UAE IT Rental

Are you looking for a reliable and authorized store in UAE to lease IT equipment for your business on a limited budget? Lease multi-level tested next-gen Workstations, Servers, Storage Servers, and Networking devices – Firewalls, Routers, and Switches from market leaders – Cisco, Dell, HP, Fortinet, Aruba, etc. in UAE from the ServerBasket store with custom duration plans at the fairest prices. Our dependable, adaptable, and reasonable rental services of a wide range of products assist you in meeting the special needs of your SMBs, Enterprises, and DCs handling beginner to high-end applications without breaking the bank. From hardware and software to security policies and protocols, we ensure end-to-end customization of the product,. Talk to our experts today for sales inquiries, a live demo of the product, a performance test, and much more.


Choose from Numerous Rental Plan Durations and Prices

We are aware that each company has different demands when it comes to IT equipment and devices. Hence, we provide flexible rental programs to meet your unique schedule, whether you’re looking for a short-term or long-term rental with benefits like proactive security management and reporting, system management, paid on-site support, etc.


Installation, Hardware Repair and Replacement Support

We provide no-charge installation support for the products you rent along with troubleshooting assistance, configuration changes, firmware upgrades, performance issues, etc. Our tech specialists work day and night, guaranteeing spare replacement or upgrade support initiated immediately upon request. Moreover, we provide you with a redundant product or component while facilitating your repair or replacement process.


Lightning speed delivery

We deliver our products to all locations of the UAE, such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain, and others. Our products are trusted to be a doorway to techno-critical computation, uncompromised quality, and persistent support.  By leasing them, we tailor their configuration to go hand in glove with your business’s needs and goals.


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