Linux Dedicated Hosting Services

best linux dedicated hosting services with 24 7 advanced support from server basket in uae

Do you need excellent infrastructure to start your dedicated hosting business? Server Basket offers Linux Dedicated Hosting plans at least prices that can be upgradable to meet your business requirements. They are the best fit for SMEs to be competitive in the market with reliable hosting services. We provide root access to the servers that allow you to host multiple websites and run software applications. You can access the best hosting support services with Tier-4 data centres that can handle various applications and websites with heavy traffic users. Our hosting team is always available 24/7 to resolve issues with your dedicated servers. We don’t charge any extra prices to use higher bandwidth for running your websites and applications. The additional benefit of our dedicated hosting is free migration support that ensures effective data transfers from your hosting to Server Basket without facing any downtime errors.

Best Choice for SMEs

The hosting services are a great opportunity for SMEs due to effective management and automation of data operations. In addition, your business can become competitive with other vendors by achieving local SEO rankings and create its footprint in the market through data localization by providing services based on Tier-4 data centres.

Complete Root Access

Server Basket’s Dedicated Hosting enables full root access to the servers, including installing any software, setting up configurations, and executing any program that you wish to. The integrated Server Management panel ensures ultimate access to everything on your server and gets administrative control over hosting operations. Root access gives comprehensive management and maintenance of a server with security.

Flexible & Upgradable Plans

We provide a wide range of hosting plans at affordable prices that can suit any e-commerce website, online transaction websites, blogs, etc. Based on your business demands and budget constraints, you can upgrade the existing plan to achieve better performance. We will do an upgrade process to update RAM, OS, or CPU without compromising on security.

Professional Hosting Support

We at Server Basket provide dedicated hosting support that serves you immediate responses of accurate solutions for any issues raised with your server. You can contact our technical support team at any time to access reliable solutions for issues like hardware failure, OS upgrades or installation, optimization, etc. Our technical engineers will resolve any issue instantly.

Free Migration without Data Loss

Our hosting specialist team migrates your website from the current hosting provider to Server Basket without additional charges. We provide the best services and support for migration services that don’t affect your existing workflows and websites. The advanced migration support tools have been used to avoid any critical data loss or restrict hackers and external threats.

Unlimited Bandwidth with No Downtime

The bandwidth usage is not restricted under our dedicated hosting that runs your website well without getting crashed, even in heavy traffic. Thus, it ensures 100% uptime and the smooth running of your website. For example, e-commerce websites, news websites, media portals, etc., need a high range of bandwidth for a huge amount of users’ traffic.

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