Intel Xeon E5-2673 v4 @ 2.30GHz Processor

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  • Enhance your Server Performance
  • Huge Core Count
  • Ideal for Virtualization
  • Compatible for Dell and HP Servers
  • Less Power Consumption
  • Hyper-Threading & Turbo Boost Technologies Enabled
  • 10 Days Easy Return Back
  • Buyback Option Available
  • Free Worldwide Shipping
  • Upto 1 Year Replacement Warranty
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Do you plan on upgrading your server efficiency? Are you thirsty for high processing speeds? Stop and take a look at the Intel Xeon processor of the v4 family that can support up to 20 cores and can easily deliver exceptional working speeds. The E5-2673 is the best processor to perform complex computations and optimal virtualization tasks. The Xeon processor comes with the most relevant advanced technologies for intensifying the entire performance of the server and is well suited for scalability, flexibility, and agility. Users can make the best use of excellent memory options to run their memory loaded applications. The v4 processor ideally lowers the power consumption and improves the life of the processor. Along with an ability to support a huge number of cores and multi-threaded applications, the Intel Xeon processor provides greater security to all the user data and applications. Contact us today to buy the Intel E5-2673 v4 processor at the finest prices in the market and reap the benefits of free delivery across the UAE, remote technical assistance, and guaranteed warranty schemes.

huge core count

Enhance your Server Performance:

If you are in need of the best processor to escalate your server performance, then take your time considering the Intel Xeon processor with its richest memory configurations. The Xeon processor is best known for its scalability and can support up to 1.5TB of memory and offers 2.3GHz frequency that renders 100% performance compared to the previous processor versions while running various applications.

Huge Core Count:

Are you looking for a processor with a huge number of cores to improve the productivity of your server? The E5-2673 is the best processor that offers 20 cores to support the proper utilization of all the available resources to run multiple high configured applications seamlessly. Huge number of cores efficiently assist multiple applications simultaneously and act as a catalyst for the better functioning of the server.

Ideal for Virtualization:

The Intel Xeon processor, with its multiple cores and advanced virtualization technologies, is an ideal choice for users to execute their virtualization platforms. The v4 processor, with its scalability, can easily support upto 40 virtual machines, and the technologies VT-x and VT-d promotes manageability furthermore maintains the overall productivity of each individual virtual machine while maintaining the security and agility of the server.

Compatible for Dell and HP Servers:

The E5-2673 v4 is the best processor to choose from for your Dell and HP brand servers. The Intel Xeon processor offers the best ergonomic value for servers of all configurations and forms even under typical work conditions. With its ideal lithography and perfect die area, the Xeon processor shows compatibility with the Dell and HP servers of almost each and every generation.

Less Power Consumption:

The most preferred quality of the best processor is to consume the least power, providing the desired efficiency. This can be accomplished by the E5 v4 Intel Xeon processor as it has thermal design power of 135W to reduce its power consumption, thus enabling smooth and pleasant functioning of the server. Users can notice a significant improvement in the efficiency of their end results when there is minimal power consumption.

Hyper-Threading & Turbo Boost Technologies Enabled:

Apart from the ideal memory configurations and power processing frequencies, the Intel Xeon Processors also support Intel hyper-threading and turbo-boost technologies. These advanced technologies in the Xeon processor benefit the servers to make the best use of available resources to run multiple threads simultaneously and magnify the processor speeds without exceeding any of the noted power and thermal limitations.

Assured 90 Days Warranty:

The Intel Xeon processors in demand come with an established warranty of 90 days. All our Xeon processors are certified for their best functionality. Any sort of unexpected malfunctioning or damage of the processor during its warranty period will be backed up by us. Server Basket replaces the warranty claimed product as soon as we receive the complaint from the customers.

Free Remote Installation Support:

Installation of the processor upon its receival can sometimes be irky and time consuming, especially when you have to go through all set of rules and guidelines of processor installation. To save your time and aid you in installation, Server Basket has employed a team of technicians who will provide you remote assistance throughout the entire installation process.

Quick Delivery Across UAE:

Do you want an immediate replacement of processors? Server Basket considers your requirement. We offer quick delivery of your ordered Intel Xeon processors and make sure that your orders reach your doorstep within 2-3 working days. Our dealings with trusted shipping companies allow us to quickly deliver the processors to our customers in major places of UAE, such as Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, etc.


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2.3 GHz

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50 MB

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9 Reviews For This Product

  1. 09

    by Farjaad Shaikh

    The Intel Xeon processor delivers excellent performance even for high-intensive memory workloads. This processor has been providing better results than the previous version.

  2. 09

    by Sara Ali

    After deploying the processor into the servers, our business resources have been used optimally and increased the performance of high-end memory and storage applications.

  3. 09

    by Shanaaz ali

    My server speed was increased with this Intel E5 processor compared to the previous processor. It has been supported by a huge number of cores to run various virtualization applications.

  4. 09

    by Futteh Khan

    With the integration of the Intel Xeon E5 processor, our business team has performed the virtualization tasks with ease and efficiency. However, business productivity has improved.

  5. 09

    by Basha Qadri

    The smooth and power-efficient server performance has been achieved with this best processor. It has improved the business results significantly while consuming less power.

  6. 09

    by Syed Kurram Shaik

    I could have run multiple highly configured applications after integrating this processor into my Dell server. It makes the operations simple, easier, and faster.

  7. 09

    by Imam Mohammed

    This processor supports multiple virtual machines and runs the applications with increased speeds. No issues for the processor performance and server management.

  8. 09

    by Musa Khan

    The team has replaced the product with a new one as soon as I had raised the complaint against the processor functioning. Thanks to the technical team for providing such type of unmatchable services for us.

  9. 09

    by Michael

    I am a regular client and always have good experience with this supplier. I am very happy with the service, it is excellent. I ordered an Intel E5 2762 V4 processor. The price seemed very reasonable.

How Many Cores And Threads Are Available In Intel Xeon E5-2673 Processor?

Intel Xeon processor supports 12 cores and 24 threads. It helps to boost up the server performance and fulfill the demands of high-end memory capacity. Additionally, it is also allowed to make your business data processing quicker and efficient. The overall functionalities of the business will become smoother with the processor.

How many days will it take for the shipment after the order confirmation?

Once you have ordered the processor on the online website, you will receive the product within 3 to 5 business days. After confirming the placed order, we will start shipping the product immediately without any delay. We will deliver the ordered product to your destination location safely with no damages. 

Does the processor offer Hyper-Threading Technology?

Once you have ordered the processor on the online website, you will receive the product within 3 to 5 business days. After confirming the placed order, we will start shipping the product immediately without any delay. We will deliver the ordered product to your destination location safely with no damages. 

Is Intel Xeon E5-2673 V4 Processor Good For Gaming?

Intel Xeon provides great performance for gaming computers. The processor has provided extraordinary processing speed and power. So that, you need not rely on another source for running gaming applications using a processor that minimizes your investment or IT upfront costs and ensures maximum performance. 

What Is The Frequency And Turbo Frequency Of Xeon E5-2673 Processor?

This E5-2673 processor has included a frequency range of 2.4 GHz and a turbo frequency range of up to 3.2 GHz. The supported frequency ranges deliver versatility across all business cloud or data centers workloads. It provides higher reliability and uptime for your servers that boosts the application performance.

Is the cost of the processor fixed? Do you offer any discounts?

We sell the processor at negotiable and lowest prices. You can get access to more discounts on purchasing the processor. We are providing the processor at the least costs than the other competitive vendors. You wouldn’t get much lower prices for CPU add-ons, like heat sinks, cooling fans, etc. 

Do you charge any extra amount for technical support?

No, we don’t take extra prices to avail of technical support services. We hire an experienced professional team to provide dedicated support for our customers. You can gain complete technical assistance from us at any time round-the-clock via email, live chat, or call in case of queries or issues.

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