• FortiGate 30E

    • High-end network security with FortiGate 30E
    • Next generation firewall for multi-threat protection
    • Supports all-inclusive FortiOS operating systems
    • Easy installation with superior coverage
    • Maximum reliability with wireless extensions
    • High quality Tested and Certified Firewalls
    • 24/7 Expert Support Available
    AED 2,137.76 AED 2,244.65

    FortiGate 30E

    AED 2,137.76 AED 2,244.65 Add to cart
  • Fortigate 50e

    • Ultimate protection with security-driven networking
    • Real-time threat protection with maximum performance
    • Industry leading tested and certified 50E firewalls
    • Next gen firewalls with proactive threat detection
    • Excellent wireless coverage with minimized disruption
    • Easy to install and deploy at any time
    • Supports FortiOS 5 operating system
    AED 5,369.00 AED 5,638.00

    Fortigate 50e

    AED 5,369.00 AED 5,638.00 Add to cart


Does your business-critical data be secured to get rid of the data breaches? Purchase or rent a firewall from Server Basket at the lowest prices to get higher threat protection by detecting and blocking the attacks automatically. We offer different types of security firewalls from popular brands, including Sophos, FortiGate, Cisco, etc. The secured firewalls that embed with the website or applications should ensure high-end Performance with enhanced security. They come with deep inspection and sandboxing features to facilitate additional Protection for your applications. You can gain the advantages of a money-back assured guarantee and technical assistance from experts.


Wide Range Of Security Firewalls

Server Basket offers various security firewalls with different leading brands like Cisco, FortiGate, Juniper, Sophos, etc. You can choose a proper firewall of a specific brand to secure your network against threats or malware attacks. We provide quality and certified firewall systems that undergo multiple security levels by our expert engineers to ensure that they are 100% genuine products. Firewalls are available at affordable prices and pick the suitable one based on your budget constraints.

Cost-effective rentals on next-gen Firewalls

Looking for the rental option to get the benefits of security firewall systems? Server Basket is providing next-gen secured firewalls on rental at the lowest prices. You need to pay for how many days you’re using the firewall and access the comprehensive suite of security services. You can avail of discounted rental services and establish a secured network within a low budget. Our next-gen firewall services ensure security while restricting unauthorized access from third-party users.

Enhanced Performance with improved security
Wide Range Of Security Firewalls

Enhanced Performance with improved security

Our security firewalls perfectly fit any business workflows, including small, medium, or large enterprises. Using these firewalls will protect your business network from security threats and achieve improved Performance when running data operations. They have included in-built performance features, such as email security, web gateway, endpoint protection, content filtering, URL filtering, advanced malware protection, deep inspection, visibility, intrusion detection, network traffic analysis, etc. These best-in-class features allow you to keep your business protected from advanced attacks.

Identity and application-based inspection

The certified firewall SSL inspection enables to gain more control and speed up the networks’ web traffic. They provide better security against SSL sniffing and other unexpected threats or attacks. The identity and deep inspection of firewalls assure the safety of HTTP attacks and other related attacks due to the SSL-encrypted protocol, including POP3S, IMAPS, SMTPS, and FTPS. It’s essential to protect your data assets from unexpected events by inspecting the encrypted traffic to escape detection while sending malware.

Advanced Threat & hacking Protection

Advanced filtering and hacking threats can help your business or organization to be safe through the blocking of malicious or high-risk activities. The firewalls prevent malware downloads while being hacked into your website or the filtering of content and avoid the websites hosting viruses and other malicious threats. It sends an alert in case of detecting the virus to protect your infrastructure or network against advanced DDoS and ransomware attacks that lead to the smooth running of workflows.

Additional data security with sandboxing

Do you want to provide additional security for your business data? You can purchase firewall systems and get access to a higher level of protection against ransomware, targeted attacks, DoS attacks, and polymorphic malware. With the inclusion of these firewalls, your network will be protected with predominant security. They include a sandboxing feature that shows effective defending with zero threats by identifying the suspicious files. It is also useful for organizations to deal with security threats.

30-day Money Back Guarantee

Suppose you’re not satisfied with our firewalls or didn’t get expected security support from the firewalls provided by Server Basket. In that case, you can give the products back and get the money during the warranty period of 30-day. You can claim the money-back option when you’re facing issues related to firewall security and take the total amount back within the mentioned warranty period. We always strive to provide excellent and advanced security support to combat virus attacks.

24/7 customer support by firewall experts

Don’t worry about issues raised with the firewall management as our technical support team is always available round-the-clock. We resolve problems quickly within a couple of moments once you contact us via email, phone, or email. Our expert team will answer your queries or questions ranging from basic to advanced problems. We also offer technical services like free firewall installation and assistance in establishing a secure network to meet your business goals without any disasters.


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