HP DL380p Gen8 RAID Controller Battery

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  • HP DL380p Gen8 RAID Controller Battery
  • Device Type: RAID Controller Battery
  • Capacity: 1330mAH or 7.1Wh
  • Volts: 5.4Vdc
  • Suitable Servers: HP PROLIANT DL380P G8, DL160 G8, DL360P G8, DL385P G8, DL580 G8, DL380Z G8, ML350P G8
  • 90 Days Warranty
  • 10 Days Easy Return Back
  • Buyback Option Available
  • Free Worldwide Shipping
  • Upto 1 Year Replacement Warranty
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Are you looking for a RAID battery for your HP ProLiant DL380P Generation8 server?
The HP DL380P G8 RAID battery is a Nickel Metal Hydride battery with a 1330 mAH / 7.1W capacity. The best advantage of this RAID controller battery lies in its cycle life, as it has the potential to be recharged hundreds of times. The smart storage battery with part number 727258-B21 plugs into the HP ProLiant family servers DL380Z G8, DL160 G8, DL580 G8, DL360P G8, DL385P G8, ML350P G8, DL380P G8 and more servers with a 145mm cable. The battery is a centralized backup source that protects data in the volatile cache SRAM from crashing during a power outage supplying the card with a 5.4VDC with an input supply of 7.2V. ServerBasket offers a warranty of 90 days on the battery, easy returns, 24/7 available assistance, and express shipping services.

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Device Type

RAID Controller Battery

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Suitable Servers

DL380P G8, DL160 G8, DL360P G8, DL385P G8, DL580 G8, DL380Z G8

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What is the Capacity of HP DL380p Gen8 RAID Controller Battery?

This HP battery was rigorously tested in compliance with stringent CE safety regulations and has a capacity of 1330 mAh at 5.4 V. It also incorporates cutting-edge technical components. High-quality cells used in its construction avoid the memory effect, avoid overcharging, and stop short-circuiting.

How Do I Know If My RAID Controller Battery Needs to be Replaced?

RAID controller batteries need to be changed on a regular basis, as is common knowledge. You may need to replace it when it is thought to be defective or has a warning icon shown. Even when they are not in use, they gradually begin to function worse.

Can I Replace the RAID Controller Battery Myself?

No, when the battery is low or non-existent, most RAID controllers stop saving data in cache. If you replace the battery yourself in this situation, data loss may occur. Hiring a skilled expert to replace the battery is an excellent idea.

What is the Warranty Period You Offer for the HP DL380p RAID Controller Battery?

The product is covered by a ServerBasket warranty for the specified 90 days. If the customer finds a flaw during this time, we will, at our option, fix or replace the product at no additional cost to the customer.

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