Are you willing to improve the storage and transmission speed of your prevailing servers and existing workstations? Do you plan on replacing your current storage drives with more efficient storage solutions? Go through our SAS SSDs category page that has listed all available SAS solid-state drives specifying their brands and capacities along with the prices and availed offers. These SSDs comply with servers and workstations of all brands and configurations. SAS SSDs offer high throughput, improved security, low operation costs, numerous caching ways, and mind-blowing speeds to perform your storing and retrieving operations. Server Basket provides SAS SSDs of the most eminent and appreciated brands at the most reasonable prices. The powerful SSDs help you to boost your system speeds and perform multiple operations simultaneously in a timely fashion. We have tested and certified all our storage drives in burn-in conditions to ensure their flawless functionality. Get in touch with us to buy our SAS SSDs at the most affordable prices and bag the advantages of free pre-sales and installation help, infallible warranty, and prompt delivery wherever you live in the UAE.


Wide Range Available from Top Brands

Server Basket is a proud provider of varied SAS SSDs manufactured by leading brands all around the world. Nowhere in the entire UAE can you find as many SAS storage drives as we sell. We have in stock a wide range of SAS SSDs collection brands inclusive of Dell, Intel, Fusion-IO, Micron Technology, and many more. Businesses, organizations, start-ups, IT companies, etc., can get any top brand SAS SSDs for their servers, workstations, and other electronic devices as well.


Ideal for Database, CRM & Bank Transactions

Do you want a high capacity storage drive that can cope with your time-consuming transactions and loaded database workflows? Server Basket suggests you buy the SAS solid-state drives that are potent and capable enough to conduct any number of database, CRM, and bank transactions with better efficiency and speed. Users can collect, store, analyze, and access the information stored without any lagging or performance issues. That’s for sure.

Ensure Faster System Booting

Fed up with slow booting servers and workstations? Replace your system’s storage devices with our magnificent SAS SSDs that guarantee faster and more effective system booting. SSDs lack the mechanical parts, and hence they take very little time to start from their rest modes. Therefore, users can start their machines whenever they want without any buffering and loading. For customers who wish to have faster booting times, there is no better option than SAS solid-state storage drives.

High Read and Write Performance

Longing for high-end storage drives that can offer soaring read and write performance? Then all you need is the SAS SSD that provides its devices with marvelous read and write speeds. Proffering users with high IOPS is the main aim of these SAS storage drives. Practically, our SAS SSDs can offer a read bandwidth of 830MB/s and write bandwidth of 650MB/s, which is much better and more effective than all other SATA SSDs and HDDs being used.


Suitable for Various Servers & Workstations

Employ these excellent SAS SSDs in your servers and workstations to build up their storage capacity and improve the system’s productivity to a huge extent. The SAS solid-state drives have the perfect lithography and the finest shape to fit in any server and workstation chassis. You can make use of SAS SSDs of any capacity your workloads require and deliver ultimate potential to your workflows even in highly packed and pressured work environments.


Reliable Drives with High Data Security

If you are looking for super-effective storage solutions that can avail you of ground-breaking data protection features, then you should definitely consider using the SAS SSDs for your systems. These SAS SSDs use multiple technologies that are built following industry standards for trusted peripherals and other data security regulations to provide scaled-up security and manage all your system vulnerabilities. They shield your data against any security breaches, unprecedented losses, thefts, etc.


Better Throughput Than SATA SSD

Want to work with a storage drive that offers greater throughput than your traditional SATA drives? Try the SAS solid-state drives that are incredibly durable, highly resistant to sudden shocks and vibrations. Apart from this, these wonderful SAS SSDs promote and enhance the output efficiency of your workflows. Compared to other SATA SSDs, you can easily keep tags on your production flows with appreciable speeds using our eminent SAS SSD storage drives.

24x7 live support

Free Pre Sales & Installation Help

Don’t know the exact SAS SSD your varied workloads require? Let our team help you with that. Server Basket has hired a team of technicians who have hands-on experience with multiple storage drives. State your requirements to our sales team, and they will avail you of the best SAS SSDs in-stock that can fully-fledged meet your requirements. Our technical team will walk you through the whole installation process and ensure that the SSD is affixed properly.


Backed by Instant Replacement Warranty

Facing trouble with our SAS SSD? We are here for you. Every storage drive you buy from us will be backed up by an immediate replacement warranty. You can contact us through call or WhatsApp if you face physical or functional issues with the SAS storage drive in the given warranty period, and we will provide you with an instant replacement of the SSD with another certified spare drive in the least possible time.

quick and safe delivery

Quick Delivery Anywhere Across UAE

Get the SSDs delivered faster than ever. Greet your SAS SSDs at your doorstep within 2-3 days from your order. Server Basket has its tie-ups with the most dedicated and reliable delivery agents who will deliver the storage drives securely at your preferred destination. We pack our SAS SSDs in numerous protective layers before sealing them in firm corrugated boxes. We uphold our determined assistance by extending our delivery services in and around the entire UAE.


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