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  • ADDS Server Management

    • Quick Access and control to your server domain
    • Easy-To-Use Tools to save your time & effort
    • Stay On Top of Security and other server Updates
    • 100% Data safety with Automatic Backup and Recovery
    • Retrieve Your Files from Anywhere with a single click
    • Secure & Reliable Server Management Hardware
    AED 4,999 AED 5,749

    ADDS Server Management

    AED 4,999 AED 5,749 Add to cart
  • Cisco ASA 5520

    • Advanced protection with multi-purpose firewall
    • Real time malware detection and blocking
    • Improved visibility and network efficiency
    • Tested and certified firewall for all businesses
    • On time threat response with automation
    • Best firewall prices with amazing discounts
    • 24/7 installation and technical support
    AED 390 AED 410

    Cisco ASA 5520

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  • Cloud Web Hosting

    • Budget-Friendly cloud hosting plans
    • SEO Optimized Hosting Service
    • Easily handle massive Workloads
    • Quick Data BackUp To Store Files
    • Any Windows/Linux OS Available
    • Unlimited Bandwidth & 100% Uptime
    • Free round-the-clock hosting support
    AED 4,999 AED 5,750

    Cloud Web Hosting

    AED 4,999 AED 5,750 Buy Now
  • Fortigate 50e

    • Ultimate protection with security-driven networking
    • Real-time threat protection with maximum performance
    • Industry leading tested and certified 50E firewalls
    • Next gen firewalls with proactive threat detection
    • Excellent wireless coverage with minimized disruption
    • Easy to install and deploy at any time
    • Supports FortiOS 5 operating system
    AED 5,369 AED 5,638

    Fortigate 50e

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  • FortiGate 80E

    • Comprehensive network automation
    • Industry’s best threat protection performance
    • Secure SD-WAN with enhanced analytics
    • Next gen firewalls with web filtering & app control
    • Improves overall security posture
    • Multi-interface firewalls with third-party certification
    • Free round-the-clock firewall Installation support
    AED 2,786 AED 3,065

    FortiGate 80E

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  • Hyper-V Server Management

    • Enhanced Security.
    • On-time upgrades.
    • Better integration.
    • Remote desktop access.
    • Reliable and Portable.
    • Performance Tuning.
    • Customization.
    • Server & application monitoring.
    • Security Management.
    • Hardware maintenance.
    • Free Migration services.
    • Cost & time savings.
    AED 2,999 AED 3,550
  • juniper srx240

    Juniper SRX240

    • Ultimate security at lowest prices
    • All-around protection from attacks & intrusions
    • Protection from sophisticated malware
    • High performance multi-purpose firewall
    • Continuously monitor the network health
    • Detect & block IoT threats and malware
    • End-to-end protection with flexible connectivity
  • Juniper SRX650

    • Cost-effective networking & security platform
    • Next-gen protection with advanced features
    • Splendid performance & flexible connectivity options
    • Standard protection against malicious threats & malware
    • Secure & manage your workflows without interruptions
    • Free 24/7 installation & technical assistance
    AED 859 AED 902

    Juniper SRX650

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  • Linux Plesk Server Management

    • Meets Your Linux Domains, Hosting, and Email Needs
    • One-Click Updates for fast and easy Maintenance
    • Next-level support and performance with automation
    • 99.9% uptime guaranteed in all work environments
    • Timely audits to assess performance analytics
    • Advanced 24/7 support by our technical experts
    AED 2,999 AED 3,550
  • Linux Server Monitoring

    Linux Server Monitoring

    • Real-time Linux server monitoring.
    • Assured fast, reliable, and secure server performance.
    • Customized notification alerts based on user priority.
    • Proactive features to ensure 99.9% uptime.
    • Timely server audits to eliminate malware.
    • Choose from Multiple Linux server monitoring packages.
    AED 4,999 AED 5,748

    Linux Server Monitoring

    AED 4,999 AED 5,748 Buy Now
  • Linux Server Security

    • Regular server audits
    • Removing unwanted software
    • Firewall deployment
    • Protection against spams & malware
    • Remote security access
    • Automatic installation of updates
    • On-time security Installation and configuration
    AED 4,999 AED 5,749

    Linux Server Security

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  • MSP-Website Panel Server Management

    • Easily manage your DNS records without interruptions
    • Scans and removes malware for Exceptional Website Security
    • Monitor and manage all your hosting sites in one place
    • Securely store and access data and files within your database
    • 24/7 Network Monitoring with round-the-clock technical support
    AED 4,999 AED 5,749
  • SB HCI / VDI Server

    • Robust servers with optimum functionality
    • Efficient performance with Scalable Intel processors
    • Cost-effective server prices on all configurations
    • Reliable and field-proven design to support all workflows
    • Better speed and productivity with advanced technologies
    • Latest security software for all-round server protection
    AED 4,200 AED 4,830

    SB HCI / VDI Server

    AED 4,200 AED 4,830 Add to cart
  • Server Migration Support services

    • Suitable for SMBs & Large Enterprises
    • Powerful Dual Socket Tower Server
    • High Speed DDR4 Smart Memory
    • Reliable Server with Huge Storage
    • Suitable for Rendering & Virtualization
    • Wide Range of GPU Options
    • Embedded with ILO for Remote Management
    AED 4,999 AED 5,750
  • Server Monitoring Services

    • Monitor application & hardware performance
    • Assured & reliable monitoring
    • Remote security alerting
    • Real-time performance analysis
    • Advanced Reporting & Analytics
    • price match Guarantee
    • Monitor metrics through Stats
    • Best In Class Tech Support
    • Advanced Installations
    • Hardware & performance monitoring
    • Server functionality and health inspection
    AED 2,999 AED 3,550
  • Server Optimization Service

    • Server Tuning & Configuration
    • Server Speed & Performance analysis
    • Project Improvement Recommendations
    • Security and DDoS Configuration
    • Application deployment and configuration
    • Increasing Page Load Speed
    • Enhanced efficiency & stability
    • Managing performance
    • Installation and configuration
    • Systematic monitoring
    • Server Updates & Optimization
    • Fixing Spam Issues
    AED 4,999 AED 5,500
  • Server Setup Service

    • Installation and configuration
    • Backup and Recovery
    • Increased security & protection
    • Best performance guaranteed
    • Advanced Control panel tools
    • Server setup As Per Request
    AED 4,999 AED 5,500

    Server Setup Service

    AED 4,999 AED 5,500 Add to cart
  • Virtualizor Server Management

    • Customizable Plans to Suit Your Needs
    • Track and Monitor CPU, Disk & Memory Usage
    • Assured 100% Privacy by Server Basket Team
    • Deploy, Manage and Scale Any Type of Application
    • Full Root Access with 24×7 Network Monitoring
    • Manage Servers Remotely at Any Time
    AED 4,999 AED 5,749



Are you planning to outsource your server or data center management? Do you need someone who can understand your unique work environment and handle your servers and data centers professionally? You have stopped at the right place as Server Basket is here to save your business from unexpected downtime ensuring that your servers and data centers are maintained and managed. Take a look at our server AMC, server management, data center AMC, and data center management services. We come up with proactive and preventative solutions to eradicate the issues before time so that your business or work is not negatively affected by unexpected downtime.

Server Basket strives to provide the best of its services in its own way to establish a perfect working environment for customers. Being handled by the most efficient technicians, users receive unerring support and constant supervision of resources. Our round-the-clock monitoring and regular backups remain intact in all situations and we perform frequent server and data center audits to keep a check on the hardware and software as well. You can entrust us with all your servers and data centers and relish their flawless functioning. Contact us right away to know all about our affordable services.