Refurbished SATA HDD (Hard Disk Drive)

Best Refurbished SATA HDD in UAE

Buy Top Quality Certified Refurbished SATA HDDs Online at Less Price in UAE | Ideal Choice for Dell, HP, IBM and Other Top Leading Brand Servers.

Are you in search of the best storage drives for your enterprise-level servers? Do you plan on upgrading your server storage for faster speeds? Server Basket sells a wide variety of high-quality refurbished SATA HDDs to boost your storage and avail amplified speeds for your programs and applications. These mass storage devices show rich compatibility with prominent server brands and offer high output efficiencies without any exceptions. Users can access multiple files and media with negligible latency alongside enjoying the high performance the hard disks offer. The SATA hard drives are flexible, scalable, agile, and are known for their high transmission speeds. We have a huge collection of all types of refurbished SATA HDDs which offer an external interface for hotplugs. You don’t have to worry about buying refurbished products. We take all measures in testing the hard drives under constant supervision and tag them with the most reasonable prices. Get in touch with us today to buy an HDD that suits your needs and enjoy the advantages of free installation, seller warranty, and quickest delivery schemes.

Boost your Server Storage:

If your workloads or applications require high storage on your servers to deliver desirable outcomes, switch to the SATA HDDs for a quick server storage boost. Augmenting the storage of your server is very important, especially when you prefer to work on high-end applications. You can anticipate better storage performance from these splendid SATA hard disk drives. They have the most appreciable rotational speeds and can offer exceptional performance even under highly demanding work conditions.

Compatible with Top Brands Servers:

Our refurbished serial ATA hard disk drives highly comply with many established server brands as they have a perfect size and ideal cable lengths to comfortably fit in any server body. Users can effortlessly mount these hard disks in Dell, HP, Cisco, Fujitsu, IBM servers using their simple frame. The SATA HDDs are smaller and are less complex, which makes them quite managed to work with. They offer maximum storage in whichever server customers use them in.

Low Priced Hard Drives:

Along with the desired data transfer and abundant storage options, there is another advantage that benefits users for choosing the SATA HDDs. It’s the price. The refurbished SATA hard drives we sell our customers are genuinely priced considering current market values. We put up the best value on all our hard drives compared to other vendors in the UAE. We also update their costs periodically so that our users can buy the HDDs at low prices.

Easily Handles Multiple Requests:

Does your work demand you to perform multiple tasks at the same time? You should need a productive SATA HDD that can take care of multiple requests parallelly with enhanced performance. The SATA hard drives use AHCI mode for enabling advanced features such as hot-swapping and native command queuing. These hard drives can uninterruptedly act on up to 32 pending commands. This way, users can easily handle numerous requests with better speeds using the SATA hard drives.

Excellent Data Transfer Rate:

If you are in search of a hard drive that can offer you a better data transfer experience, then you must definitely try our SATA HDDs. Our hard drives exhibit exceptional data transfer rates ranging from 150MB/s to 600MB/s. Their advanced technology cabling attachment can limit the latency to great amounts. Users can use these high-speed hard drives for better loading speeds of their files, documents, media, applications, etc. for a smoother operation.

Wide Varieties of SATA HDDs Available:

Are you looking for a one-stop solution that provides multiple hard drive storage options? Server Basket has wide varieties of SATA HDDs to offer sizable support to your storage necessities. Our massive collection of hard disk drives include SATA II, SATA III, ESATA, and MSATA that are ready to sustain your workloads. You can choose any HDD among these multiple available options, which we guarantee that they deliver escalated performance as desired by our users.

Tested Grade "A" Quality HDDs:

Hesitating about the constancy of our refurbished SATA HDDs? You don’t have to be, as we test every hard drive under heavy work conditions multiple times to ensure that they are refurbished properly. Our ‘A’ quality hard disk drives will be in perfect condition and will cater to all your storage needs. They can withstand pressured environments much more effectively than you expect. These high-quality SATA hard drives are worth every penny you spend on them.

Assured Seller Warranty:

Server Basket never breaks its rules. We abide by our words and guidelines by offering a strict seller warranty on all our refurbished SATA HDDs. If the hard drive you buy from us is dysfunctioning or fragile, prone to undesirable functionality in the stated warranty period, you can claim your seller warranty by contacting us via LiveChat, call, or Whatsapp. We assure you that we will provide you with a genuine spare replacement within no time.

Avail Remote Installation Support:

Are you unfamiliar with the HDD installation processes? For better outcomes, mounting the hard drive in the server alone is not sufficient. You have to make sure that the data and power connections are made perfectly without any mistakes. Server Basket offers remote installation support with the help of a team of experienced technicians. This team, which is available round the clock, guides you through the whole installation process without leaving any single detail behind.

Safe and Fast Shipping Across UAE:

Do you want your SATA HDD without any delay? Rely on our super fast delivery services. We have tied cords together with the best delivery agents in the UAE, who will deliver your hard disk drive at your doorstep in less than 3 working days. They make sure that the packed HDD is securely transported to its destination. We offer fast and safe shipping to all important places such as Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Al Ain, etc.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Is It Okay to Buy a Refurbished SATA HDD (Hard Disc Drive)?

Yes, it is alright to buy refurbished SATA HDDs for your servers. At SB, they are as good as new and cost half the amount as new ones. Find compatible drives for all top brands at the lowest prices.

What is the Maximum Data Transfer Speed of a SATA HDD?

We have efficient SATA drives that will provide high data transfer speeds for files, media applications, and other operations. Reduce latency and get faster loading speeds and smoother operations with rapid transfer speeds ranging from 150MB/s to 600MB/s.

What is the Average Price of a 2.5 SATA 2TB HDD in the UAE?

Top-quality HDDs for the best prices are available at SB as compared to the other vendors in the market. 2.5in SATA 2TB HDD is around AED 238. Though we keep updating our prices, they’re arranged in a range to be budget-friendly.

Are these Refurbished SATA Hard Drives Reliable?

Enhance storage performance and meet the needs of your high-end applications with these used drives that are refurbished using certified brand parts. They’re tested under various parameters under expert care and are built with grade-A quality products.

Do You Charge for the Delivery of SATA HDDs?

SB provides super fast delivery all around the world within 2-3 business days. We offer free delivery for purchases above AED 500 and a nominal delivery fee depending on your location is charged for purchases below AED 500.

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