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Buy HP Network Cards Online in UAE:

Do you need a network adapter that is a star in performance? Want to buy high-bandwidth, reliable Ethernet cards from an authentic store? ServerBasket is happy to offer you high-performing, quality-driven HP Ethernet adapters at affordable prices. The HP NIC segment at the store is loaded with variants 1G, 10G, 25G, 40G, and 100G speed variants compatible with most server brands. The HP Ethernet adapters in single, dual, and quad-port configurations promise a make that delivers peak line-rate output across all ports with the lowest power consumption. Your buying experience is never simpler than now with our store’s exclusive no-questions-asked returns policy. Furthermore, we take pride in assisting you 24/7, besides serving express delivery across UAE, and the best-framed warranty.


Improved Network Management with High-end Hardware

Our HP Network Cards provide the hardware elements required to send and receive data over the network. Additionally, enhanced network management includes cutting-edge technologies like Wake-on-Lan, which enables remote PC activation via the network, and Quality of Service (QoS), which helps prioritize traffic and enhance network performance.


Advanced Features and Benefits of Ethernet Interfaces

Your internet experience will be much improved if you install an HP Network Card that offers quicker networking protocols, such as Ethernet interfaces that connect many devices in LANs and WANs. it provides connections with high bandwidth, which greatly accelerates network speeds. As a consequence, a larger bandwidth capacity can process more data simultaneously.

Secure Data Transfers with Advanced NIC Technology

No matter what brands of switches and routers you use in your data center – Cisco, Juniper, Brocade, MicroTik, Dell, Supermicro, Lenovo, Huawei, etc. – our HP network cards are compatible with all existing devices and interfaces. Their use of cutting-edge NIC technology helps improve networking and processing capabilities, maximizing efficiency and ensuring top performance.

Boosting Connectivity Speed in Enterprise Networks

An HP Network Card offers single, Dual, and Quad ports for connectivity, and its sophisticated features make it an excellent choice for enterprise-level applications that demand high-speed connections, particularly for gaming and streaming applications. Users may benefit from a smoother networking experience and quicker, more dependable network performance here.


Growth Solutions for Modern Data Center Infrastructure

You may explore with Server Basket various models of HP Network Cards offering multiple bandwidth options. You can build a contemporary data center using these as the expansion solution as they are automated in order to give businesses the agile services they require and guide your company through digital transformation.


Reliable Network Performance Upgrade with HP Network Cards

Our high-speed HP Network Cards, which are the most effective and dependable communication interfaces for enhancing network performance, must be installed on your server if your company wants a speedy server network. It is substantially faster than other types of communication interfaces, offering rates of 1GbE, 10GbE, 25GbE, 40GbE, and 100GbE.

Return Window of 10 Days

Return Window of 10 Days

We offer door-to-door delivery along with an easy 10-day return window for the products for a seamless customer experience. If the product doesn’t suit you in any way, you can return it.


90-day Warranty Coverage

HP is a top brand when it comes to quality and durability. At ServerBasket, you get HP Ethernet cards with a free 90-day warranty, during which you get complete assistance for product repair or replacement if there is any quality or performance compromise.


Customer and Technical Support

HP network cards at ServerBasket come with a free demo for your complete satisfaction with the product and around-the-clock support to address your concerns and resolve any issues.

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