1Gbps Dedicated Server

  • 1Gbps Network Uplink Speed
  • High Processing Power for Performance
  • Customizable Server Configuration Options
  • Advanced Security Measures for Protection
  • Guaranteed Uptime for Reliability
  • Remote Server Management Convenience
  • 24/7 Technical Support Availability

Starting @

AED 319.00 AED 355.00 (-10%)

Get 1Gbps dedicated server hosting solution to accelerate your business growth. It allows you to rent an entire server for isolated use by leveraging a 1Gbps network connection. Thus, you get access to ultra-fast internet to operate resource-intensive workloads and applications. ServerBasket offers you reliable yet economical 1Gbps dedicated server hosting and guarantees 99.99% uptime, fast upload and download speeds, and negligible downtime at competitive prices.

Enjoy faster time-to-market and unlock new domains for profitability with SB’s 1Gbps dedicated server hosting. At competitive pricing, we offer maximum resource availability, on-demand technical expertise, and advanced security settings to our clients. Go forth with this server hosting for the best business benefits!

1Gbps Dedicated Server Hosting Plans Pricing Table:

DS-132GB (DDR3 RAM)Intel E5-2620 (6C / 12T)1TB Storage with Raid 1Unlimited
  • AED. 319/-
DS-232GB (DDR3 RAM)Intel E5-2670 V2 (10C / 20T)1TB Storage with Raid 1Unlimited
  • AED. 419/-
DS-348GB (DDR3 RAM)Intel E5-2670 V2 (10C / 20T)2TB Storage with Raid 1Unlimited
  • AED. 499/-
DS-464GB (DDR3 RAM)Intel Dual E5-2670 V2 (20C / 40T)3TB Storage with Raid 5Unlimited
  • AED. 619/-
DS-5128GB (DDR3 RAM)Intel Dual E5-2670 V2 (20C / 40T)1TB Storage for OS Raid 1 / 3TB Storage Raid 5Unlimited
  • AED. 789/-
DS-6256GB (DDR3 RAM)Intel Dual E5-2696 V2 (24C / 48T)1TB Storage for OS Raid 1 / 3TB Storage Raid 5Unlimited
  • AED. 987/-
DS-7512GB (DDR4 RAM)Intel Dual E5-2673 V3 (24C / 48T)1TB Storage for OS Raid 1 / 6TB Storage Raid 5Unlimited
  • AED. 1379/-
DS-8512GB (DDR4 RAM)Intel Dual E5-2696 V3 (36C / 72T) 1TB Storage for OS Raid 1 / 8TB Storage Raid 5Unlimited
  • AED. 1729/-
DS-9512GB (DDR4 RAM)Intel Dual E5-2696 V4 (44C / 88T)1TB Storage for OS Raid 1 / 8TB Storage Raid 5Unlimited
  • AED. 2219/-
DS-10512GB (DDR4 RAM)Intel Dual Gold 6148 (40C / 80T)1TB Storage for OS Raid 1 / 8TB Storage Raid 5Unmetered
  • AED. 2719/-
DS-111TB (DDR4 RAM)Dual AMD EPYC 7742 (128C / 256T)1TB Storage for OS Raid 1 / 8TB Storage Raid 5Unlimited
  • AED. 4939/-

1Gbps Network Connection for Lightning-fast Speed

Our dedicated server hosting offers you a 1Gbps network connection, enabling lightning-fast speed for enterprise operations. Thus, you can seamlessly handle high-volume traffic with 1000Mbps bandwidth. You can download large files quickly, load graphic-heavy websites faster, stream videos without interruption, and more. It contributes to your business growth and results in higher conversion rates.

Dedicated Server for Optimal Performance

In comparison to shared and VPS hosting, a dedicated server is more reliable. Since you get dedicated resources with easy upgradability, without sharing server space with other users, it provides you with a better balance of performance and security. Users also enjoy root access for administrative control of the server and can configure it to their end needs.

High-quality Hardware for Reliable Operations

At ServerBasket, we provide you with certified hardware that has undergone multi-stage testing. It has resilient architecture and features the latest-gen technology to support an organization’s operations. Get quality-approved, advanced CPUs, hard drives, RAM, and other hardware configured to your end use for uninterrupted business performance.

Advanced Security to Protect Data & Privacy

ServerBasket provides foolproof security for your 1Gbps dedicated server hosting. This includes end-to-end data encryption, malware scanning, firewalls, DDoS protection, and scheduled backups among others. Moreover, we monitor our dedicated servers round the clock to eliminate any possible data threats for optimal data protection and privacy.

24/7 Technical Support for Assistance & Troubleshooting

At SB, our dedicated IT team is available with 24/7 technical support for immediate assistance or troubleshooting needs. You can connect with us via phone, email, or live chat, to resolve your issues. We offer prompt and effective solutions for all your server-related problems so that you can run your business smoothly.

1Gbps Server with Unmetered Bandwidth

Get unmetered bandwidth with your 1Gbps dedicated server only at ServerBasket. It allows you to transfer data without any upper limit, with optimal efficiency. You do not have to worry about additional charges for high-volume data transfers. It helps you download or upload large files without fearing downtime.

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