead, install Dell power supplies in your infrastructure and work in a consistent environment that promises 100% uptime to retain the proficiency of your workflows. Our advanced Dell PSUs help you avoid unprecedented downdrifts irrespective of the work pressure your server undergoes.

Low Cost PSUs with Part Numbers

Worried about the towering PSU prices? At Server Basket, you can find any model Dell PSU of the part number you are looking for. We tag our power supplies with the most affordable prices and are ranked best in the UAE for selling cost-effective Dell PSUs of diverse part numbers.

High Quality Redundant PSUs

Server Basket is renowned for the quality of its products. The Dell power supplies you buy from us are certified to be extremely redundant and can undoubtedly enhance the efficiency of your IT infrastructure. Our high-quality Dell PSUs never let you face any issues by maintaining a potential work environment.

Save Energy Bills with Less Power Consumption

If you work on multiple servers and worry about the increasing energy bills, it is time for you to switch to our Dell PSUs. These efficient power supply units are tailored to consume minimum energy for generating adequate power that can successfully run your servers uninterruptedly for longer time periods.

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