Unmetered VPS Hosting

AED 89.00 AED 98.79 (-10%)

  • Unlimited Bandwidth Usage
  • High-performance Virtual Servers
  • Flexible Resource Allocation
  • Full Root Access & Control
  • Multiple Operating System Support
  • Robust Security Measures
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Affordable Pricing plans
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Have you seen the metrics of your website and worried about its bounce rates? Did you learn that the reason for an increase in bounce rate is slow website speed? Why not increase the speed by switching to an unmetered VPS hosting plan? ServerBasket offers different hosting plans at reasonable prices and consistent support services. There is no restriction on bandwidth and data transfers and no additional fee has to be paid for using extra.  You have access to cPanel control and regular data backups to avoid data loss or recovery after a disaster sooner and use powerful hardware to get excellent performance even at peak hours. It is the best for high-traffic apps or hosting larger files. 

Unmetered VPS Hosting Plans (CentOS):

PlanCPUMemorySSDOS3 Years Plan
VPS-14 Core8GB RAM200GBCentOS
  • AED. 109/ Month
VPS-26 Core16GB RAM300GBCentOS
  • AED. 139/ Month
VPS-38 Core 32GB RAM500GBCentOS
  • AED. 169/ Month
VPS-48 Core 48GB RAM650GBCentOS
  • AED. 209/ Month

Unmetered VPS Hosting Plans (Windows):

PlanCPUMemorySSDOS3 Years Plan
VPS-14 Core8GB RAM200GBWindows
  • AED. 109/ Month
VPS-26 Core16GB RAM300GBWindows
  • AED. 139/ Month
VPS-38 Core 32GB RAM500GBWindows
  • AED. 169/ Month
VPS-48 Core 48GB RAM650GBWindows
  • AED. 209/ Month

Flexible and Scalable Resources to Meet Your Needs

There is no need for you to experience manual migration to another plan when the business is growing. With unmetered VPS hosting, it is easy to upgrade the RAM, CPU, and storage capacity. You can scale up and down the resources based on business needs if your business has fluctuating traffic volumes.  

Unlimited Bandwidth for High-traffic Websites

The unlimited bandwidth offered by our VPS hosting allows limitless traffic to hit the website. The amount of data transferred from or to the website is not counted and you are free to transfer as much data as you want without being charged with additional cost. Our unlimited bandwidth plans are ideal for high-traffic websites. 

Full Root Access for Complete Server Control

Full root access is offered to the website administrators to have complete control over the server. You can apply security patches and updates anytime. You can also configure the server for your requirements. It is easy to reinstall the OS and reboot the server through the control panel. 

Easy-to-use Control Panel for Managing Your VPS

Through the easy-to-use and intuitive control panel, you can access and manage every aspect of the website with ease. You can also handle databases, security, files, and email accounts via this control panel. This also gives you ample flexibility to control all the hosting accounts. 

Hosted In Tier-4 Data Center

These servers are hosted in our tier-4 data centers offering high security and advanced infrastructure with a high-speed network. With the growing business, the resources can also be upgraded with ease. The speed of the website would be excellent and this also keeps the server up always and makes your website available to users. 

Affordable Pricing with No Hidden Fees

The pricing of unmetered hosting plans is affordable for all companies. The customers are not charged extra when the amount of bandwidth consumed is higher in a month. Just by paying a small fee for the resources, they get unlimited bandwidth and access to enough resources to run the site uninterruptedly. 

Round-the-clock Technical Support

We offer our customers technical support that is available 24/7 through live chat, email, and calls. Whether you want to upgrade the hosting plans or resolve any issues you encounter with the server, you can get in touch with us. Our dedicated team will resolve the issues in no time. 

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What is unmetered VPS hosting?

Unmetered VPS hosting is a hosting service where a fixed quota of bandwidth limit does not restrict the website owner. Customers can transfer as much data as they want without paying additional fees.

How is unmetered VPS hosting different from metered VPS hosting?

Bandwidth usage is not monitored in unmetered VPS hosting, whereas in metered VPS hosting, users' bandwidth usage is monitored and is charged based on usage. The website stops working after this limit exceeds. 

What kind of uptime will I get for this VPS?

99% of uptime is guaranteed for unmetered VPS hosting. The website or app will always be up and available for customers. You do not see any dip in the traffic or sales maintaining high uptime. 

Can I get free SSL certificates with this hosting plan?

Yes, a free SSL certificate is offered with the hosting plan. With this baseline encryption, your data and customer data remain encrypted and safe. Having this increases visitor trust, website security and search engine traffic. 

Do you offer migration assistance for unmetered VPS hosting?

Yes, we offer migration assistance for unmetered VPS hosting. Our experts will carefully handle every step of the migration process and ensure to transfer of mission-critical websites and databases at affordable rates and with real-time data changes.

How do I cancel my unmetered VPS hosting account?

You can cancel the unmetered VPS hosting plan subscription with us by calling our billing or sales department, or you can have a live chat with us to submit the details like the reason for termination, account username, and IP address of the server.

What kind of technical support is provided by ServerBasket?

We offer round-the-clock technical support to our customers through live chat, email, or calls to resolve the hosting issues in no time and return the website live. Irrespective of the issue’s complexity, our team gives the best resolution. 

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