Dell EMC PowerVault ME4024 Storage Array

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  • Setup and Manage Easily
  • For SAN and DAS Workflows
  • Quick and Powerful Processors
  • Protect Data with PowerVault Manager
  • Faster and Easier Data Recovery
  • Guaranteed Warranty
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Are you looking for budget-friendly SAN and DAS environments? If you need a storage array with an easy setup option, count on the Dell EMC PowerVault me4024 storage array with top-notch performance capabilities. Dell EMC PowerVault me4024 arrays are a perfect fit for small enterprises with tight budgets. Businesses get superior performance in addition to high storage capabilities by investing in me4024 storage arrays. These flash-based systems offer reliable performance for varying business needs. The Dell me4024 storage array comes with flexible connectivity options. Grab multiple pre-eminent features such as SAN & DAS workloads, IOP’s, immense bandwidth, in addition to low latency with the me4024 PowerVault. Me4024 is perfect for accessing raw power with absolute simplicity and flash performance. The Dell EMC PowerVault me4024 Storage Array is ideal for storage consolidation, speeding up applications, and enhanced business continuity.

accelerates hard drives performance

Easy to Setup and Manage

PowerVault me4024 storage array is loaded with features to offer execution of simplified tasks. These features are system installation, easy configuration, and enhanced serviceability to enable quick management of resources. The best part is easy setup as you can quickly install it within 15 minutes of configuration. In addition, it offers inherent web-based management with disrupting free expansion options.

Suitable for SAN and DAS Workflows

If you are looking for powerful storage solutions that are purpose-built for SAN as well as DAS virtualized workloads, count on PowerVault me4024. Connect the storage array with your Dell PowerEdge Server and address various server capacity issues. The presence of a storage array offers more flexibility and scalability to execute business workflows with high-speed data access.

Quick and Powerful Broadwell Processors

PowerVault me4024 storage array proffers simple yet fast performance with robust dual-core Broadwell processors. You get multiple active controllers, an increased number of drives, 320K IOPs performance in addition to expanded bandwidth. Additionally, the companionship of hot-swap controllers with iSCSi and advanced SAS protocols. Thus, it is an ideal choice for dual-core performance and better power efficiency at nominal costs.

Manage and Protect Data with PowerVault Manager

Do you need the foremost protection for your dell server? The Dell PowerVault me4024 storage array keeps valuable organizational information safe through advanced security features such as remote relocation, snapshots, VDC or virtual disk copy, and SED’s self-encrypting drives. In addition, me4024 storage arrays are loaded with PowerVault manager, offer systematic alerts, troubleshooting, and issue-resolving capabilities.

Centralized Plans for Faster and Easier Data Recovery

PowerVault storage arrays offer ultra-level data protection by distributing entire data dynamically across drive pools. If the drive fails, ADAPT software will figure out the crucial data and carry out data rebalance to ensure faster and easier data recovery. It is quick compared to RAID environments. Get faster drive rebuild capacity with me4022 storage arrays.

Guaranteed Warranty and Free On-Site Services

Are you looking for optimal storage solutions with a guaranteed warranty? When you choose Server Basket to purchase Dell EMC PowerVault me4024 Storage Array, you unlock free on-site services. We offer quality storage arrays that are certified after passing through rigorous testing parameters. With the guaranteed warranty, you get quick to replace and repair in case of issues.

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Product Type

SAN/DAS Storage

Form Factor



Dell EMC PowerVault ME4024




Dual Core Processor


8GB Per Controller

Maximum Storage Capacity

3 Peta Bytes

Max Drive Count


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9 Reviews For This Product

  1. 09

    by Nusair Burhan

    ServerBasket is the best platform to get computer or server accessories. I received my Dell EMC PowerVault me4024 Storage Array today that I had ordered a few days back. It is precisely as the platform promised.

  2. 09

    by Alem Zeyad

    Thank you so much, ServerBasket and the entire team, for helping me out with my storage concerns. My friend suggested buying Dell EMC PowerVault me4024 Storage Array, and ServerBasket fulfilled my need.

  3. 09

    by Sharad Bashar

    Equipped with quick and powerful processors, the Dell EMC PowerVault me4024 storage array is extremely easy to set up and manage. There is no rocket science in its installment, and you can easily handle the work.

  4. 09

    by Ishaq Ahmad

    The thing that I am most worried about purchasing a computer item from an online platform is security. But, the Dell EMC PowerVault me4024 storage array provides data protection with the help of PowerVault Manager.

  5. 09

    by Faraz Karim

    There is no scope for any technical error with ServerBasket’s Dell EMC PowerVault me4024 storage array. However, in such circumstances, the array is quick to recover data and protect it against any malware.

  6. 09

    by Chakir Taleb

    Buying the Dell EMC PowerVault me4024 storage array from ServerBasket is the best and viable option as you get a guaranteed warranty which allows you to get reimbursed for any error or fault in the product.

  7. 09

    by paiman Gazali

    The storage array comes with an easy setup option that delivers the best or rather a top-notch performance. I also got it at a fantastic discount, thanks to ServerBasket.

  8. 09

    by Shahnawaz

    I bought the Dell EMC PowerVault me4024 storage array and enjoyed two-level security, one from the secure platform, i.e., ServerBasket, and the security feature of the storage array.

  9. 09

    by Marwan Khalaf

    I was looking for a pocket-friendly SAN environment, and ServerBasket got me just what I wanted. No other platform offers such satisfying discounts. The platform certainly deserves praise.

How can I configure Dell EMC PowerVault ME4024 Storage Array?

The EMC PowerVault ME4024 offers two ways for you to configure and provision your system. It can be guided or manual setup and provisioning. The guided setup will quickly set up your system and provide a limited yet optimal storage configuration. The manual setup will provide flexibility but also add complexity to select settings.

How many drives can be installed in PowerVault ME4024?

The PowerVault ME4 Series is designed to meet the needs of storage capacity for end-users. We have three models: ME4012, ME4024, and ME4048. The ME4024 supports twenty-four 2.5 drive bays with a 2U chassis to fit either HDDs or SDDs. It comes with a single or dual controller and can scale up to 3PB.

What RAID levels does PowerVault ME4024 support?

RAID is used to find out faults by sorting redundant data if the disc group fails. Up to three primary tiers, it supports RAID 0,1,5, 6, 10, or distributed RAID; any combination of RAID tiers can be used in a single array. ADAPT is a special RAID controller that gives unique benefits.

Does PowerVault ME4024 provide data protection?

If we mention data protection in PowerVault ME4024, the system is using ADAPT, a RAID-based data protection level. It maximizes the flexibility and expansion of the storage pool, builds extra capacity, and allows faster rebuilds. The discs in the ADAPT group are the same by type and tire but have different storage capacities.

How can I recover data in PowerVault ME4024?

Dell never makes any compromises when it comes to quality. In the event of accidental data deletion, the system offers all the software that is needed to help in recovering and restoring data to the data center system. The recovery software used by PowerVault ME4024 includes snapshots, deduplication, disc backup, replication, and NAS.

Will I get any warranty for PowerVault ME4024?

The affordable Dell PowerVault ME4024 is designed to run a variety of workloads and applications for both small and large businesses. Dell EMC offers 3 years of warranty on products that are well worth the money, especially suitable for medium and high-end users. The Dell EMC warranty terms equally apply to all the components.

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