Seagate SAS HDD's (Hard Disk Drives)

Are you looking for storage drives to help your server with bulk data transactions and 24*7 availability? Achieve boosted storage capacity with the Seagate SAS HDDs, driven by power. These SAS HDDs are compatible with HP, Dell, IBM, Cisco, Supermicro, and more servers with many part numbers. Available in multiple capacities of up to 18TB in 3.5in form factor with a spindle speed of 7.2k and 2.4TB in 2.5in form factor, with rotational speeds of 10k and 15k. The SAS HDDs pack top-of-the-line data transfers at 6GB/s and 12GB/s to sum up an enterprise-grade performance with matchless power and integrity. ServerBasket offers products that pass tests and observations for genuineness. Our shipping services reach you fast, and the dedicated help desk stands by you 24/7, apart from a strict warranty and returns policy.

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