Dell PowerEdge R840 Server

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  • High-Performance Server
  • 6TB of DDR4 Memory
  • Ideal for Machine Learning
  • Scalable Storage Options
  • Automated Management
  • Customizable Servers
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  • All Currencies Accepted
  • Grade ‘A’ Refurbished Condition
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Are you into the business of logistic chains involving intense database analytics? Then Dell PowerEdge R840 Server could be helpful for you. The server supports to stimulate business insights and gives steady and high-performance results for necessitating applications including, data analytics workloads. Sustained reliability and integrated security features in this server help you in ensuring the best uptime in your business data center. If you are looking for the best deals on Dell PowerEdge R840 servers, then you are in the right place. At Server Basket, you get to buy a custom-configured Dell R840 server with three years warranty at the relatively lowest price in the market. Apart from warranty, we back our customers with quality tech support, free installation help, and pre-sales assistance.

high end intel processors

High-Performance Server with Four Processors:

The four-processor 2U Chassis Dell R840 server delivers a notable performance boost using robust second-generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors up to 28 cores each totaling to 112 cores. You can create an optimal configuration of HDDSSD, GPU, and NVMe resources to reach several demanding workloads. A high rate of data transfers with a completely integrated ultra path is interconnecting all four sockets. Quicken your applications up to up to two FPGAs or two GPUs of double-width.

Whopping 6TB of DDR4 Memory:

To address larger data sets, the Dell PowerEdge R840 Server includes 48 slots of DDR4 DIMM and a maximum memory of 6TB to reduce latency and for data resiliency. It also supports RDIMM or LRDIMM memory and up to 2933MT/s. NVDIMMs can hold a maximum memory of 384GB and NVDIMMs have the ability to boost application performance, data security, and disaster recovery

Ideal for Machine Learning & Database Analytics:

The Dell R840 stimulates business insights and presents unique performance density for your database analytics. The Dell PowerEdge R840 is created to run quicker insights and delivers a performance of four-socket in a 2U design. The machine-learning engine makes autonomous storage into a reality. Both machine learning and data analytics are in direct correlation with the in server performance growth.

Scalable Storage Options:

Dell PowerEdge R840 Server has high-performance storage and scalable storage capacity with up to 26 2.5” SSDs and HDDs, which is 62% more than that of the previous generation. You can power your enterprise-critical workloads, which provide support for up to 26 drives out of which 24 are directly associated NVMe drives that can be scalable upto 184.32TB Storage Spac. You can get various configurations of storage available with the Dell R840 server, which includes 24x 2.5-inch SATA or SAS, 8x 2.5-inch SATA or SAS. There is another option for adding 2 more 2.5-inch SATA or SAS SSDs or HDDs that can be placed in a rear cage for drives.

Automated Management of Routine Tasks:

Dell PowerEdge R840 Server consolidates the management and monitoring of the business IT infrastructure using OpenManage Enterprise. Dell EMC OpenManage assists in delivering high efficiency to the customers of the PowerEdge server by delivering automated management of routine tasks along with intelligence. Coupled with unusual management abilities, the R840 server is easily manageable and can do the routine work automatically. As the workloads grow more complicated, OpenManage Enterprise simplifies IT infrastructure management to focus on your business objectives.

Best Price for Any Configuration:

Server Basket can provide you the best price for any of your customized configuration compared to other retailers in the market. Buy your Dell PowerEdge R840 Server online now from our website. You can always check the IT server market, and you will surely feel our services to be cost-effective.

Installation Support at No Extra Cost:

We offer you free installation support, so you don’t need to worry about the server installation. Server Basket has certified engineers who can effectively carry out the installation process. Once the server is installed, our technicians will test the server to make sure that it is working normally. All of our engineers are all fully qualified, and treat your server the utmost care and attention.

24/7 Tech Support:

You can get 24/7 tech support from our team of experienced support engineers. We provide support for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week through live chat, email, and support. Our support specialists will be standing by whenever you need help . Whether it’s a complex issue or a simple query, you will quickly get the right solution without any delay.

Three Years Assured Warranty:

Server Basket provides you with three years of assured warranty on hardware components, and the barebones and the damaged parts will be replaced for no extra charge if anything goes wrong during the warranty period. We assure you a seamless service, and you can also get a responsive, spontaneous, and faster service whenever you need.

Quick Delivery throughout UAE:

Instant Shipping of Dell PowerEdge R840 Server is available throughout UAE. You can get an industrial-grade packaging quick delivery of your server within 2-3 business days, how remote the location may be including all the major cities such as Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Dubai, Ajman, etc.

Additional information



Form Factor

2U Rack


Intel Xeon Scalable Processors

Processor Sockets


RAM Type


Memory Size

128GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 8GB

Memory Slots




Max Storage


Hard Drive Bays

Upto 10 x 2.5” Drives, Upto 24 NVMe PCIe Drives, Upto 26 x 2.5” Drives

Hard Drive Options


PCI Slots


Internal RAID Controllers

PERC H330, PERC H730P, PERC H740P, PERC S140

External RAID Controllers


Power Supply



3 Years

Remote Management


Supported Remote Management

iDRAC Direct, iDRAC9

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12 Reviews For This Product

  1. 12

    by Suhayla Boulos

    It delivered outstanding performance while dealing with data-intensive applications. I recommend this server for database analytics and AI management systems. Free installation support and warranty provided.

  2. 12

    by Basim Fawzi

    I was worried about the delivery initially, but the SB team provided a prompt delivery service and received the server within the mentioned time frame.

  3. 12

    by Qasim Sultan

    Excellent product from Dell and excellent service by the Server Basket team. The team was really professional. They delivered the server quickly and responded to all my doubts.

  4. 12

    by Mohamed Salim

    Very powerful of all servers I’ve worked on. It improved my workload performance to a great extent. Good storage and memory features too. Precisely, it’s the power horse you’ll definitely need.

  5. 12

    by Ibadah Mahasin

    The server gives excellent outcomes with rapid data transfers to handle the demanding workloads. It reduces my burdens and helps to focus on reaching business growth.

  6. 12

    by Afrah Yaminah

    I have contacted the support team to find a suitable server for my logistic business. It recommends Dell R840 server and provides higher performance in dealing with data analytics.

  7. 12

    by Bilal Naser

    Based on my experiences with SB, I could say this is the best online portal to avail of different servers. I bought this server, and it delivers optimum performance.

  8. 12

    by Sam Idriss

    The rack server allows me to meet the memory requirements easily with the support of your team. It has improved the business performance.

  9. 12

    by Shaik Fazlullah

    I have been managing the IT infrastructure easily using this server and it reduces the costs for maintaining the manpower. The team was responsive and active.

  10. 12

    by Mohammed Haafiz

    The server has been provided unique results for our business and data analytics. I had achieved desired outputs even for complex and AI workloads.

  11. 12

    by Jameel Khan

    I could observe that the application performance has been improved after using this server. But, some issues were faced when addressing large data sets.

  12. 12

    by Sagar Saini

    This 2U chassis configured server brings us robust performance for the enterprise systems. It has handled all types of workloads like small and heavy demanding works.

What is your normal email response time for technical support?

Our technical team is always available 24/7 via email, chat, or telephone. If you send an email of your query, the team will respond within 15 minutes to 30 minutes and provide appropriate solutions for your issues.

Are Dell R840 Used servers verified to ensure proper operation?

Yes, our Dell used servers don't compromise on delivering quality and high-end performance. They undergo multiple rigorous tests and certification procedures to provide the best performance when running your business applications using our servers.

Does the Dell PowerEdge R840 server support high-end processors? If yes, what are they?

This Dell server supports up to four Intel Xeon scalable processors with 28 cores. All four sockets are interconnected through an integrated ultra path with a higher rate of data transfers. The processors deliver the performance with faster responses.

Does the Dell PowerEdge R840 server support high-end processors? If yes, what are they?

This Dell server supports up to four Intel Xeon scalable processors with 28 cores. All four sockets are interconnected through an integrated ultra path with a higher rate of data transfers. The processors deliver the performance with faster responses.

What is the PowerEdge R840 server's basic storage capacity?

The PowerEdge R840 supports a scalable storage capacity of up to 184.32 TB. It has an availability of different configurations for 24*2.5-inch SAS or SATA and the additional option to add two more 2.5 inches SAS/SATA SSD or HDDs.

What is the maximum RAM needed for a PowerEdge R840 server?

The maximum memory capacity of this Dell R840 is up to 6 TB and supports 48 slots of DDR4 DIMM and memory speeds of 2933 MT/s. The memory of NVDIMMs can be able to boost the performance of applications.

Which operating systems are supported by this server?

R840 server supports various operating systems, such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, SuSE Linux ES 12, SUSE Linux ES 15, VMware ESXi 6.5, VMware ESXi 6.7, VMware ESXi 7.0, Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS, etc.

How many RAID controllers are supported by the Dell PowerEdge R840 server?

Dell server includes both internal and external RAID controllers for providing data protection. The internal RAID controllers are PERC H740P, PERC H730P, PERC H330, and PERC S140. The external RAID controller is PERC H840.

How many drive bays are available on the Dell R840 server?

Dell R840 has included a total number of 26 2.5" SAS/SATA HDD or SSDs. Among these, 24 drives are associated with the NVMe directly with the scalable storage 184.32TB. The remaining two drives can be placed at the rear cage.

How long will it take for the server to be delivered after I order it?

Server Basket delivers the ordered server within 3 to 5 business days across the UAE. Once your order is taken, we start processing the delivery. We deliver it to your destination location without any delay.

Can I purchase a Dell R840 server with a single CPU? Can I upgrade it to a dual-processor system in the future?

Yes, you can buy a Dell server that integrates with one CPU. If you want, you can upgrade the server to the dual CPU core processor system to meet your business demands and achieve specific goals.

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