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Buy 100GbE Network Cards in UAE:

Are you looking for a trusted seller to buy a 100Gb Ethernet card, offering the lowest prices and easy returns? Worry not! Purchase a cost-effective but enduring 100GbE Network card from the ServerBasket online platform, compatible with various popular server brands, including CiscoHPDell, Supermicro, Lenovo, Huawei, etc. You will find the best 100GbE NICs at our store from several manufacturers, like Intel, Broadcom, Cisco, Solarflare, Supermicro, etc. These low-profile or high-profile LAN cards are available in quad, dual, and single configurations with a maximum data transmission rate of up to 100Gbps. These network cards are very efficient and can handle multiple intensive activities concurrently. Buy 100GbE LAN card in the UAE from ServerBasket at a reasonable price. Take advantage of free delivery, a simple return policy, and 24/7 technical and IT-related support. Moreover, we provide a 90-day secure warranty, free demos, and installation guides.


A Wide Range of 100G Network Card Models

Find every model of 100GbE network card from reputed makers in the industry at the SB store for your data center servers and networking equipment, such as routers, storage devices, and switches. We provide genuine-quality 100Gb Ethernet cards – Broadcom N2100G, Cisco UCS 15235, Dell E810-CQDA2T, HPE MCX515A-CCAT, Intel E810-CQDA2T, and so on.


Lightning-fast Data Transmission Speed

Streamline data transmission in your DC with the 100GbE NICs, perfect for long-distance and point-point data exchange featuring high bandwidth and low latency. Recharge your network to efficiently manage resource-intense tasks of AI-based research and learning, network acceleration, HQ video editing and rendering, big data analytics, advanced hardware offloads, and more with the 100GbE LAN cards.

Integration with Existing Ethernet Interfaces and Technologies

Support for all the major existing Ethernet interfaces and technologies is one of the best features of the 100G Ethernet adapters sold at our store. Choose our products designed with wide compliance to RoCE, TDP/IP, UDP, ARP, IEEE 802.3, etc., network protocols and technologies of firewalls, digital signatures, encryption, and more.

Designed for Lower Power Consumption

The 100GbE NICs are designed to consume 30% less power for building a speed-first network capable of supporting diverse needs. Add to your network significant improvements in data transmission, security, lifespan, and redundancy for faster and more stable communication. Also, gain energy efficiency, cost savings, and environmental benefits.


Ideal for Big Data Applications & Virtualization Environments

Add the ultra-fast 40GbE connectivity to your DC, corporate, and enterprise networks, enabling the database, application, file servers, and workstations to access and serve data transfers at full potential. Creating a robust network for your high-end video surveillance, editing, and monitoring systems with tougher security, minimum downtime, and upgrade support is now simpler with our 40GbE LAN cards.


Higher Density, Bandwidth, and Energy Efficiency

The 100G Ethernet cards are composed of higher bandwidth to help your network with dense traffic flows and energy efficiency coupled with reduced cabling complexity for a lowered TCO. The 100GbE LAN adapters are a true upgrade for your DCs, readying them for conventional and present-day workloads with greater capacity and virtualization support.


Guaranteed 90-day Warranty

When it comes to buying 100Gb Ethernet cards, Server Basket may be your best choice for the added benefits it offers, especially warranty. It assures you of free-of-cost product repair or replacement within the period.

Free Shipping

Safe and Swift Delivery

Any distance is fine for us to provide the best service. We will deliver your Ethernet Cards to several UAE locations, including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Sharjah, Ras Al-Khaimah, Ajman, Fujairah, Umm AL Quwain, and Khor Fakkan, with all necessary security measures.

Free Remote installation assistance

Constant Support Service

Customers will have an excellent digital experience from our round-the-lock-support service. You may reach out to our staff directly at any time if you have any technical or installation problems. Our specialists are the best at solving your questions remotely

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