Servers for VMware Hosting Providers

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  • Powerful Servers Built for Vmware Hosting
  • Customized Servers with Certified Hardware
  • Tier 4 Data Center Based Co-location Services
  • Multiple Pre Designed Configurations
  • Earn Quick Returns with Low Investment
  • Reduce IT Costs with Our Managed Services
  • Affordable Rental Plans for Hosting Providers
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Are you a VMware hosting provider and looking for a power-packed server to support your workflows? Do you need a cost-effective way to suffice your growing needs? Server Basket is here to deal with your necessities. We offer proven management services to our customers that help them to cut down their IT expenses and improve their returns to a huge amount. Also, we provide co-location services using fault-tolerant servers built on super sturdy tier 4 data centres to proffer uninterrupted support to your high-end workflows. On top of that, you can find both pre-designed and customizable servers from the popular brands at Server Basket. This cluster of industry-renowned servers is available for renting, buying, or co-locating at Server Basket to provide efficacious VMware hosting for your clients. You can absolutely expect uninterrupted performance and uptime from our servers at all possible times. Constant technical support and full-time monitoring will be provided to all our users by an incredible technical team. Get in touch with us to get hold of our servers and services at the most affordable prices and be the recipient of an infallible replacement warranty and super-secure delivery facilities.

Rail Kits with Sliding Facility

Powerful Servers Built for Vmware Hosting

In search of robust servers for your Vmware hosting? Take a look at the magnificent collection of our ‘A’ quality servers that are specially built for handling your client traffic and supporting your tedious work activities. Our servers are enriched with impeccable memory modules, eminent storage drives, redundant power supplies, mighty ethernet cards, and an ability to support multiple OS. All these together create a perfect alongside a powerful server platform for providing an undeniable VMware hosting environment.

Customized Servers with Certified Hardware

If you want to buy or rent a server with the exact specifications you desire, you can find no better place than the Server Basket. Our services include customizing the server you wish with the same hardware and software you require. Upon customization, they will be subjected to multiple tests in tangled work conditions under the supervision of industrial experts. Those servers that have passed these rigorous tests will be certified and then set out for packaging.

Tier 4 Data Center Based Co-location Services

Do you want to co-locate your servers to a sturdy platform that can offer uninterrupted services to your VMware hosting customers? Every server you choose to co-locate at Server Basket is built on the tier 4 data centres and shows high tolerance towards any work condition. We build the server with the best hardware and software to offer better power, security, performance, and uptime to your resources at all times. Our co-location services are highly authentic and completely trustworthy.

Multiple Pre Designed Configurations

In need of a powerful server immediately? Take a look at our pre-designed server configurations that are engineered with the most compelling in-demand hardware components of all capacities and part numbers, ready for deployment. We are the proud sellers of renowned servers of multiple configurations you could ever find in the entire UAE. Our collection of pre-configured server versions can undoubtedly resist all tough work environments to deliver the high performance and efficiency you anticipate.

Earn Quick Returns with Low Investment

Are you planning to improve your VMware hosting business for better returns? Switch to Server Basket as we have excellent servers that offer better performance, speed, and productivity to your business with minimal downtime. Our enterprise-level servers are highly affordable, effective and are capable of effortlessly boosting up your workflows significantly in less amount of time. Several users, including VMware hosting providers, can certainly earn better returns with low investments by renting or buying our eminent servers.

Reduce IT Costs with Our Managed Services

Want to minimize your IT expenditure? Tie up with Server Basket to relish the benefits of managed services. Our technical experts will take care of all your server resources, starting from setup or provisioning to performing security audits inclusive of everyday management tasks, updating your server and OS whenever needed, securing the servers, regular data backups, monitoring server resources, and many others. This can drastically reduce your IT costs and avail you of burden-less server management.

Affordable Rental Plans for Hosting Providers

If you are looking for a reliable platform that can offer you cost-effective server rental plans for successfully providing VMware hosting to your clients, then you should definitely take a look at our affordable rental plans. Users can scale up the configuration of these servers you rent whenever their work demands. We come up with the most reasonable rental plans on all our high-end servers that allow users to work productively to deliver efficient outcomes.

Assured Hardware Replacement Warranty

Do you want a server that guarantees flawless functioning for more extended time periods? Server Basket is the best choice for you as we avail of strict replacement warranty schemes on each of our servers. In case you face any issues with the server functionality in the given warranty period, we will provide you with an immediate replacement of the faulty hardware with genuine spare parts as soon as we can so that your workflow is not disturbed.

Fast Delivery with Secure Multilevel Packing

Are you tired of late server deliveries? Well, that won’t happen with Server Basket as we offer prompt delivery of the servers you buy in the least possible time, letting you work on VMware hosting without delays. We pack the server in multiple protective layers and seal this package before its dispatch. Our reliable delivery agents will make sure that the server is reached at its correct address in its perfect shape in less than 3 working days.

Pro-Active Team for 24/7 Remote Support

We strive to provide you with a better server user experience. Server Basket has a group of technical experts who will be on their toes to help you with any issues or concerns you might have. Each of our technical experts is trained to handle the servers of any configuration and generation. Our highly attentive team will be available 24/7 to cater to your requirements. You can contact us through call, WhatsApp, LiveChat, or email for an immediate response.

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7 Reviews For This Product

  1. 07

    by Maamuna

    Switching to SB is the best decision as it improves the business performance with minimal supervision. The other benefits are proactive technical support, fast delivery, and replacement warranty.

  2. 07

    by Aalif

    The major benefit of using this hosting server is that the optimum resources utilization for management and server maintenance. It lets us monitor the server and update it.

  3. 07

    by Maaheed

    The experiences with previous hosting services were pathetic. After migrating to the Server Basket, I am very peaceful and running the business effectively with data security.

  4. 07

    by Ebrahim

    I have received the desired business performance without compromising on speeds and efficiency based on this hosting server. The embedded hardware components are genuine and certified.

  5. 07

    by Eahsan

    I had bought the customized hosting server from SB and delivered high-end business performance. It is an ideal choice for my datacenter workloads.

  6. 07

    by Waaqif

    This hosting runs my business workflows continuously without downtime issues or interruptions. It delivers impeccable performance while supporting the storage and memory applications

  7. 07

    by Waajid

    I may not have found this low price package for hosting other than Server Basket. I really impressed with the SB’s managed hosting services and makes my business smoother.

What makes VMware the best?

VMware hosting provides advanced features, such as unlimited VMs, free management, 100% server uptime, tier-4 DC infrastructure, and security. Our managed VMware servers offer extensive memory and storage options and deliver high scalability services that match your business requirements.

What is included in the VMware security?

VMware helps to achieve smarter, simpler, and faster security. With VMware security, you can protect the distributed assets with security controls across multi-cloud environments. It reduces the effort and number of tools and agents for connecting the network.

What are the main benefits of virtualization?

Virtualization is beneficial for users to run various applications and operating systems on a single server. The advantages of virtualization included reduced IT expenses, improved productivity and efficiency, 100% uptime, and improved agility. You will gain complete control over hosting.

Does VMware hosting offer better security than other hosting solutions?

As VMware is a private cloud, it offers higher security than the other hosting providers. The advanced IPS and WAF security services are integrated to ensure data security. It provides no data malfunctioning, no illegal hacking, and additional security services.

How long does it take to provide the access for me?

You can access hosting accounts easily within a couple of moments and gain the benefits of VMware hosting. It helps manage business applications from a single interface and enables the security of your business-critical data while minimizing IT risks.

Can I choose my own operating system?

Yes, you can run a VMware hosting server with the operating system of your choice. Our VMware services can run on different operating systems like Windows Server 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, Linux OS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, etc.

What are the available payment methods?

We use EBS or E-billing solutions as a payment gateway to perform all online purchases securely without disclosing customers’ data to external users. All payment options of banks, cash cards, and other online transactions bring together for secure payments.

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