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Are you searching for a trusted vendor to buy the best 25GbE Network Cards, offering easy returns? Your search ends here! Explore a pocket-saving yet genuine 25Gb Ethernet card at the ServerBasket website, which offers many brands of Ethernet cards, including Intel, Broadcom, Cisco, Solarflare, Supermicro, etc. These cards are available in dual or quad port configurations, with a data transmission speed of 25Gbps per port. These LAN cards are adaptable with a broad collection of top server brands, such as Cisco, HP, Dell, Supermicro, Lenovo, and Huawei. Purchase a 25Gb Ethernet card in the UAE from ServerBasket at an affordable price. Take advantage of a 90-day seller warranty and instant and zero-charge shipping. We offer round-the-clock technical and remote IT installation assistance, free demos, and user installation guides. Place your order today to grab huge savings on bulk purchases.

Choose from a Wide Range of 25GbE Network Card Options

Choose from a Wide Range of 25GbE Network Card Options

Get powerful 1G Ethernet Cards at the ServerBasket online store, available from several leading brands, including Broadcom, Intel, Cisco, Solarflare, Supermicro, and more. Explore the comprehensive selection of low-priced Ethernet card models/series at our store, like Intel Ethernet card X540-T1(X540), Broadcom BCM5709 (BCM5709), HP Ethernet 1Gb (331T), Cisco UCS 1227 (VIC 1200), etc., and select the best one that suits you. 

Ethernet Technology with 2.5 Times Faster Performance

Ethernet Technology with 2.5 Times Faster Performance

25Gb Network cards provide an outstanding network expansion in Ethernet technology, with performance that is 2.5 times faster than standard Gigabit Ethernet. With improved data transfer rates, they are the best for the latest data centers and high-demand networking applications. The 25GbE Ethernet cards are the perfect choice for businesses to increase network throughput and efficiency.

Ideal for Demanding Network Environments

Explore our collection of 25GbE NICs, specifically designed to deliver exceptional performance in demanding networking environments, including data centers and cloud-scale infrastructure. These cards accelerate data transfer speeds and minimize latency, making them crucial for handling massive data in large organizations. 25GbE LAN cards are also suitable for small and medium-sized businesses, accomplishing their high-traffic tasks effortlessly.

Compatible with Servers, Routers, and Switches

The efficient 25Gb Ethernet cards are ideal for routers, servers, and switches. They enable lightning-fast network connectivity of various networking environments while increasing data transmission speeds and decreasing latency, making them well-suited for resource-intensive applications in data centers, businesses, and cloud-scale environments. So, it is essential to verify that the hardware and software facilitate 25GbE connectivity before installation.

Improved Bandwidth for Data-intensive Tasks

Improved Bandwidth for Data-intensive Tasks

Clients can experience high-speed network connectivity by employing 25GbE NICs. These adapters are ideal for quick execution of data-intensive operations, such as fast data backups, high-definition video streaming, cloud computing, virtualization, HPC, and more. These cards with improved throughput assure seamless and effective data transfers, reduce lags, and improve network efficiency.


Multiple Port Options for Flexible Connectivity

The compatible high and low-profile 25GbE network adapters offer multiple port configurations, such as single, dual, and quad-port. Users or organizations can experience excellent network connections with several port configurations, and each port supports a data transmission rate of 25Gbps. They eliminate network congestion, ensuring high and consistent performance.

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Get an assured 90-day warranty cover on your 25Gb Ethernet cards with our services. Once you successfully place the order, we immediately ship it, ensuring quick and safe delivery to your location.

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If you are dissatisfied with the card’s performance, you can leverage our return policy without any inconvenience. We ensure smooth returns for applicable cards, thus prioritizing your interests and satisfaction.

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