NVME Dedicated Server

  • High-speed NVMe Storage
  • Custom Hardware Configuration
  • Multiple Data Center Options
  • Enterprise-grade Security Measures
  • Dedicated Bandwidth Allocation
  • Root Access Privileges
  • 24/7 Technical Support

Starting @

AED 319.00 AED 355.00 (-10%)

An NVMe-dedicated server is ideal for hosting websites and critical apps that need high speed and performance. Equipped with 1Tb NVMe SSDs, these servers are hosted on Tier-IV data centers and have essential DDoS protection to keep security vulnerabilities at bay. They are easy to manage and capable of handling all apps. They offer 99.99% uptime and data backup and recovery.

Ultra-fast NVMe Storage for Quicker Data Access

Dedicated Server-1Intel E5-2620 (6C/12T)32GB (DDR3)No Limit1TB Storage with Raid 1
  • AED. 319/-
Dedicated Server-2Intel E5-2670 V2 (10C/20T)32GB (DDR3)No Limit1TB Storage with Raid 1
  • AED. 419/-
Dedicated Server-3Intel E5-2670 V2 (10C/20T)48GB (DDR3)No Limit2TB Storage with Raid 1
  • AED. 499/-
Dedicated Server-4Intel Dual E5-2670 V2 (20C/40T)64GB (DDR3)No Limit3TB Storage with Raid 5
  • AED. 619/-
Dedicated Server-5Intel Dual E5-2670 V2 (20C/40T)128GB (DDR3)No Limit1TB Storage for OS Raid 1 / 3TB Storage Raid 5
  • AED. 789/-
Dedicated Server-6Intel Dual E5-2696 V2 (24C/48T)256GB (DDR3)No Limit1TB Storage for OS Raid 1 / 3TB Storage Raid 5
  • AED. 987/-
Dedicated Server-7Intel Dual E5-2673 V3 (24C/48T)512GB (DDR4)No Limit1TB Storage for OS Raid 1 / 6TB Storage Raid 5
  • AED. 1379/-
Dedicated Server-8Intel Dual E5-2696 V3 (36C/72T) 512GB (DDR4)No Limit1TB Storage for OS Raid 1 / 8TB Storage Raid 5
  • AED. 1729/-
Dedicated Server-9Intel Dual E5-2696 V4 (44C/88T)512GB (DDR4)No Limit1TB Storage for OS Raid 1 / 8TB Storage Raid 5
  • AED. 2219/-
Dedicated Server-10Intel Dual Gold 6148 (40C/80T)512GB (DDR4)No Limit1TB Storage for OS Raid 1 / 8TB Storage Raid 5
  • AED. 2719/-
Dedicated Server-11Dual AMD EPYC 7742 (128C/256T)1TB (DDR4)No Limit1TB Storage for OS Raid 1 / 8TB Storage Raid 5
  • AED. 4939/-

Ultra-fast NVMe Storage for Quicker Data Access

The NVMe-dedicated server offers the database a 6 times higher write and read speed compared to the regular SSD drives. The data transfer will be exceptional between servers and storage systems. NVMe allows server CPUs to fetch data consistently at a lightning-fast speed. With this, you can respond to customer queries on the website quickly

Handle Multiple I/O Operations Simultaneously

The NVMe protocol will handle multiple I/O operations at the same time to handle critical data of both enterprise and client apps. When the data transfer is brisk, the website will load the page swiftly and show what the user requests in no time. NVMe drives work briskly with a higher number of I/O operations. The drives will quickly handle multiple queries without lag and retrieve information.

Work Effectively With Multiple Operating Systems

The NVMe-dedicated server supports operating systems like Windows, Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, Centos, and others. You can select the operating system you want to run the server and apps. The OSs are open-source and suitable to handle any kind of workload in a productive environment

High-performance Hardware for Smooth Operations

High-performance hardware is equipped inside the NVMe server to operate the websites smoothly and handle high loads. The hardware can also withstand a lot of requests received and stay responsive without taking a toll on the user experience and giving up responsiveness.

Unrestricted Data Transfers with NVMe Server Hosting

There is no restriction on the amount of data transferred to and from the server at a decent speed. You can stream videos as long as you want and download as many files as possible without worrying about you running out of bandwidth. You won’t be charged any additional fee for transferring massive data.

24/7 Technical Support from Experts

If you have any NVMe server hosting issues, you can contact our technical support team through live chat, email, or phone anytime. They will give the best resolution to you and put your server and site back to work immediately.

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