HP Server Power Supply

hp server power supply

Do you need an HP- PSU/ server power supply for boosting the power of a cutting-edge HP server? Searching for a best-fit HP power supply on the online website? Visit Server Basket to get a look through HP server power supply with price lists. Know about available configurations, distinct features, range of compatible servers, and actual market prices. We offer a genuine power supply for rack and tower servers. Look into more than a hundred power supply options and increase server performance with reduced operating costs. The extensive range comprises 350W, 500W, 850W, 250W, 1200W, and 1000W HP server power supplies. Choose the best fit at a budget-friendly price as per current requirement and avail of free delivery.

HP Server Power Supply Pricing Table:

ModelInput VoltsFrequencyPart NumberCompatibilityPrice
HP 500W 100V – 240V AC50 – 60HZ754377-001HP Gen9 Servers
  • AED. 632/-
HP 750W 100V – 240V AC50 – 60HZ512327-B21 511778-001HP Gen8 and Gen9 Servers
  • AED. 246/-
HP 1200W 100 V - 240 V AC50 – 60HZ570451-101DL380 G6, DL580 G7, DL785 G6, ML350 G6, DL360 G7 Servers
  • AED. 350/-
HP 1600W 200-240V50 – 60HZ830272-B21, 863373-001, 830262-001HP Gen10 Servers
  • AED. 500/-
HP 2400W 200-240V50 – 60HZ500242-001HP BLc7000 Enclosure
  • AED. 500/-

Wide Range of PSU With Multiple Watts

Server Basket stocks a broad range of power supply units with multiple watt options, including 250W/ 350W/ 500W/ 850W/ 1000W/ 1200W and many more. Power up the HP servers with the required power supply and keep your server running. Get low to the high watt power supply with flexible options to support Ac/DC input voltage.

Suitable for HP Rack, Tower & Blade Servers

Regardless of the server type, our exclusive range of power supplies are compatible with all HP servers. HP server power supply comes with far and wide configuration to offer ideal home office, branch office, and large-sized enterprises. These power supplies are available as common slots and flex slots to offer high efficiency.

High-Efficiency Power Supplies

Server Basket provides certified and tested high-caliber HP server power supply units. We offer 100% genuine power supplies at reduced costs with 92% enhanced efficiency and diminished power wastage. In addition, you can easily improve the enterprise performance with our space-savior HP server power supplies.

Hot Swappable Power Supplies

The extensive range of power supplies comes with hot-swap technology. Easily swap power supply without interrupting server performance. Need not worry about data loss and get seamless processing as you can swap the power supply without shutting down the server and losing power.

Keeps Server Up & Running 24/7

Choose the perfect-fit power supply as per the enterprise size to keep the server up and running without any halts. Make your network and storage more efficient and perform with brilliance with smarter power solutions. With a flexible range of power supplies turn down the operation costs.

Reduces Power Wastage in Data Centers

When you provide an efficient power supply to the server, the amount of energy utilization gets decreased. When you run multiple servers, it might lead to huge power wastage. But with a power supply, get better energy utilization to reduce the overall power wastage. Engineers recommend titanium power supply to access upto 96% of power efficiency.

Redundant PSUs with Part Numbers

We offer genuine and 100% quality power supply units with suitable part numbers. Get redundant power supply and minimize the overall chances of server failure up to a certain extent. Our extensive range of power supplies are rigorously tested to offer ensured boosted performance and minimal power wastage.

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