Data Center AMC

  • AMD Dedicated Server Hosting

    • High-performance Dedicated Resources
    • Customizable Hardware and Software
    • Increased Reliability and Stability
    • Better Resource utilization and Management
    • Easy Integration with Other Services
    • Best Offers on Long Term Plans
    • Dedicated Team for 24/7 Support
    • Guaranteed 99.99% Uptime
    • Get Unlimited Bandwidth
    AED 319.00 AED 355.00

    AMD Dedicated Server Hosting

    AED 319.00 AED 355.00 Buy Now

data center amc

Does your organization comprise multiple servers? Have you ever thought about what will happen if you face sudden downtime due to server failure, especially when the server is out of warranty? Unexpected downtime may cause huge business losses, including losing valuable customers. By subscribing to our Server AMC, you can liberate your business from unexpected server maintenance and repair costs. You can easily eradicate the IT expenditure and human resources cost as our technical team will carry out the maintenance part.

With Server Basket’s AMC, you get hardware upgradation, 24/7 monitoring, 100% uptime, instant replacement of faulty hardware parts, regular security audit, and much more by paying a yearly fee. We perform regular server maintenance to ensure that you get the best server performance and high durability. With our annual maintenance contract, you get an additional advantage to forethought server maintenance at regular intervals. When you rely on us for server maintenance, our team monitors your server round the clock.

Regular Audit of Security, Power & Network

Our tech team carries out a systematic process to gather data and identify server vulnerabilities. Based on the data, collective measures are taken to ascertain network health according to the requirements. To provide a regular audit of security, power availability, management, and high performance, Server Basket technicians review possible technology risks regularly. Also, complete infrastructure monitoring is done to prevent system failure.

Quick Replacement of Faulty Hardware

Server Basket aims to provide a quick replacement for faulty hardware, especially during the AMC tenure. If the hardware/spares are malfunctioned and stop working, we provide you with an immediate replacement for the spare part to ensure that the server performance doesn’t degrade. We substitute the faulty hardware with the new one in the minimal possible time.

24/7 Monitoring to Maintain Uptime

As we know that, unforeseen hardware/software issues can lead to downtime if there is no proper monitoring of servers to maintain uptime. Thus, on-time maintenance is highly crucial to access desired performance of the server. Server Basket performs streamlined monitoring and maintenance to detect out-of-sight hardware problems, security vulnerabilities, viable threats before they emerge and fix them for smooth server operation.

On-Site DC Hardware Maintenance

Looking for maintenance of hardware at the Data Center? The proper functioning of deployed assets are critical to ensure data security and long high-performance life. We perform effective maintenance strategies to prevent DC from unplanned outages, visual inspections, and hardware maintenance tasks of the equipment round the clock. With our AMC, you get reduced repair costs in addition to downtime costs.

Hardware Upgradation at Reasonable Annual Price

Upgrading hardware configuration is highly crucial to cope up with the extending business demands. Our Data Center AMC comprises on-demand configuration upgrades. With SeverBasket AMC, you get certified OEM components-based configuration updates at reasonable prices. You have to mention the spare part that needs configuration upgrade, including processor, drives, and we will upgrade your server as per the requirements immediately.

Reduce Your IT Expenditures

Employing and maintaining an in-house IT team can cost you twice our AMC services. If you encounter any issue, our efficient team of engineers will be readily available to provide you end-to-end server maintenance support regardless of the type of server. Our tech team will figure out the potential threats and will fix them efficiently.

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