Brand New SAS HDD (Hard Disk Drive)

Boost your Business with Brand New SAS HDD

Genuine SAS Hard Disk Drives For Dell, HP, Cisco, IBM, Fujitsu Servers with 1 Year Warranty

Are you looking to increase the storage space of your server or just planning to replace the old hard disk drives with the new drives? If you are looking for the best hard drive that can effortlessly handle your 24/7 workload? Then SAS interface hard drives are the most preferred option for you. With SAS HDD, you can reduce the risk of data loss and performance issues. When it comes to hosting major projects and websites, SAS HDD should be the first choice. Server Basket has a vast collection of SAS HDDs of various brands, including Seagate, DellHP, Cisco, IBM, HGST, etc. Embedded with the latest technology and security features, the SAS HDD is compatible with all server brands. SAS Hard drives come at a higher price, but when you buy it from Server Basket, much of your IT investment costs are reduced. Get higher discounts and best services like installation support and quick shipping anywhere in UAE.

All Leading Brands HDDs Available:

Server Basket is known for selling reliable hard drives of major brands. With our top-quality Server SAS Hard Drive, you can boost the performance of your storage-intensive applications and never face downtime issues. We have a huge stock of enterprise-class hard disk drive. The major brands we sell include Seagate, Dell, HP, IBM, HGST Western Digital, Kingston, and many more.

Suitable for Any Brand Server:

Enhance the storage capacity of your server with the best and most affordable SAS HDDs available at Server Basket. The SAS HDD comes in 2.5” and 3.5” form factor. Its features and form factors make it suitable for all brand servers. Increase the data transfer rate and storage of your DellHPIBM, Cisco servers with our high-quality SAS hard disk drives.

Expand Your Server's Internal Storage:

Make more room for storing heavy databases with our highly efficient SAS HDDs. We offer a range of SAS HDDs with varied storage capacity. Choose from 300GB to up to 12TB enterprise SAS Hard disk drives. The hard drives available at Server Basket are ideal for storing and processing data from heavy business applications like virtualization, big data analytics, high-performance computing, and many more.

End to End Configurations Listed:

With us, get the best configuration SAS hard drive that is exactly aligned to your business needs. Get the option to choose from various transfer speeds, spindle speed, and capacity. We have SAS HDDs of various capacities such as 600GB, 1TB, 900GB1.2TB1.8TB2TB4TB, 8TB etc. We have listed various types of hard disk drives according to their sizes i.e., LFF (3.5”), SFF (2.5”), different spindle speeds (7.2K,10K, 12K,15K RPM), etc.

Genuine OEM HDDs:

Don’t worry about the hard drive quality and reliability. Even though our hard disk price in UAE are unimaginably lower, we never compromise on the hard drive quality and brand. We sell only those SAS Hard Drives that are manufactured by top brands like Dell, HP, IBM, Seagate, Kingston, etc.

1 Year Warranty:

With us, you can now claim instant hard drive replacement. Buy any new SAS hard disk drive from us and relax, as it is backed by strong one-year warranty coverage. If you experience any data loss or failure with the hard drive, you don’t have to worry as you can claim free replacement during the warranty period.

Remote Installation Support:

Buy the low-cost SAS HDD from us and enjoy the perks of remote installation assistance. To make the hard drive offer heavy performance, you should install it as per the manufacturer guidelines. With us, you no need to worry about installation, as our team would provide you with complete guidance for installing the SAS hard disk drive.

Pre-Sales Assistance Available:

Server Basket offers pre-sales technical support assistance. In which, you would be offered a complete description of SAS HDDs and would tell you for which workloads they are useful. Our team is highly experienced and knows which products work best for your IT environment. Also, we would provide a free quotation for any number of SAS hard disk drives you need.

Instant Shipping All Over UAE:

We are tied up with the major logistics companies in and around UAE that enables us to deliver any number of SAS hard drives safely and on time without any physical damages. We offer extremely satisfying order delivery to all places in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, AI Ain, Dubai, and other remote places of UAE within 2-3 business days.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Which Brand of SAS Hard Disk Drives Does Server Basket Offer?

For all popular server brands, including servers offered by IBM, HP, Cisco, Dell, SuperMicro, etc., we have a sizable selection of SAS HDDs. Along with the item number, we list a wide variety of SAS HDDs that are ideal for any tower, rack, or blade server.

Are these Hard Drives Compatible With All Server Brands?

Yes, all of the SAS HDDs available with Server Basket are 100% authentic and compatible with all servers, regardless of whether you have a new or old server, or whichever server brand your business uses.

What Types of Form Factors are the SAS HDDs Available in?

There are two major form factors available in SAS HDDs–2.5-inch or SFF and 3.5-inch or LFF. These can have capacities ranging from 300 GB to 8 TB and much more, that may easily meet the needs of your databases and storage-intensive applications.

Can I Request a Free Quotation for these Drives?

You can get a free quote from us by simply telling us the server type you have and the drive specifications you require. You can compare our prices to those of any other retailer and you’ll find that we are offering the lowest.

What is the Warranty Period for SAS HDDs?

You are assured to get a one-year warranty on new HDDs and for refurbished SAS hard drives, it will be for 90 days. If there are any issues during the warranty period, the hard drive will be instantly replaced or corrected at no cost to you.

Are these HDDs from Genuine Brands? Do you Provide Any Certificates from the Brand?

Trust that we offer only authentic SAS hard discs. Our hard drives pass strict quality testing before being listed for sale. We put our items through a variety of tests before certifying their outstanding performance.

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