Brand New SATA HDD (Hard Disk Drive)

Upgrade your Server Storage with Brand New SATA HDD

Buy High Quality Brand New SATA HDDs at an Offer Price in UAE | Ideal Choice for Dell, HP, IBM and Other Top Leading Brand Servers.

Are you in search of a new SATA storage for your growing workloads? Do you like installing rich quality, resilient, high capacity SATA HDDs in your servers? Turn to us, as we have a huge number of brand new SATA hard disks that can comply with your enhancing storage needs. They promote better output efficiencies and improved data transfer rates. The SATA HDDs are simpler in size and have ideal connecting cables that help them fit in any server body without any effort. They can manage the generated heat with flexible airflows. These hard disk drives have negligible latency rates and very little loading times. All these ideal qualities attract users to prefer them over other storage devices. For checking their connectivity, accessibility, and efficiency, Server Basket has tested and certified all the SATA HDDs that are displayed on the website. You can enjoy amplified speeds and advanced technologies like NCQ, hot-plugging by installing the SATA hard disks in your servers. Reach out to us to buy our magnificent SATA HDDs and grab the benefits of free installation assistance, warranty, and the fastest delivery services.

Expand Your Server Storage:

Planning to expand the storage of your prevailing servers for your workloads? Growing workloads need better storage devices. With varied storage options and excellent rotational speeds, the SATA HDDs can be amazing storage drives that can help you increase your server storage capacity. By employing these hard disk drives, your servers can run any business applications with great potential. These HDDs can undoubtedly meet your existing and upcoming excessive storage needs with better capabilities.

Compatible with Wide Variety of Servers:

The brand new SATA hard drives can be used with any of the branded server models. Our high-quality HDDs perfectly fit in your servers with their simple and manageable body. They show excellent compatibility with DellHPIBMCiscoFujitsu, and other high-end servers. SATA HDDs have a perfect shape with finer cable lengths, which avail more space for other storage devices. All these advantages weigh the fact that you can use them with any variety of servers.

Lower Cost than Other Drives:

Is your budget limiting you to buy better storage for your server? One of the many advantages of the SATA hard drives is its cost. Compared to other hard drives in the market, these SATA drives are cost-effective and highly affordable. They offer enormous storage for your workloads and are incredibly faster than the predecessor hard drives. On top of that, you can buy these incredible SATA drives at the best prices only at Server Basket.

Good Data Transfer Speed:

Do you want to enjoy exceptional data transfer rates? The SATA HDDs are well known for their transfer speeds. These hard disk drives are capable of transferring data at 150MB/s, 200MB/s, 300MB/s up to 600MB/s rates. This enhanced speed of the serial ATA drives helps users to load their programs, applications, files, media, larger documents, and other resources faster. For a smooth and better user experience, we highly recommend our SATA HDDs.

Huge Collection of SATA HDD’s:

If you are looking for a place to find efficient SATA HDDs at great prices, then you might find no better place other than Server Basket. Invest in our sturdy hard drives to avail your server with better storage options. We have an outstanding collection of SATA HDDs that are ready for deployment. Users can choose any hard disk drive among our SATA II, SATA III, ESATA, and MSATA collection to support your multiple storage requirements.

Rigorously Tested & Certified Disks:

Are you worried about the standard of our hard disk drives? We ensure that our customers receive top quality hard disk drives at all costs. Every new SATA HDD is handpicked by our experienced technical engineers. We test all the hard disks in our possession under burn-in conditions with utmost care under constant supervision to make sure that they are functioning correctly. These perfect HDDs will be certified and will be shifted to our inventory.

Hassle Free Buyback Facility:

Why waste your old hard disk drives while you can save yourself some money by utilizing our buyback deals? Server Basket came up with a hassle-free buyback method to benefit its customers. We accept your used and unwanted HDDs in exchange for the brand new SATA HDDs. So whenever you think of replacing your storage, think of us as we can help you reform your storage with SATA HDDs by saving you a few bucks.

Assured Replacement Warranty:

Our assured warranty schemes are completely reliable, and we abide by our words. All our SATA HDDs are backed up by a guaranteed replacement warranty. If the HDD you buy from us doesn’t work properly or gets damaged, or delivers poor performance in the warranty period, you can contact us through call or WhatsApp stating the issue you are confronting. We will replace your hard drive with genuine spare immediately without disturbing your workloads.

Remote Support for Installation:

Do you need help with the hard drive installation? SATA hard disk drives need to be mounted carefully in the server chassis, and the power, as well as data connections, must be done correctly to utilize the drive to its maximum capacity. We have a team of technical experts who can help you with the installation. They’ll explain every step of installation clearly and also resolve all your doubts concerned with the handling of these HDDs.

Fast Shipping All Over UAE:

Are you excited to use the SATA HDDs? Expect a quicker and safer delivery from Server Basket as we have tied up with the best shipping dealers in the UAE who will reach the hard drive to your preferred location within 2-3 days. Your hard drives are neatly packed and tightly sealed before the dispatch. We offer fast delivery to our customers in and around Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Al Ain, Umm Al Quwain, etc.

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