Server AMC

  • Cisco Server AMC In UAE

    • AMC for All Cisco Servers
    • Improve Performance of End of Life Servers
    • Configuration Upgrades at Affordable Price
    • Free Onsite Support
    • Excellent Condition with 100% Uptime
    • Fixed Low Annual Rate
    AED 1,500.00 AED 1,578.00

    Cisco Server AMC In UAE

    AED 1,500.00 AED 1,578.00 Add to cart
  • Dell Server AMC in UAE

    • Increase Your Dell Server Life
    • AMC Available for Any Dell Server
    • Fixed One Time Annual Charge
    • Run Your Servers with 100% Uptime
    • Configuration Upgrades at Reasonable Price
    • Reduce Manpower Costs
    AED 1,500.00 AED 1,578.00

    Dell Server AMC in UAE

    AED 1,500.00 AED 1,578.00 Add to cart
  • HP Server AMC in UAE

    • AMC for All HP Servers
    • Improve Performance of End of Life Servers
    • Configuration Upgrades at Affordable Price
    • Free Onsite Support
    • Excellent Condition with 100% Uptime
    • Fixed Low Annual Rate
    AED 1,500.00 AED 1,578.00

    HP Server AMC in UAE

    AED 1,500.00 AED 1,578.00 Add to cart
  • IBM Servers Price List

    • Extensive Range of IBM Servers
    • Budget Friendly Servers for All Businesses
    • Affordable Prices on All Configurations
    • Models Listed from Low to High Price
    • Extensively Tested & Certified Servers
    • Quick Pre Sales Support on Pricing
    AED 900.00 AED 950.00

    IBM Servers Price List

    AED 900.00 AED 950.00 Add to cart

server amc for dell hp ibm cisco fujitsu servers

Server AMC For Dell, HP, IBM, Cisco, Fujitsu Servers At Lowest Annual Rate In UAE | Increase Old Server Performance

Are you worried about unexpected damages that may occur to your server after the warranty period? Put an end to surprise downtimes, maintenance, and repairs with our Server AMC services. Our cost-effective Server AMC service not only boosts the performance of your old server but also frees you from maintenance issues. We have the best team of certified engineers who are well-versed with all server types such as rack, tower, and blade servers from DellHP, Cisco, Fujitsu, and IBM servers. Our team is highly skilled in offering planning, installation, troubleshooting, repairs, and up-gradation of various brand servers. We can manage your entire data center or a single server at the very lowest price. Server Basket offers the best AMC services in UAE for all servers at a very competitive market price.

AMC for All Brand Servers:

We provide complete AMC services for all brand servers. Whether your data center is built of Dell, HP, Fujitsu, IBM, or Cisco servers, we offer high-quality after warranty support to all the servers. Our team is familiar with the technical aspects of all brand servers. We provide complete maintenance and even instant technical solutions so that your server provides 100% uptime.

Boost Your Old Server Performance:

Give a new lease of life to your old server with our affordable Annual maintenance services. Frequent maintenance of the server can help you enhance server performance. The frequent server monitoring can help you identify issues at its initial phase, thus saving you from server downtimes and spending more money.

Replacement with OEM Spare Parts:

We replace your old hardware with only the best server spare part brands. If there is a sudden surge in business demands or any of your hardware fails, we have the required stock available to replace the hardware. Whether you want to enhance the processor performance, replace memory modules, upgrade the storage drives, or replace the cooling fans, we provide an instant replacement at the very lowest price.

Reasonable Price for Configuration Upgrades:

AMC service is the incorporation of various services as per your proposal and preferred choice. Choose configuration upgrades as part of your AMC package and enjoy frequent configuration upgrades at the best prices. The configuration upgrades will help your IT infrastructure to stay tuned with the latest technology, meet the growing business demands, and thus maintain your higher server performance.

End of Life Support:

Is your IT infrastructure built with legacy servers? Why replace the servers when we can upgrade it and maintain it with the latest technologies and hardware configuration? With us, you won’t have to block your investments by buying a new server. Our affordable Server annual maintenance services will enhance and maintain your legacy server performance for years to come.

Maintain Steady Server Health:

Are you experiencing performance drop or technical setbacks in your servers? Then its high time to hire an AMC service provider in the UAE. Server Basket offers the best annual maintenance contract services (AMC) for servers where experts will frequently monitor your server health and upgrade it as per your requirements so that you achieve higher business productivity.

Overcome Manpower and Maintenance Costs:

Do you know hiring manpower for server maintenance will costs you two times more than our yearly AMC service package price? No matter what AMC package you choose, it comes at the very lowest price. You won’t get such streamlined AMC services for servers anywhere in UAE at much lower prices.

Immediate Assistance During Unexpected Downtime:

With us, your business operations would never come to a halt. Our team of engineers is available 24/7 to provide immediate assistance at any time of the day or night. If by chance, your server fails due to any untoward incident, then it’s our responsibility to power it up again within the least possible time.

More Discounts on Long Term Contracts:

Our contracts start with a minimum one-year period. The one-year annual maintenance contract period contract itself comes at a very lower market price. If you opt for 2, 3 or more years of the AMC contract period, then you will be eligible for more discounts. With us, your server would have a longer life, and much of your IT investment cost would be reduced.

Service Available in and around UAE:

Server Basket offers the most affordable Server AMC maintenance services anywhere in UAE at a higher discounted price. No matter in which city you are located in, we would offer you instant services. We provide server annual maintenance contract service in Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Dubai, Fujairah, AI Ain, and other remote places of UAE.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What Does Server AMC Mean?

The task of maintaining the server, its resources, and network software is known as server AMC, in order to guarantee that it can function properly and avoid data loss or downtime. Regular maintenance keeps the system running smoothly and prevents total or partial server failure.

What are the Benefits of an Annual Maintenance Contract?

The availability of a professional to handle any issues is guaranteed by an annual maintenance contract, regardless of the time or circumstance. They also make regular schedules to avoid having a server fail completely or partially on the network if it wasn’t necessary.

What Services Does Server Basket Provide Under the Server AMC Service?

The annual maintenance contract service offered by Server Basket uses top troubleshooting methods to locate and fix server problems. Our comprehensive hardware and software support includes preventive maintenance, installation support, repair of internal components, and upgrades to the hardware and software.

How Frequently Do You Check the Performance of the Server?

Depending on the type of server, frequent maintenance should be planned. While some servers could need frequent maintenance, others might only need a little. No business should be impacted if any servers fail because routine maintenance schedules reduce system and network breakdowns.

Do You Offer Any Discount on a Long-Term AMC?

Yes, we provide special discounts for long-term agreements like yearly maintenance agreements, which frequently include labor and components in addition to priority service for emergencies. In the long term, this can help you save money and hassle.

Is My Data Backed Up Regularly?

We can say with certainty that our server AMC offers special features for our clients like backups, disaster recovery, security, and support. Your data is regularly and securely backed up, so you don’t need to worry.

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