Firewall Rental

  • Cisco ASA 5520

    • Advanced protection with multi-purpose firewall
    • Real time malware detection and blocking
    • Improved visibility and network efficiency
    • Tested and certified firewall for all businesses
    • On time threat response with automation
    • Best firewall prices with amazing discounts
    • 24/7 installation and technical support
    AED 390.00 AED 410.00

    Cisco ASA 5520

    AED 390.00 AED 410.00 Add to cart
  • Fortigate 50e

    • Ultimate protection with security-driven networking
    • Real-time threat protection with maximum performance
    • Industry leading tested and certified 50E firewalls
    • Next gen firewalls with proactive threat detection
    • Excellent wireless coverage with minimized disruption
    • Easy to install and deploy at any time
    • Supports FortiOS 5 operating system
    AED 5,369.00 AED 5,638.00

    Fortigate 50e

    AED 5,369.00 AED 5,638.00 Add to cart
  • FortiGate 80E

    • Comprehensive network automation
    • Industry’s best threat protection performance
    • Secure SD-WAN with enhanced analytics
    • Next gen firewalls with web filtering & app control
    • Improves overall security posture
    • Multi-interface firewalls with third-party certification
    • Free round-the-clock firewall Installation support
    AED 2,786.00 AED 3,065.00

    FortiGate 80E

    AED 2,786.00 AED 3,065.00 Add to cart
  • juniper srx240

    Juniper SRX240

    • Ultimate security at lowest prices
    • All-around protection from attacks & intrusions
    • Protection from sophisticated malware
    • High performance multi-purpose firewall
    • Continuously monitor the network health
    • Detect & block IoT threats and malware
    • End-to-end protection with flexible connectivity
  • Juniper SRX650

    • Cost-effective networking & security platform
    • Next-gen protection with advanced features
    • Splendid performance & flexible connectivity options
    • Standard protection against malicious threats & malware
    • Secure & manage your workflows without interruptions
    • Free 24/7 installation & technical assistance
    AED 859.00 AED 902.00

    Juniper SRX650

    AED 859.00 AED 902.00 Add to cart


Do you want to work in a secure environment without worrying about the safety of your data? In need of versatile firewalls to protect your network? Then a powerful firewall is all you need. Server Basket has a cluster of impeccable firewalls available for rent that are enriched with multiple features and cutting-edge technologies to provide all-round protection to your server environment.

Our technical team will help you choose the best firewall that can deal with your traffic and throughput. By renting our firewalls, you can save money and improve the safety of your workflows as well. Get in touch with us right away to know all about our rental deals and choose a package that suits your requirements. We assure you the best security, free installation and technical support, and prompt firewall delivery to any city in the UAE.

Broad Range of Firewalls Available

Looking for a reliable platform that can rent you high-quality firewalls? Then Server Basket is the place for you. We have a great collection of hardware, software, and mixed firewalls in the best condition to protect your data and network.

Built with Security Processing Units

With an in-built security processing unit, our firewalls tend to debug and alert the system in the case of intrusion. These SPUs effectively handle all the security needs of the server and its network alongside propagating regular workflows without interruptions.

Web Filtering & IPS, IDS Security

Our next-generation firewalls are embedded with a great number of security features that include website filtering, intrusion detection system (IDS), intrusion prevention system (IPS), etc., that remarkably enhance the administrator capacity to proactively monitor, manage, and control the network.

High Quality Certified Firewalls

The firewalls you see on the SB page are handpicked directly from the manufacturers and have gone through numerous testing procedures in burn-in conditions. Only those firewalls that have cleared testing processes are certified and are stocked up for sale.

Suitable for SMBs, Startups & Large Businesses

Might it be a startup, an SMB, or a large business, our firewalls can undoubtedly protect them all. We assure you that our firewalls can handle a huge range of malicious attacks with ease and continuously monitor for new ones.

Select Based on Number of Users

Overloaded servers are the primary bait for all DDoS attacks. Therefore, user count weighs a lot in the firewall consideration. Discuss your security needs and user count with our experienced team and rent an able firewall to shield your servers.

Affordable & Low Rental Rates

Worried about the soaring prices of firewalls? Rent one instead. Server Basket comes up with the most affordable rental prices on all its firewalls. With a little investment, you can rescue your crucial data from slipping into the wrong hands.

Inspects Incoming Traffic

You never know how, when, and in which form a security breach happens. So, stay a few steps ahead of your rivals using our firewalls that can inspect the incoming traffic and alert the system in case of unexpected intrusions.

Best Security from Cyber Attacks

We understand that data safety is your foremost concern. By installing firewalls, your data is not only protected from third-party intrusion but also shields itself from the harmful cyberattacks that corrupt and destroy it without leaving a trace behind.

Unified Threat Management Features

The firewalls you rent from Server Basket minimizes the server’s cyber risk and controls the possibility of digital attacks. Using the unified security management (USM) features, users can efficiently enforce the security policies all over the network for enhanced protection.

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