Server Management

  • Server Monitoring Services

    • Monitor application & hardware performance
    • Assured & reliable monitoring
    • Remote security alerting
    • Real-time performance analysis
    • Advanced Reporting & Analytics
    • price match Guarantee
    • Monitor metrics through Stats
    • Best In Class Tech Support
    • Advanced Installations
    • Hardware & performance monitoring
    • Server functionality and health inspection
    AED 2,999.00 AED 3,550.00

    Server Monitoring Services

    AED 2,999.00 AED 3,550.00 Add to cart
  • Server Optimization Service

    • Server Tuning & Configuration
    • Server Speed & Performance analysis
    • Project Improvement Recommendations
    • Security and DDoS Configuration
    • Application deployment and configuration
    • Increasing Page Load Speed
    • Enhanced efficiency & stability
    • Managing performance
    • Installation and configuration
    • Systematic monitoring
    • Server Updates & Optimization
    • Fixing Spam Issues
    AED 4,999.00 AED 5,500.00

    Server Optimization Service

    AED 4,999.00 AED 5,500.00 Add to cart
  • Server Setup Service

    • Installation and configuration
    • Backup and Recovery
    • Increased security & protection
    • Best performance guaranteed
    • Advanced Control panel tools
    • Server setup As Per Request
    AED 4,999.00 AED 5,500.00

    Server Setup Service

    AED 4,999.00 AED 5,500.00 Add to cart

server management

Are you tired of maintaining your servers and managing your workflows parallely? Do you want someone to handle and look after your servers? Server Basket offers outright server management services for users who wish to concentrate solely on their workflows. Bringing forward a great step, our management services entail server administration duties that include but are not limited to remote monitoring, migration, server audit and security, frequent backups, regular upgrades, etc. We help you stay updated with the latest server trends and technology that escalate your company’s growth. We provide proactive server management services to IT companies, data centers, SMBs, large-scale businesses, and many others at the best prices. We diligently make all possible efforts to provide our customers with the finest server performance, uptime, and bandwidth they need. Contact us to find out more about our low-cost server management services and bag the advantage of round-the-clock technical support provided by the leading experts in the industry.

Remote Monitoring Services

If you need a reliable agency that can monitor your server condition regularly, then you have stopped at the right place as Server Basket offers 24/7 monitoring services as a part of server management. Our technicians leverage their decades of experience to remotely monitor your servers by keeping tabs on performance and restore faults for providing maximum efficiency.

Fast & Free Server Migration

Our services are extended to free server migration as well. Server Basket executes migration during the off-hours without disturbing your regular workflows. Our team assesses the data fidelity and transfers the data following all security protocols. We test the servers and ascertain the data for a successful migration. We perform fast server migration, ensuring there are no mistakes made.

Timely Backups & Patch up Upgrades

Don’t let trivial issues cripple your business. Take up our server management services and relish the benefits of punctual backups and upgrades so that you don’t miss out on anything. We perform server upgrades so that you can face ongoing and upcoming business challenges effortlessly. Also, our timely backups immunize your data from any system failures and unprecedented disasters.

Regular Audit of Servers

Keeping a check on the servers regularly to ensure their condition, as well as compliance with applicable regulations and best practices, is very important. Considering this, Server Basket performs a regular server audit where we look over the hardware and software condition, security, file system format, password and authentication restrictions, performance, stability, etc., that are crucial for pristine server functioning.

Lowest Price in the Market

Are you looking for a cost-effective, trusted server management service provider who can undoubtedly handle your servers? Server Basket might certainly appease you. We come up with the most reasonable and affordable management packages that include all-around server management with comprehensive coverage driven by our expertise network and hosting team, compared to any other platform in the entire UAE.

Best Tech Support by Experts

Server Basket will be happy to help you with anything you need. We have gathered a group of technical experts who have hands-on experience dealing with any server models. They will be at your disposal to resolve the issues you face and the doubts you encounter. You can reach out to us at any time and expect an immediate response.

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