WordPress® Cloud Hosting

  • Customized Hosting Services

    • Pricing is Based on Customized Hosting Plan
    • Application Based Customized Solutions
    • Enterprise Class Tier 4 Data Centers
    • Select Hardware as Per Budget & Needs
    • Free Migration with No Data Loss
    • No Limitations on Bandwidth Usage
    AED 100.00 AED 125.00

    Customized Hosting Services

    AED 100.00 AED 125.00 Buy Now
  • WordPress Reseller Hosting

    • Secure Wordpress Reseller Hosting
    • One Click Wordpress Installation
    • Host Unlimited Wordpress Websites
    • Easy Account Management
    • Tier4 DC Support for all Reseller Servers
    • Free Assistance for Wordpress Migration
    • Affordable Reseller Hosting Plans
    • 24/7 Expert Wordpress Support
    AED 160.00 AED 168.00

    WordPress Reseller Hosting

    AED 160.00 AED 168.00 Buy Now

Fast Secure and Scalable WordPress cloud hosting

Do you need reliable and fast WordPress hosting at affordable prices? You can find the best WordPress Hosting service at Server Basket to host personal websites, portals, blogs, etc. We provide different hosting service plans for small, medium, and large businesses. You can select a suitable one for your WordPress website to meet the business needs. This hosting plan is ideal for efficiently running WordPress websites with heavy users’ traffic, increased responses, and robust web page loading. Under the website hosting plan, an automatic backup service helps to recover your data on a monthly or weekly basis. You don’t have to spend extra prices for using higher bandwidth to upload or download files and data, access the website, etc. The service ensures 100% uptime for the proper functioning of websites without any hassles. We offer the benefits of free migration support and technical support.

Best for Small or Personal websites

The cloud hosting plan suits to host your personal or small WordPress websites effectively using your account. It gives assurance of running your website 24/7 without any interruptions. We maintain automatic upgrading of websites regularly for providing a high level of experience to your clients and keep securing the websites to focus on business goals.

Built to Run WordPress Websites

The reliable and affordable cloud hosting service ensures to empower your online business assets by running high-traffic websites. As the hosting plans are established based on the latest processors, storage, and memory specifications, you can maintain the websites with sophisticated applications. It ensures the fastest webpage loading, higher responsive speeds, and huge user traffic.

Choose Suitable Hosting Plan

Server Basket provides a wide range of hosting plans that suit businesses ranging from basic to large enterprises. You can choose a specific hosting plan according to your business requirements and budget constraints for running WordPress websites efficiently. We provide all available plans at cheap costs along with the inclusive of offers.

Automatic Weekly and Monthly Backups

The automated backups provide for your websites using cloud hosting. The pre-installed technique known as ‘code guard’ is used for securing your data and recovering data if any damages occur. We perform monthly and weekly backups for data storage and restoring the information. You can restore your website data quickly with a backup option.

Free WordPress Migration Support

Suppose you want to migrate your website, portal, or blog. In that case, Server Basket is the right choice for successful migration support not involving any data loss without taking any charges under this hosting plan. The migration tasks are performed with the help of our technical experts who don’t cause inconvenience to the website visitors.

No Additional Charges for Bandwidth

We neither charge extra costs nor any restrictions on bandwidth usage. You can use extensive bandwidth as much as you need to enhance the speed of accessing and loading websites, uploading and downloading data, files, videos, etc. We will charge based on the hosting plan prices, not depending on the site’s traffic.

Guaranteed 100% Uptime

The WordPress sites will always be available using our hosting plan, ensuring 100% uptime for the WordPress website and platform. The most advanced network infrastructure and our state-of-the-art data centers deliver the best Uptime and maintenance. You don’t need to worry about your website’s network latency or downtime with our WordPress hosting.

24/7 Live WordPress Support

The customers can contact our technical support team anytime and anywhere to resolve the issues or queries relevant to the WordPress hosting plan. The services include managing the website, performance, migration, downtime, data backup, upgrading WordPress, server optimization, and other relevant technical things. It is available free of cost at Server Basket.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What is WordPress Cloud Hosting?

WordPress cloud hosting is exclusively for websites built using WordPress and made available on the cloud for website users. It is similar to the other hostings but is confined only to WordPress websites. It assures automatic updates, quick loading speeds, high uptime, excellent bandwidth, and root access.

Why Should I Choose WordPress Cloud Hosting?

If you are building a blog or website on WordPress, it is good to choose WordPress cloud hosting that can handle heavy traffic, offer quick page loading time, and monthly or weekly backup support. It ensures that the website is always up. It offers migration support without losing the data.

Can I Upgrade this Hosting Plan as Per My Business Requirement in the Future?

Yes, you can upgrade the hosting plan based on the traffic or evolving business. Upgrading this would need server migration. We upgrade to the new hosting plans loaded with a lot many benefits in a hassle-free way, and without data loss. It can also be done by using through ‘manage’ options in your WordPress account.

Is there a Limit on Bandwidth in Your WordPress Cloud Hosting Plans?

All the WordPress cloud hosting plans offered by us offer unlimited bandwidth and maximum speed capabilities. Despite heavy traffic, the page still loads quickly without ruining the customer experience.

Is this Hosting Suitable for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses?

We have hosting plans suitable for small, medium to large-sized companies. If you want to increase the storage space and want extra benefits, you can upgrade to other plans at any time. We have plans suitable for small and medium-sized businesses which are bang for their buck.

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