In search of a potent and powerful storage drive that can run your loaded applications? Does your server long for better speeds and reliable storage solutions? Server Basket proffers the best solution to all your storage requisites with these eminent SATA SSDs. We have in stock the most preferred top-quality SATA solid-state drives of all brands and capacities to suit each of your workflows. They are highly affordable, built in the best form, cut operational costs, and consume less power even in extreme work environments. IT firms, businesses, organizations, startups, e-commerce, accounting, and many significant fields prefer using these SATA SSDs in their servers to improve their storage capacity, capability, and speeds. Every storage drive we keep up on our site will be undergone through numerous testing procedures and are then certified once proven to handle any sort of work pressure. SATA SSDs are highly durable, secure, and reliable as they come along with many in-built advanced technologies. Contact us today to buy our SATA SSDs at the most affordable prices and relish the added advantages of free installation assistance, unbreakable warranty deals, and super-quick delivery services.


Multiple Capacities from Top Brands

Are you looking for an ideal platform that sells the SATA SSD of the exact capacity and brands your servers and workloads need? Server Basket is the leading and the sole provider of supreme quality SATA SSDs. We sell SATA storage drives of eminent brands inclusive of Dell, Intel, Sandisk, Toshiba, etc., of numerous capacities ranging from 120GB to 4TB. You can choose a SATA SSD from the available pool of options to fulfill your storage requirements


Affordable Option to Upgrade from Hard Drives

Do you need a liable changeover for your hard drives based storage systems? SATA SSDs would be the perfect and the most affordable storage solution that can compensate for your requirements. Nowhere in the entire UAE can you find the SATA SSDs at the price and quality we offer. So, upgrade your traditional storage drives with our latest and most appreciated SATA solid-state drives to provide your systems with better storage, efficiency, and speed.

Boosts Performance in Virtualization

The SATA SSDs are a perfect pair for those whose workloads demand to run numerous virtual machines. Virtualization will be an incomplete process if there is no enough storage to support and handle the data and workloads being processed. These SATA storage devices offer high capacity storage, magnified speed, and boosted performance to your virtualization workflows. With these solid-state drives, you can undoubtedly reach the ultimate goals you set without any setbacks.

Improves the Efficiency of Database Applications

Are you not satisfied with the performance of your computerized and database applications? Install these high-performance SATA SSDs in your servers and electronic devices to enhance the efficiency and conduct of your accounting apps, airline reservation systems, and other data-accessing applications. Users can upload and retrieve huge amounts of information in an easy, quick, and hassle-free manner while improving the efficiency, speed, and productivity of their tedious applications with the help of these marvelous SATA solid-state drives.


Speeds up System Booting & Application Loading

If you require excellent SATA storage drives that can run your mission-critical workloads with impeccable speeds, there is no better choice other than the SATA SSDs. They are one of their kind in providing boosted speeds to your workloads and improved booting times to start up your servers, workstations, and other electronic devices with ease. You can load your applications, data, media, and files with negligible latency and loading times using these excellent SATA SSDs.


100% Compatible SSDs for Leading Brands Servers

Are you planning to expand your server storage? Growing workloads demand more storage space, and to meet those requirements; you’ll need powerful and sturdy storage solutions that can be availed by these magnificent SATA SSDs. Our SATA SSDs highly comply with renowned server brands, including Dell, HP, IBM, Cisco, Fujitsu, and many more. All our SATA SSDs will easily fit in servers of any generation and model and can undoubtedly offer towering support to your storage issues.


Secure & Reliable Drives with Low Power Usage

Do you want to make use of reliable storage drives that offer better storage with minimal power consumption? Check out our secure SATA SSDs that benefit you with less energy usage, even in the most demanding work situations. The lack of mechanical parts in the SSDs helps them to work easily even with tiny inputs, and they are highly resilient to sudden shocks and vibrations, thereby providing better security and durability than traditional hard drives you use.


Multilevel Tested SSDs with Replacement Warranty

Are you uncertain about the quality and functionality of the SATA SSD you buy from us? We will not let you ponder over that. All our SSDs will be subjected to multi-level testing procedures in burn-in conditions to prove their credibility. If you face any issues with the SATA SSD in the given warranty period, we will take complete responsibility and replace the SSD with a genuine spare as soon as possible without interrupting your regular workflows.


Hassle-Free Remote Installation Support

Unsure how to install the SATA SSDs in your servers and workstations? Seek help from our technical team, who will be available remotely at all times to help you with the SSD installation. Give us a call once you receive your SSD, and we’ll take it from there. Our team will guide you through the whole installation procedure, ensuring that you face no problems with your system functionality after the SATA SSD is mounted on your device.

quick and safe delivery

Fast Delivery in Secure Package

In urgent need of SATA SSDs? Rely on Server Basket’s super fast delivery team, which will drop-ship your server at your doorstep within the least possible time. Our team will pack the certified SATA SSDs in multiple protective layers and seal them in dense corrugated boxes. Our secure and fast delivery services are available to all our customers in and around the UAE. We ensure that you receive the ordered SSDs within 2-3 working days.


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