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Searching for a credible store to buy certified Cisco Ethernet cards? The ServerBasket store offers high-speed Cisco network adapter cards at hard-to-match prices. The store has end-to-end Ethernet adapter solutions from Cisco in the speeds 1GbE, 10GbE, 25GbE, 40GbE, 100GbE, and so on from NIM, HWIC, VWIC, ESP, and other series. Cisco LAN cards are designed with single-wide and double-wide interfaces and configurations of single, dual, and quad ports, enabling swift uplinks in numerous environments of branch offices. The Cisco Ethernet adapters’ compatibility with multiple servers, such as Dell, HP, Huawei, Cisco, etc., is a key factor to consider while buying. Order the certified Cisco Ethernet adapters from ServerBasket with the amazing benefits of a free demo, smooth returns policy, sales support, excellent warranty, and lightning delivery in the UAE.


Scalable Network Adapters for Speedier Data Transmission

Our high-speed Cisco network adapters offer unparalleled efficiency and performance to your data center. These are highly scalable, thus ensuring improved I/O bandwidth and virtualization support per end-use. They facilitate significant TCO savings across their lifetime, enabling you to focus on strategy development.


Cost-effective NICs for Small Businesses with High Traffic

Cisco Ethernet cards are highly economical solutions for small businesses, effectively accelerating applications and tackling high traffic without any bottlenecks. With low latency and high throughput efficiency, you can achieve the best for your business. These adapters provide you with uncompromised scalability, availability, and proven data security.

Choose Number of Ports for the Desired Bandwidth

Configure your Cisco network adapter with the desired form factor and number of ports. You can either opt for a low-profile or high-profile form factor. Options are available for the number of ports for required bandwidth and transmission speed. You can go for single, dual, or quad ports to meet the data center needs.

Next-generation Ethernet Adapters for Modern Networks

Cisco Ethernet adapters offer unmatched performance in numerous environments. You can seamlessly provision them in virtualized or non-virtualized environments. They provide operating efficiency and lower power consumption for enhanced virtualization. They are exceptionally designed to match the demands of modern networking environments.


Boost Network Efficiency and Performance with Cisco Network Cards

Reduce incidences of network congestion and optimize network speed with the next-gen Cisco network cards. With ultra-fast I/O bandwidth and built-in intelligent network capabilities, they improve sustainability and connectivity for your network needs. With enhanced QoS network configuration, you can thus stay ahead of your workloads.


Wide Range of Models with Diverse Speeds Available

Based on your business needs, choose from a range of Cisco Ethernet adapter models available with ServerBasket. Cisco LAN cards and high-speed WAN interface cards (EHWIC) feature advanced capabilities such as Gigabit Ethernet and Ethernet switching. Moreover, you can select from a diverse catalog of speeds, including 1GbE, 10GbE, 25GbE, 40GbE, and 100GbE.

Free Shipping

Safe, Quick Delivery

We at Serverbasket understand your needs, of which time is one of the most important criteria. Therefore, we offer quick, safe, and seamless doorstep delivery of all our products.


90 Days’ Warranty Commitment

Serverbasket offers a 90-day warranty on your purchase of the most reliable Cisco network cards. If the product shows any compromise in functioning, you can get free repair or replacement during this period.


Around-the-clock Support

When you buy certified Cisco network cards at ServerBasket, not only do you get the best product but also the best service with all-around support. We offer free demos and pre-sales, installation, and technical support to ensure you have the best customer experience.

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