HP Server Heatsinks


Is your HP server experiencing thermal problems and unable to avoid overheating? To ensure your server’s optimal performance, why not try our feature-rich HP server heartinks? Maintaining the CPU temperature within safe bounds is crucial to prevent overheating and ensure the server’s optimal performance and reliability, which calls for a high-quality heatsink. Most of our engines’ time is spent creating heat sinks that work with any server, guaranteeing accurate alignment and high thermal conductivity to promote efficient cooling. Investing in an HP server heatsinks from Server Basket to maintain optimal server performance and prolong the processor’s life, even with high CPU use. Gain access to our quick delivery services and ongoing professional tech assistance.


Designed for 1U, 2U, and 4U HP Servers

Selecting the sort of configuration is the first stage in determining the heat sink design. Our engineers make heatsinks appropriate for 1U, 2U, and 4U HP servers to construct an efficient heat sink with less complicated designs that need less money, large production quantities, and superior thermal conductivity.


Efficient Heat Sinks for a Majority of Processors

With our fully configurable HP heatsinks, you may set them up with most of the CPUs you want at meager costs. The heatsink assists in avoiding overheating the CPU in your computer, guaranteeing optimal performance and safeguarding vital parts and components, even when used for extended periods.

Designed for High-density Server Racks

When a heat sink is designed, the most minor details are considered to achieve maximum efficiency and compactness. In addition to having many advanced capabilities, these HP processor heatsinks can be readily customized and varied to fit any high-density server rack and maintain optimal temperature for the CPUs.

Thoroughly Tested for Reliability & Performance

Modern HP heatsinks from Server Basket help lower servers’ heating overall. Our engineers test and evaluate our product’s dependability for many hours to come up with the best cooling solution possible that will remove heat and direct it out of the chassis for maximum performance in all conditions.


Balanced Airflow for Effective Component Cooling

A system for restricting airflow is attached to each server, allowing it to independently regulate the cooling required based on temperature, as various servers may have varying cooling requirements. The heatsinks, therefore, employ a balanced cooling airflow, which lowers overall, to cool the servers’ components efficiently.


Enhanced Thermal Dissipation Performance

Suppose you want a manufacturer to optimize your heatsink design to enhance thermal dissipation performance. In that case, we provide our users with HP CPU heatsinks, typically made of a material with high thermal conductivity, to dissipate unwanted heat away from its components and boost the server’s overall performance.

Safe and quick delivery in uae

Fastest Delivery Service

Would it be beneficial to receive a free server CPU heatsink? Shop HP Server heatsinks that are customizable online at SB, and have the products delivered to your house safely and securely in no time.


90-day Warranty

We can ensure comprehensive security and fast response times since our HP Server heatsink solutions have undergone stringent testing. For ninety days, bug fixes are covered under the product’s regular warranty if you encounter any damages.


24x7 Technical Support

Want assistance completing tasks? Contact our engineer and specialist by phone; they can help you with various demands and problems. They are available 24/7 to interact with you appropriately and find rapid remedies for any technical issues.

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