Cheap VPS cPanel Hosting

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  • Low Cost VPS Plans
  • Powerful cPanel Control Panel
  • Flexible Customization Options
  • Scalable Resources On-demand
  • High Reliability and Uptime
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Enhanced Website Security
  • Easy Website Migration
  • Wide Range of Add-ons
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The websites or applications you host on the servers will need the best hosting. However, if you have budget constraints, why not go for cheap VPS cPanel hosting? It offers excellent memory space and bandwidth to optimize your website without dropping in its performance and keeps it up-to-date. You can choose this hosting to run from low-traffic websites to intensive apps. ServerBasket offers you the best VPS cPanel plans at the Lowest prices.

Cheap VPS cPanel Hosting Plans and Pricing (CentOS):

PlanCPUMemorySSDOperating System3 Years Plan
VPS14 Cores8GB RAM200GBCentOS
  • AED. 89/ Month
VPS26 Cores16GB RAM300GBCentOS
  • AED. 119/ Month
VPS38 Cores 32GB RAM500GBCentOS
  • AED. 149/ Month
VPS48 Cores 48GB RAM650GBCentOS
  • AED. 199/ Month

Cheap VPS cPanel Hosting Plans and Pricing (Windows):

PlanCPUMemorySSDOperating System3 Years Plan
VPS14 Cores8GB RAM200GBWindows
  • AED. 109/ Month
VPS26 Cores16GB RAM300GBWindows
  • AED. 139/ Month
VPS38 Cores 32GB RAM500GBWindows
  • AED. 169/ Month
VPS48 Cores 48GB RAM650GBWindows
  • AED. 209/ Month

Affordable Pricing for VPS Hosting

The pricing of VPS hosting plans at ServerBasket is cost-effective. The VPS servers are hosted in the best data centers that are equipped with secured hardware, the best cooling options, and excellent network connectivity to let customers use the applications. They give you access to great features and assure good site speed and high uptime. 

Utilizes cPanel for Easy Management

This cheap VPS cPanel hosting gives you access to the cPanel interface to manage the website yourself without having to hire a dedicated developer to maintain it. You can do software installation, subdomain creation, email creation, user management, security and password setup, and backup data even with minimal technical knowledge. 

Hosting for Multiple Websites

You can host multiple websites on the same dedicated server. You do not have to buy another hosting account for every domain. You can add the domain and split the account resources amongst these websites. All the websites you host can be managed through one cPanel with ease. 

Regular Backups and Data Protection

cPanel hosting allows you to set up regular backups of the data on the website with the backup option available on the cPanel to avoid data loss. You have alternatives to choose from full and partial backups to backup files, databases, users, backup email configurations for a domain, and account-level filters you have set for the domain. 

Root Access Available for Customization

Selecting this cost-effective VPS cPanel hosting will give root access for the website owners to make customizations. We offer you root access which is seldom offered by others. With this, you can choose the OS, tweak the security settings, configure the server of your choice, and install many custom apps. 

24/7 Technical Support

Our team is available around the clock to answer your technical queries. They also monitor the virtual server to detect the glitches in advance and fix them before it causes problems to your website. We take requests and resolve them in no time and put your website back to work. 

Flexible storage

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What is VPS cPanel hosting?

A cPanel is included as part of your VPS hosting plan with cPanel hosting, a particular form of hosting. It has a basic GUI dashboard that provides all the functions or other features you can access, making it straightforward to use.

Can I access my cPanel VPS remotely?

Yes, with our cPanel VPS hosting service, you can access or control your server from a distance or remotely. It gives you all the resources to customize your system and handle any other task from anywhere.

What are the benefits of choosing SB for VPS cPanel hosting?

All of Server Basket’s VPS hosting plans come with cPanel. Our hosting options include solid-state drive storage, easy scaling, a selection of the best Linux distribution, advanced DDoS protection, rapid server setup, and, most importantly, a reasonable price for anyone to choose from.

Can I upgrade the resources for my VPS cPanel plan?

Yes, you may always upgrade the resources in your VPS hosting cPanel package. For your business to receive quick, safe, and dependable hosting, it’s crucial to ensure that you order the best VPS with cPanel from us.

Can I have full control over the server?

You have total control over your server when you use our VPS cPanel hosting service. You receive ownership of the property and have the right to manage it and make any changes you see fit, including moving or adding to it.

Where are your data centers located?

Server Basket, a well-known company, offers the best hosting services. Our data centers with operations in India and UAE, are constantly watched and adhere to strict security guidelines. With multiple advantages, we offer comprehensive hosting services.

What kind of technical support can I expect from you?

Our technical support team works round-the-clock via chat or phone for first-rate assistance. As a result, you won’t need to worry about hosting or technical issues and can instead concentrate entirely on expanding your business.

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