Offshore Dedicated Server

  • Top-notch Security & Data Protection
  • Dedicated Hardware Resources
  • High Network Performance & Speed
  • Flexible & Customizable Hosting Plans
  • Geographically Diverse Data Center Locations
  • Get Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 24/7 Technical Support

Starting @

AED 319.00 AED 355.00 (-10%)

A remote connection is made to an offshore dedicated server that is situated outside of your nation. Unlike an actual dedicated server, which would be put in your office location or workplace, this is different. While ensuring anonymity and protecting data privacy, it enables organizations and individuals to host a wide range of content and web applications on strong dedicated servers.

Offshore Dedicated Server Hosting Plans:

Dedicated Server-1Intel E5-2620 (6C/12T)32GB (DDR3)1TB Storage with Raid 1No Limit
  • AED. 319/-
Dedicated Server-2Intel E5-2670 V2 (10C/20T)32GB (DDR3)1TB Storage with Raid 1No Limit
  • AED. 419/-
Dedicated Server-3Intel E5-2670 V2 (10C/20T)48GB (DDR3)2TB Storage with Raid 1No Limit
  • AED. 499/-
Dedicated Server-4Intel Dual E5-2670 V2 (20C/40T)64GB (DDR3)3TB Storage with Raid 5No Limit
  • AED. 619/-
Dedicated Server-5Intel Dual E5-2670 V2 (20C/40T)128GB (DDR3)1TB Storage for OS Raid 1 / 3TB Storage Raid 5No Limit
  • AED. 789/-
Dedicated Server-6Intel Dual E5-2696 V2 (24C/48T)256GB (DDR3)1TB Storage for OS Raid 1 / 3TB Storage Raid 5No Limit
  • AED. 987/-
Dedicated Server-7Intel Dual E5-2673 V3 (24C/48T)512GB (DDR4)1TB Storage for OS Raid 1 / 6TB Storage Raid 5No Limit
  • AED. 1379/-
Dedicated Server-8Intel Dual E5-2696 V3 (36C/72T) 512GB (DDR4)1TB Storage for OS Raid 1 / 8TB Storage Raid 5No Limit
  • AED. 1729/-
Dedicated Server-9Intel Dual E5-2696 V4 (44C/88T)512GB (DDR4)1TB Storage for OS Raid 1 / 8TB Storage Raid 5No Limit
  • AED. 2219/-
Dedicated Server-10Intel Dual Gold 6148 (40C/80T)512GB (DDR4)1TB Storage for OS Raid 1 / 8TB Storage Raid 5No Limit
  • AED. 2719/-
Dedicated Server-11Dual AMD EPYC 7742 (128C/256T)1TB (DDR4)1TB Storage for OS Raid 1 / 8TB Storage Raid 5No Limit
  • AED. 4939/-

Comparison Between Offshore and Onshore Servers

Simply put, offshore web hosting is when your website is hosted overseas. Given its affordable pricing, it is a desirable choice. On the flip side of this, you may pay more when your website is hosted within a country, but these fees directly support performance and security.

Top-notch Security & Data Protection

You may receive superior protection for all of your data on your hosted online services by using our offshore dedicated server. Because they only serve one user, dedicated servers are more secure than shared servers. Additionally, your server is far safer in the server room when it has only one client. 

Flexible & Customizable Hosting Plans

Despite having the lowest prices, Server Basket’s offshore dedicated server hosting plans may all be tailored to your website’s requirements. Choose your operating system, the number of cPanel accounts, the server’s location, and server security. Real-time monitoring and 100% power are offered by our completely configurable offshore dedicated hosting.

Unlimited Bandwidth with No Limits

There are no outages or data capacity restrictions with our offshore dedicated hosting solution so that your app or hosting website can function effectively. It is free to send and receive data in unlimited amounts. The most recent top-tier hardware powers our offshore VPS servers, guaranteeing you have a consistent and safe online presence.

24/7 Chat and Call Support

Live chat and email support are available around the clock for all of our servers and hosting plans. To assist you, our team of professionals is available via phone and chat. You can type your question or engage in a live conversation with professionals, and our helpful team would love to assist you.

Why Choose ServerBasket?

Low latency and 100% uptime are features of our offshore dedicated server hosting packages with SSD and NVMe storage. Our offshore VPS machines give you the dependability, performance, security, and stability you need, thanks to dedicated and high-quality resources. Our extensive server network will result in shorter wait times for you.

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