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Dell Server Fans

Dell Server Fans Pricing Table:

ModelPart NumberInput VoltsAmperageCompatibilityPrice
DELL PowerEdge Server R630 FanTGC4J12Vdc1.82AR630, R620, and R610 ServersAED 164
Dell PowerEdge R620 Server FanF1YN7, 2X0NG, 21WNT, 14VG612Vdc1.2AR630, R620, and R610 ServersAED 184
DELL PowerEdge R640 Server FanKG52T, RG2X2, 0RG2X212Vdc1.50AR640 ServerAED 153
Dell PowerEdge R720 Server FanKG52T, 0KG52T12Vdc1.50AR720xd, R720 ServersAED 122