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Top Class Refurbished SATA SSD in UAE

Tested and Certified Top Quality Refurbished SATA SSDs at Best Price in UAE | Suitable for Dell, HP, IBM, and Other Top Brand Servers.

Does your server need extra storage to run loaded applications? Do you want to upgrade your server storage with enterprise SSDs? You can find an answer to all your storage requisites at Server Basket. We have an eminent collection of high-quality SATA SSDs of all varying capacities that comply with any established server brand. They have great transfer speeds that offer excellent responsiveness, less booting times, and negligible latency. The SATA SSDs are known for their reliability and sturdiness. They are better than HDDs in all aspects therefore, businesses, IT firms, organizations, designers, e-commerce, developers, etc. are leaning towards these SATA storage solutions for their high-end servers.

You have absolutely no reason to hesitate buying our refurbished SATA SSDs. They have undergone multiple testing plans in burn-in conditions to prove their capacity and capability. Server Basket is very generous when it comes to pricing. We avail the best prices on our refurb SATA SSDs compared to other merchants in the market. Contact us to buy a perfect SSD that suits your workloads and bag the advantage of free remote installation, genuine replacement warranty, and the quickest delivery services we offer.

Multiple Options from Leading Brands:

If you wish to buy the SATA SSD from a pool of multiple options, then Server Basket is the perfect place for you. We have the best collection of all types of SATA SSDs of major brands like Sandisk, Intel, Dell, Toshiba, etc., each of them delivering optimum performance under any work pressure. Depending on your work necessities, you can choose the SATA SSD of any capacity ranging from 120GB to 4TB to relish the growing productivity.

Accelerate the Speed of Any Brand Server:

Are you in search of ways to intensify the speed of your server storage drives? Try our refurbished SATA SSDs that are highly compatible with many popular server brands that include HPDellCiscoFujitsuIBM, etc. They have a simple body, perfect size, and an ideal shape that can help them to mount on any server without any additional efforts. They speed up your server performance with their appreciable transfer rates users essentially need.

Quick Booting Times & Better Responsiveness:

Do you hate start-up lagging and high loading times? Well, the SATA SSDs take no time to power up as they don’t have any mechanical parts and hence they offer quick booting times. Also, these SSDs have maximum transfer speeds of up to 560MB/s, which significantly boosts the responsiveness of your server. They have low read-access times and fast throughputs so you can work on multiple requests parallelly without the fear of unwanted delays.

Secure Disks with Low Energy Consumption:

The NAND flash memory based SATA SSDs are highly secure and are one of a kind. They have strict limitations on writing that restrict users to misuse any important data and documents/files. They are enriched with advanced technologies that can control the energy being consumed. This makes the SATA SSDs reliable and highly durable as the low power consumption and better security features in storage disks are perfect for all kinds of complex and tiring workloads.

Low Cost Drives for Storage Upgradation:

If you are looking for cost-efficient storage drives for enhancing your server storage, then the SATA SSDs will be the best option for you. Escalating businesses and firms demand faster speeds and more storage capacity to run their workflows in a timely and orderly fashion. SATA SSDs will definitely justify your improving work. Our refurbished SATA storage drives come at an affordable price and can fulfil your increased storage necessities no less than the brand new SSDs.

Multilevel Quality Tested SSDs:

Are you wondering if the refurbished SATA SSDs are risky to buy? We understand your concern. We would never sell an SSD that lacks quality. Every refurbished SATA SSD you come across on our website is tested under multiple pressured conditions to cross-check its quality and ability to resist complex as well as normal working conditions without any issues. This testing process is carried under the surveillance of experts who have experience with all types of SATA SSDs.

Better Transfer Speed than HDDs:

Tired of the average transfer speeds of your traditional HDDs? Shift to the advanced SATA SSDs that are capable of delivering the most efficient transfer speeds ranging from 200MB/s to 3500MB/s that is much faster than HDDs. You can easily access multiple applications using these high-end storage drives. They also promote parallel processing of your workloads. They don’t take much time to start-up either. To sum it up, they are far better and efficient than HDDs.

Hassle Free Replacement Warranty:

All our refurbished SATA SSDs are covered by a strict replacement warranty. Our SATA SSDs are highly rigid and are known for their quality. Server Basket is bound to stick to the rules. Within the mentioned warranty period, if you face any troubles such as performance degradation or undesired functionality with the SATA storage drives you to buy from us, we will immediately replace the SSD with another genuine spare without hampering your workflow.

Reliable Remote Installation Support:

Do you want a little guidance for installing the storage drive in your servers? Server Basket provides you with that. Our technical team has experienced engineers who can help you with the installation process. They will explain every step clearly in a way that even people from non-technical backgrounds can perform the installation without any mistakes. Once they ensure that the storage drive is installed properly, they will resolve all your doubts related to the SATA SSDs.

Prompt Delivery in & around UAE:

Are you in an urgent requirement of the SATA SSDs? Count on the super fast and extremely safe delivery services Server Basket offers. We pack the storage drives in multiple protective layers. Our dealings with the most reliable delivery agents help us to drop the SATA SSDs at your doorstep within 2-3 business days. Our prompt delivery services are valid to all our customers in and around Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Al Ain, and many more.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What is the Difference Between NAND SSD and SATA SSD?

A different kind of connection called M.2 is used by NAND SSDs to enable faster data transfer. NAND SSDs tend to be more expensive, but conventional SATA SSDs are typically slower. The fact remains that 1 TB of SSD storage is highly expensive and not all motherboards enable M.2.

How is a SATA HDD Different from a SATA SSD?

Standard storage systems like SATA HDDs write and read data to rotating platters. SATA SSDs, on the other hand, utilize more current technology that stores data on readily accessible memory chips. SSDs are more dependable, speedier, more affordable, more energy-efficient, and smaller.

What is the Read and Write Speed of a SATA Solid-State Drive?

Reading and writing speed, which varies depending on a number of variables, is a measurement of how quickly your drive can “read/write” or retrieve the files that are stored on it. A normal SATA SSD will therefore offer read/write speeds of 200 MB/s to 550 MB/s.

Is a SATA SSD Good for Gaming?

We can observe that SATA SSDs are still the most effective for storing games. It has been established that loading times on a SATA SSD drive for PC gaming are just as excellent as those on a significantly faster NVMe drive.

Does this Drive Consume High Power?

SSDs use a lot less power than HDDs, which may indicate a longer battery life. While lower-end NVMe normally uses around 3.5W and higher-end NVMe typically uses up to 8.5W or more, a SATA SSD typically uses less than 5W at its maximum power usage.

Can I Replace the SATA HDD with a SATA SSD?

You can replace your computer’s standard Serial ATA (SATA) HDD with a SATA SSD if it currently uses one. Both Macs and PCs are compatible with them. SSDs are now standard in all Mac laptops.

Does Server Basket Provide Technical Assistance for Drive Installation?

A key component of Server Basket is the upkeep of a skilled, experienced, and qualified in-house tech team. Call our team for immediate assistance with any technical problems that may occur as a result of routine business.

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